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Consistent Cart – Messenger Marketing & Abandoned Cart Recovery

Consistent Cart – Messenger Marketing & Abandoned Cart Recovery

Developed by Cart Kit

2230 reviews
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  • View all shopping cart activity on your store in real time (Free)
  • Sync your customers carts across devices (Free)
  • Boost sales with automated Messenger, Email and Push messages (Pro)

Get Consistent Cart FREE

Trusted by 15,000+ live stores, Consistent Cart syncs your customer's carts across devices, reduces the abandon cart rate, and turbocharges your sales. It also keeps track of every cart created on your store, which is incredible insight into your store's activity.

Our Mission: Increase your Sales on Shopify

Consistent Cart substitutes up to 7 different apps together:

  1. Consistent Cart (Free) - Syncs carts across devices

  2. Cart Activity Monitor (Free) - View every single cart on your store

  3. Facebook Messenger Marketing (Only at Consistent Cart)

  4. Add to Cart Popups (Only at Consistent Cart)

  5. Push Notification Marketing

  6. Abandon Cart Campaigns

  7. Email Capture across entire site

  8. Shop Pops

  9. Advanced Title Bar


▶ Consistent Shopping Cart (FREE)

Let's say John registers an account on your store and adds 5 items to his shopping cart while at work, but he decides to check out later. Later, he’s back home and opens his laptop, logs in with his account...oops! The cart is empty. He then leaves your store and you lost money.

So how does this app help? It is simple, install it and it will save all items in the cart when your customer is logged in. When they switch to a different computer or logout & login, we add back the previous items to their cart. That’s all.

Without a Consistent Shopping Cart on your store you will keep losing sales, because your customers are lazy. You can find some articles about consistent shopping carts and abandoned order rate in here:


▶ Cart Activity Monitor (FREE)

Whether you've just launched your store, or are an established brand, your store is or will be getting traffic. Shoppers are going to be adding products to their shopping carts, but many of them won't necessarily check out. So how do you know which products they are adding?

With Activity Monitor, you'll know exactly which products have been added to the cart, and by whom, as it happens real-time. This incredible insight gives you the intelligence you need to make better decisions and ultimately optimize conversions.

Activity Monitor shows you:

  • Which items are being added to cart, and by who

  • Anonymous users as well as users who've emails we have captured

  • The most popular items and categories

  • If you enable Abandon Cart emails or notifications, exactly when
    those customers came back to make a purchase

  • The ability to export all cart history


▶ Facebook Messenger Marketing (Pro)

While e-mail marketing is tried and true it should not and can not be the only marketing tool you use for your online store. Here's the reality: More than 98% of your existing and potential customers are on Facebook, and you're missing out on a great opportunity to increase your sales if you're not utilizing this channel!

With Consistent Cart's messenger marketing, we've built an incredible new way to engage and delight your customers not seen before with traditional channels. Our automated system is extremely simple to set up, automatically reaching back out to customers who've yet to complete their purchase. Customer's can easily opt-out, and you can use this channel to re-market to these customers over and over.

How does it work?

We place a "Send to Messenger" checkbox below the Add to Cart button on your product page. If your visitor is already logged into Facebook, the checkbox automatically displays the visitors name

After adding an item to the cart and opting in to receive messages on Messenger, Consistent Cart automatically sends a follow up message that can be customized for your store. This perfectly timed message can significantly boost the carts recovered on your store, and build an incredible list of customers who can be retargeted to later.

Don't miss out on this exciting new opportunity


▶ Beautiful Abandoned Cart Emails (Pro)

Did the customer add items to their cart and not complete the checkout? Our app can automate a series of beautifully designed abandoned cart recovery emails to reach back out to them. Cart abandonment emails are crucial to any successful e-commerce store!

Automatic Scheduling

Schedule 3 abandoned cart emails to be automatically sent off at specific time intervals after cart abandonment. With the additional emails captured via our integrations, you'll recover 3X the revenue

Beautifully designed for maximum conversion

Our emails are appealing and responsive on any device (see screenshots to the right). Add simple modifications to our pre-built templates to make them your own, or create your own templates from scratch!

Smart Auto Stop

Other cart abandonment solutions can annoy shoppers by sending emails even after they've made a purchase. Our Smart Auto Stop feature prevents this by double-verification of customer's orders before each and every email is sent.


▶ Instant Push Notifications (Pro)

We don't just rely on emails though! With Consistent Cart's Push Notifications, you can reach your customers in a new and engaging way. Push notifications average 2X the open rates of emails, and 1.5X the conversion rate. Consistent Cart has 3 abandon cart push notification campaigns built in!

Automated Push Notification Campaigns

Use any or all of our automated push notification campaigns to reach back out to your abandon carts. Our pre-built push notification templates are easy to modify, and designed for conversions!

Smart Abandoned Detection & Instant Trigger

Unlike emails, Push Notifications can be triggered at the exact moment the cart is abandoned. Using our proprietary Smart Abandon Detection technology, our script is able to detect when a shopper has abandoned their shopping cart and send them an instant message

Opt In Popin

Not only can you send abandoned cart push notifications, with Consistent Cart you can launch marketing campaigns specifically targeting push notification subscribers to your store (coming soon)


▶ Add To Cart Popup

When working with merchants, we noticed one thing: lots of customers may come to your site and leave without you, the storeowner, ever knowing who they are. This is why we built the Add-to-Cart Popup.

The add to cart popup asks users for their email address as soon as they add an item to their cart. The popup has incredible conversion rates - often times capturing 2x-3x the number of emails as an exit intent popup, and 5x more emails than the default setup. Collecting emails allows you to retarget them at a later time, either on your own, or using our email sequencer.

The thesis is that, those visitors that are serious about checking out will have no problem entering their email address. The other 98% of visitors on your site, who may be on the edge or have no intention of checking out right now, you'll be able to capture at least some of their email addresses, and retarget them later.

Most stores will see anywhere from a 10-30% increase in conversions, when this feature is combined with our email sequencer.


▶ Advanced Title Bar

While shopping, customers may switch to another tab on their browser for various reasons ranging from seeking reviews, checking out competitors, or simply getting distracted by social media. Advanced Title Bar offers a simple yet overlooked feature that has a significant boost to getting customers back to your site and making a purchase.

Customize the Title Bar Text (now with Emoji support!)

Customize the title bar with your own messaging, or use our own. Add an emoji to make it fun!

Favicon Advanced

Some shoppers forget that they've even added items to their cart.
Display a small graphic on top of your favicon that shows the number of items in the Shopper's cart.


▶ Shop Pops

Nothing motivates potential customers than seeing what others have bought. Consistent Cart helps you to show visitors what other customers have bought with our Shop Pops. Shop Pops Real time notifications on your site that show purchasing and browsing activity.

Shop Pops result in:

  1. Real-time notifications of recent sales that will increase customer confidence

  2. More trust and credibility by letting customers know what other shoppers are doing on your store

  3. A sense of urgency that will boost sales due to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Create your own Pops

Don't have sales yet, or did you have sales before you installed Consistent Cart? Those sales won't show up in your Shop Pop feed. But fear not! You can create your own custom pops with our Custom Pop Creator


▶ Installation takes 15 seconds. Install the app, sit back, and watch as your sales increase.

Get Consistent Cart FREE

Consistent Cart – Messenger Marketing & Abandoned Cart Recovery reviews

2230 reviews
  1. 5 stars (1911 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (235 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (54 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (10 reviews)
  5. 1 star (20 reviews)

i have been testing it out, seems to be great


Still on free trial and have not yet saw any sales but very easy user interface and analytics. Was able to set up the emails in 10 minutes too!


Really easy to use and very effective!


So far so good, but still new so will need to test over a longer period


Nice easy to use the app. A must-have for Shopify store owners


The features are a must have for a store.


One day in and the consistent cart is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing.


...This is my first day using Consistent Cart, written 5* review to get the +14 days free trial... I havent actually used their service yet but from what they describe it, Looks Good


Consistent Cart really does know how to increase conversions for your store. So much work was done to compile this simple and easy-to-use app. Awesome job!


havent used it, layout design looks nice

From $0.00 / month

Basic Consistent Cart is FREE and includes the Cart Sync and Cart Activity Monitor. It's perfect for stores that are just getting started. Pro starts at $29/mo and includes:

✔ Unlimited Facebook Messenger Messages
✔ Unlimited Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails
✔ Unlimited Thank You Emails
✔ Unlimited Birthday Emails
✔ Unlimited Push Notification Campaigns
✔ Unlimited Add to Cart Popup Shows
✔ Unlimited Integrations
✔ Unlimited Cart List Exports
✔ Unlimited Visitors
✔ Unlimited Access to All Features
✔ Bonus: The Advanced Title Bar Toggle
✔ Bonus: Cart Pops!
✔ Quick and helpful live chat support

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