Instant Search by Cloud Search

Instant Search by Cloud Search

by CloudSearch

Smart and instant search bar. Product filter coming soon!

5.0 of 5 stars(53 reviews)

Boost Your Conversions

Your customers will be thrilled with blazingly fast and extremely relevant search results and suggestions, displayed instantly.

Analyze Your Customers' Needs

See what your customers are searching for, what they find and what they don't. Use this knowledge to improve your offering.

Customize from the Ground Up

Fine tune your search engine with our customization tools to adjust search results to your business needs and maximize conversion.

About Instant Search by Cloud Search

CloudSearch is a quick and accurate instant search app + search results page that boosts your store’s conversion rates just like a magic wand. Responsiveness, accuracy, and speed with which search results appear at your customers’ fingertips will drive shoppers to the checkout in a convenient and pleasant way.

Cloud Search app seamlessly integrates with your existing search bar and converts inaccurate and misspelled searches into more sales.

Search-as-You-Type with Real-Time Suggestions

Search results are displayed instantly and updated as the user types. What is more, there’s no need to type the entire word or phrase as our smart search app for Shopify allows your customers to search and sort the results like a pro. They can just stop typing at any time and choose one of the suggested options. This way CloudSearch dramatically shortens the path to purchase.

Amazingly Fast and Relevant Search Results

Due to the industry-leading enterprise search technologies, this custom search app does a great job at finding the most relevant search results with filters(soon) and sorting.

Your Product Will Be Found, One Way or Another

Search app has an instant access to every corner of your Shopify store. In addition to collections, pages, and blog posts, it analyzes product properties such as titles, descriptions, SKUs, options, and tags. The more data is taken into account, the more robust and effective the search will be.

Automatic Spelling Corrections

Even if your customers misspell a word, they will still find what they are looking for. This way or another, our instant search app will guess the misspelled word or phrase. Don’t let human mistakes eat up half of your revenue. Let us fix them instead.

Search Analytics

Find out what your store visitors are looking for, what search terms succeeded, and what queries return the ‘No results’ message. This valuable data will give you insights on how to optimize your catalog to match your customers’ needs. It’s likely that there is an unsatisfied demand that can be converted into real sales.

Options for Promotion

Our advanced search app is perfect for promotion. Just select products you want to sell faster and make them more visible in search results.

Search Results Customization

Synonyms is another advanced search tool that will allow you to specify keywords that should be treated identically and, thus, improve your search results.

Multi-Language Support

CloudSearch app works perfect with English, French, Greek, Slovenian, Arabic, and other languages. Your customers will find what they are looking for, no matter what language they use.

Proven to Increase Your Store’s Conversion Rates

Our customers report the increased conversion rate and sales with CloudSearch.

Integrates with

  • search,
  • product search,
  • search bar,
  • search results page,
  • LangShop,
  • filter

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Pricing 14-day free trial

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  • 500 products

  • Catalog sync every 8 hours

  • 7 days analytics

  • 3 Promotions

  • 3 Synonyms

  • "Powered by CloudSearch" label



  • 14 days trial

  • Unlimited products, promotions & synonyms

  • Real-time catalog sync

  • 30 days analytics

  • Search Results Page (beta)

  • Filters (soon)

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
5.0 of 5 stars
Based on 53 reviews

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Most recent reviews

R&R Country

Really brilliant app. Shopify's built-in search function is quite awful, but these guys have built an app that facilitates exactly what you expect from an e-commerce search perspective.

I saw the added functionality for the search results page (products are found even if the user mispells the search query), reached out to support and they had implemented within 2 working days. Couldn't ask for a better app or support!

TKB Trading, LLC

Awesome app and easy to use. So far it has been doing what it promised to do. For only $5 / month, we couldn't ask for more. Hopefully they will add more cool features to it without increasing the price substantially. Their customer support is pretty responsive, too. I usually get a response within a day. Will update my review if there's anything changes.

Spiral USA

Great app and service. Would highly recommend :) Using their Cloud Search feature gets over the Shopify search issues .