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Consistent Cart, Abandoned Cart Emails & More

Consistent Cart, Abandoned Cart Emails & More

Developed by CarlsApps

1023 reviews
Price: From $0.00 / month More info
  • Rescuing $1M in abandoned cart sales per month
  • Fully automated. Set it once and it works in the background
  • Abandoned cart emails, text messages, dashboard and much more!

Update: We're extremely humbled to receive so many great reviews. As a team of two developers working on this app part time, we never imagined how quickly this would grow. It's been so much fun getting to know all of the amazing storeowners out there. We promise to continue making Consistent Cart the very best it can be. A warm thank you to all of the amazing storeowners who make up the Consistent Cart community! We ♥ you!

Used by 10,000+ stores, this app works in the background to reduce the abandoned cart rate and supercharge your sales. In fact, this app is rescuing more than $1.5M in lost sales every month!

What does this app do?

☆ It adds a Consistent Shopping Cart to your store

Let's say John registers an account on your store and adds 5 items to his shopping cart while at work, but he decides to check out later. Later, he’s back home and opens his laptop, logs in with his account...oops! The cart is empty. He then leaves your store and you lost money.

So how does this app help? It is simple, install it and it will save all items in the cart when your customer is logged in. When they switch to a different computer or logout & login, we add back the previous items to their cart. That’s all.

Without Consistent Cart you will keep losing sales, because your customers are lazy. You can find some articles about consistent shopping carts and abandoned order rate in here:

☆ It completely automates abandoned cart emails and push notifications

Did the customer add items to their cart and not complete the checkout? Our app can automate a series of beautifully designed abandoned cart recovery emails to reach back out to them. Cart abandonment emails are crucial to any successful e-commerce store! Additionally, we're one of the few apps that is able to offer push notification capabilities!

☆ It shows you every cart that was ever created on your store

Imagine being able to see each and every time a customer adds an item to their cart on your store. View all the items that the customer added, it's great insight to see how your store is performing and the types of items that customers are adding. Our beautiful dashboard makes it easy to see all the carts in one place! Additionally each cart is tagged with the following states: "items in cart", "abandoned cart", or "order completed". Each cart includes geolocation, so you can know the exact city that the user is located.

☆ It comes with the amazing Add to Cart Popup, increasing conversions by up to 30%

Lots of users may come to your site and leave without you knowing who they are. The add to cart popup asks users for their email address as soon as they add an item to their cart. This allows you to retarget them at a later time on your own or using our email sequencer.

The thesis is that, those visitors that are serious about checking out will have no problem entering their email address. The other 98% of visitors on your site, who may be on the edge or have no intention of checking out right now, you'll be able to capture at least some of their email addresses, and retarget them later.

Most stores will see anywhere from a 10-30% increase in conversions, when this feature is combined with our email sequencer.

☆ Last but not least, it brings customers back to your site with the Advanced Title Bar

We're on a mission to reduce cart abandonment. As any enterprising store owner knows, the overwhelming majority of shoppers will come to a site once and leave without making a purchase. It's really not a stretch to say that cart abandonment is the single biggest pain point for 99% of e-commerce stores.

While shopping, customers may switch to another tab on their browser for various reasons ranging from seeking price comparisons, doing product research, or perhaps simply getting distracted by email or social media. Advanced Title Bar offers a simple yet overlooked feature that has a significant boost to getting customers back to your site and making a purchase.

Installation takes 15 seconds. Install the app, sit back, and watch as your sales increase. Try Consistent Cart absolutely RISK FREE for 14 days

Need More Information?

If you have any questions / comments or need help installing our app to your store, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@carlsapps.com

Check out some of our ★★★★★ reviews:

We've been using this for free for a few months and just recently upgraded to the paid version. At this point I would say its totally worth it. I can definitely see how consistent cart helps boost sales from people coming back to our site and still having their cart there reminds them to buy things. Also the abandoned cart emails are great since you can set up to 4 reminder emails to be sent. We've seen a boost from around 5-6% recovery of abandoned carts now to around 15%, that alone is huge.

Simple yet rich functionality that gives me great data, and has already netted a 10x return in the first week. Had one minor issue that was addressed effectively by support. This is a good app.

Un app veramente utile. Subito dopo averla installata ti rendi conto di quanti clienti hai perso e che avresti potuto recuperare. Pentito di non averla installata prima!

Tell you when the best time to install this app...
When u notice ur website is going to sell something.
After u notice ur website is going to sell , U MUST INSTALL this APP ASAP!!!
because so many many many customer will add item to cart and forget to close!!!
and you will always forget to email them to remind them...
This app will help you a lot !! i pickup so many many order since i install the this app.

An app that doesn`t want your attention. Doing it`s job in the background. Very useful!

We have only been using this app for a day, but it seems to be working seamlessly in the background and couldn't have been easier to install -- one click!. As a web user myself, I really dislike finding my basket is different across my devices, as usually I have spent so long looking for that perfect item, so I am thrilled to be able to offer our customers consistency.

Since installation, Consistent Cart has recovered shopping carts for 195 customers on our website. This app works great in recovering customers shopping carts.


Consistent Cart, Abandoned Cart Emails & More reviews

1023 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (128 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (33 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (8 reviews)
  5. 1 star (12 reviews)

the site calls are very slow and hangups up the load of my website www.billmckim.com not sure its worth it.


Very Useful in terms of tracking information regarding customers behavior


"Basic is FREE" Installed the app , the first message "Accept charge" How? *insert Kanye Face here*


Wow! Must-have app for any shopify store.


I love having the ability to do so many things through one app for a reasonable price!, I mean it saves carts and show you what was added, it sends abandonment emails as well. Value packed for a compressed price.


I love this app I use it on all of my stores I highly recommend this app.


Really love the app! It's automated services are just perfect! However would like a little more flexibility with sending emails etc. Perhaps a manual override or something! Either way i'd happily recommend this app to anyone looking to get their abandoned carts rectified!


I am just starting my business of handmade greeting cards (priced under $4.00) and invitations. If I make one sale, I still won't pay for this app. I'd like to start with the Basic Plan. I have no idea how to switch to Basic before my 14 day trial period is over. This app came highly recommended in my small online business marketing class, but I couldn't give it 5 starts because there is no EASY way to switch to Basic.


It was easy to install; haven't had any sales yet though. The customer service is GREAT.
Yes, I would definitely recommend this app to a friend.
Not enough Visitors to my site leave their email address for me to be able to take advantage of everything available here though.


I am new to eCommerce I am still in the development stage of my website and is yet to put your apps into use. I was expecting to try out your Basic version with the hope to upgrade when I am making some money but for some reason, that option was not available.

From $0.00 / month

Basic is FREE. All shops get a 14 DAY RISK FREE trial of Professional which is only $4.99/mo after the trial. Features include:

✔ Unlimited Cart Syncing
✔ Unlimited Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails
✔ Unlimited Push Notifications
✔ Unlimited Add to Cart Popups
✔ Unlimited Visitors
✔ Advanced Title Bar Toggle
✔ Dashboard to see every single cart
✔ Quick and helpful support

Even one recovered sale pays for the app for a year. Some stores are getting as high as 5000x return on investment with our app. Our price is fixed no matter how big or small. Other apps can charge hundreds of dollars per month. We can't guarantee such low prices in the future, but you can lock it in for your store forever by signing up now.

Note: Switch from Pro to Basic at any time by clicking the Home button on the top right.

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