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Multi Country Pricing

Multi Country Pricing

Developed by MLveda

67 reviews
Price: Free – $29.00 / month Free Trial: 15 days More info
  • Increase revenue and profit by setting different prices for different countries.
  • Saves you from expense and headache of creating new stores for different countries.
  • Easy to install and configure!

The App:

Setting different pricing for different countries can largely increase your sales, revenue and profit. However, one requires to create a separate online stores for different countries. Our app enables you to achieve exactly the same with your existing store. It not only saves your money and headache of managing multiple stores but also allows you to expand your horizon across your borders.

How it works:

The app automatically detects the country of the website visitor and displays the pricing which you have set for the respective product for that respective country. You can set lower/higher prices for different countries by creating variants as mentioned in the FAQ page. Please note that, the app will allow you to sell a single product at multiple prices in multiple countries in any currency. e.g. If your store is based in US, than you can sell a single artefact at $100 USD in US and at £120 GBP in UK to cover your shipping costs or maybe earn higher profits! Please note that the checkout will happen in your store currency only because Shopify does not allow checkout in any other currencies than your store currency.

Why you should install

Same product has different values in different countries due to variety of reasons. Therefore, it does not make any sense for a store owner to sell their products at same price in different countries. If you are doing or planning to expand your business across countries, and looking for an app which allows you to set separate price for separate country/continent, this app is for you!


Free : for trial period of 15 days

$29 USD per month after the trial period

Developers' Support:

The app requires you to do certain settings after installation. Please write us an email at shopify@mlveda.com after you install the app. We will setup the app within 48 hours.

Multi Country Pricing reviews

67 reviews
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  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (7 reviews)

This is exactly the app we needed to adapt prices to each single Country easily. The support received goes by far beyond our expectations.
Thank you guys!


Great app as it solved all my problems with international sales.
I got a very quick and useful support, even if they install the app and make 99% of the job.
Highly recommended


support is indeed lacking, wanted this, but no reply in over a week. too bad!


support service is terrible - 4 day I ask for help no one answers


Doesn't work. totally messed up mu store locally and internationally!


Totally BRILLIANT! Exactly what i was looking for, and the help and customer care has been second to none!


We experience issues on a daily basis with this app. It does not show the price that is set in the app and it is not compatible with Shopify features such as setting a comparison price to show a discount.


Great app, and great support too.

Thank you very much Amrish!


After a few initial hiccups, Amrish really helped to get this app working as I desired and it seems to be running well. It's a genius app that offers me something that no other app can.


This app does what is says it will do with one big caveat. It programs the different currencies as VARIANTS. I need to display different prices for different countries independent of currency conversion rates BUT if I have 10 units of an item, I can't afford to allocate portions of this inventory to specific countries. I don't want an item to read that it's sold out in the US just because I allocated 3 units to the US when there are 5 units allocated in the Canadian currency. Need a solution where I can have different prices pulling from the same inventory. Starting to regret investing in Shopify for their limitations. In a global marketplace, features like these are basic needs. Already looking to alternative ecommerce platforms.

Free – $29.00 / month
15 days

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