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The app features are great in theory. But the customer is SO bad that its pointless to even try. I installed the app and asked them for support - so the guy said - "yes we can assist you, but it can take a week or two" So I uninstalled the app. Then someone else reached out from their team to me on email saying "did you have a bad experience, I can help setup everything for you quickly and properly". So I said "sure why not"! After reinstalling the app, the guy who made the promises vanished. Someone else started emailing and said the other guys not available. He said, "I will get the fixes done asap". Two days later I mailed them, they didnt reply. Three days, 4 days, 5 days - no reply. So i reached out on their chat and told them what happened - He was seeing my messages and deliberately chose not to reply. What was I asking for? Alignments were messed up, the slider cart kept reloading, and when free gift was getting added to cart, it was not showing as free. full price was showing. their code was not working. I just got so annoyed from their customer service and all the lies and redirecting that it was not worth the app. Good luck to your team. If someone else comes up with an app with similar features, id try that but never from your team again.

Marvellous Massage

it's the worst application I've ever seen in my life, believe me for all those who read this comment I strongly advise you not to install it, considering the 4.1/5 rating I had my doubts but I told myself I'm going to try it anyway! but when I tried it it's really a disaster this application and their customer service even more! it doesn't even deserve 1$/month

Developer reply

November 20, 2021

Hi there Mr. Ouzzane, as discussed over email I wanted to extend my apologies for the poor experience you have had with our customer support team. While we continuously train our team, the experience we had was not up to the standard we expect. We are addressing that internally. Unfortunately, we have not had a chance to have a call yet. I'd appreciate the opportunity to explain to you personally why Discount Ninja is the #1 solution for Free gifts, BOGO, tiered discounts, and stacking. The 250+ active Shopify Plus merchants and 30.000+ Shopify merchants that use Discount Ninja every day can confirm the app and the support we provide is worth every penny (the subscription fee is paid for almost immediately with the extra money you make with the promotions powered by Discount Ninja)! As you can read in the many 5-star reviews of the app, the app is very comprehensive. It adds a ton of features that help move the needle. This is why so many Shopify merchants rely on the app to differentiate their business, grow average order value, and ... create fantastic BFCM promotions. I hope to talk to you soon!


We used discountninja on all our 4 shopify stores as it can help to create a satisfying automatic coupon. Whilst I found this brings us a lot of trouble 1. customers cannot receive order confirmation email as discountninja created draft orders a lot 2. Discountninja unreasonablely gave out super big discount to our customers, which result in that our customers can get products at 0 dollar or super low price. That caused us a big loss. And when we contacted discountninja, they just told us it's shopify problem without solving it for merchant. So in order to maintain our store in good condition, we have to uninstall Discountninja. Everyone, mind before you install it.

Developer reply

November 8, 2021

Hi there Govee, we're sad to learn that you have decided to uninstall the app. We hope you will re-evaluate using the app once Shopify fixes the bug that impacted your order confirmation notifications.

With regards to the first issue ("1. customers cannot receive order confirmation email"): this **only** impacts customers who choose to use our "stack a discount code in the checkout" feature. This feature is off by default and the limitations related to this feature are clearly marked in the app.

When using this feature (off by default), it is a known limitation that some customers, due to a Shopify bug, find that some order confirmation notification emails (based on the standard Shopify template) are not sent out after an order is completed. Discount Ninja (by default) uses the official Shopify Draft Order API to prepare a checkout. This issue has been brought to Shopify's attention in May of 2021 and the Discount Ninja team has worked with Shopify throughout the last six months to help investigate this issue. As of November 2021 Shopify has not yet resolved this issue. We understand that this problem, for the customers that are impacted, can be problematic. We advise customers that run into this to use an alternative solution to send out the order confirmation email for the time being, such as, for example, Klaviyo. An alternative solution is to switch to our discount code based checkout, which is not impacted by this Shopify bug, as we have discussed in our call with Govee on this topic.

With regards to the second issue ("2. Discountninja gave out super big discount"): as discussed in our call, when using the discount code mode, the app combines all offers redeemed by the customer into a single discount code. The app allows you to configure which offers can combine to protect against providing a larger discount than expected. Our customer service team can assist in setting this up properly to avoid any issues.


Terrible platform. Very buggy and little to no customer service. Persisted with these guys for a week to get some simple items fixed. Fed up I Uninstalled their app per their help instructions and all their code is still everywhere. Asked for assistance and they went silent. STAY AWAY!

Developer reply

November 8, 2021

Hi there InkPop. Thanks for your feedback.
Discount Ninja has professional, round-the-clock 24/7 customer service. We help customers via chat, email and allow for scheduling face-to-face conference calls with screensharing when it is required. Our tier 1 customer service agents are trained to help resolve your issues quickly and escalate to our tier 2 agents if necessary. We're sorry to hear that you did not receive help quickly.

Please note that Discount Ninja is automatically uninstalled when you delete the app. If you do so from within the app, there are no further steps required. If you do so from the app list in Shopify then you'll want to follow the simple instructions we send automatically after uninstalling the app to ensure the script of the app is not still present in your theme. These instructions are simple to follow and take less than a minute to complete. While there may be some files left in your theme that are related to the app, those have no impact on the performance of your theme and can be, if you prefer, removed. Our customer service is always available to assist you in this process.

Working with Discount Ninja has been very painful. I really like the idea of everything they offered, but it is just that- an idea. Basically everything they advertised is everything we needed and wanted, so we were willing to pay for their premium plan. You would think that having this plan you would receive a top tier support but Bart did not respond to multiple requests for over 72 hours. Now, the finally reason that we decided to end our partnership was because they were not compatible with subscriptions services which we had installed on our site for some time. That is no fault of their own and I understand if they are not compatible, there's nothing that can be done. This review is more about their customer support. We had issues with their free gifts charging customers the actual amount of their product, which is a huge no-no when you are dealing with customers money. We literally had to refund over 20+ customers which makes our business look terrible. Now, I understand if the reason this was happening was due to the subscription service, but even after letting him know how huge of a priority this was I had to follow up with him over 4 times just to get a response that he was still working on it. Before knowing the root cause he had said it was fixed about 3 times and every time we found out that there was still another issue or was not actually fixed. This app may work for you if you do not have any incompatibilities and do not need any support but it has been a huge nightmare for us. Also, they had so much code inside our live theme. The application that we found now has been so much easier to deal with and is compatible with subscriptions, so there are better choices out there. I would really recommend improving your service to customers if #1: you want to keep customers and #2 you want to avoid bad reviews. If the service was good and the application did not work for us, I would never have taken my time to write this review.

Developer reply

July 14, 2021

Hi there,

Thank you for your review.

Sorry to hear that the free gift promotion did not work well with the other apps you have and the specific theme you use. We continue to invest in improving the app to ensure it is compatible with as many themes and apps as possible. Mid-June we released an update ( that allows for better integration with subscription solutions. The free gift capabilities have also been improved.

Quick note: the app is a little bit more than "just an idea" ;-) Discount Ninja was created in 2016 and has seen 4 major releases, many more minor releases, and continuous development and UX improvements. It is the most complete promotions app available for Shopify. It combines free gifts, with BOGO, volume discount, Spend x, get y promotions. It also supports stacked discounts, a custom promotion code field as well as Dynamic Pricing to show discounted prices. On top of that, it offers fully configurable building blocks (widgets) to advertise your offers on your store. The app provides the necessary promotions that help Shopify merchants to increase Average Order Value and conversion rates.

Our many Shopify and Shopify Plus customers see significant results once the app is integrated properly.


We installed this app because we were looking for some advanced discount options, It was the worse decision we ever made. The installation support of this app is terrible. The app didn't work for our store, but instead of helping us out immediately, they told us to wait for a couple of days or hire a developer. In the mean time we were not able to offer any discounts. In the end, the app worked, but it was making our checkout terribly slow. It took around 5 second to load the cart template, and around 20 seconds to redirect to the checkout. When I told the support about this, they told me that they couldn't do anything about it now because there developers are busy (we even offered to pay!). After that, we wanted to uninstall the app. Although they helped us with removing leftover code quite quickly, they forgot some of the leftover code, so we still had to remove the app by ourselves... Honestly I wouldn't recommend this app to any store owner. It is hard to understand that the support of this app is so terrible for a monthly payment of $70.

Developer reply

July 5, 2021

Thank you for your review.

As discussed on the phone and over email, we are sorry to hear the second and third-level support teams did not have sufficient availability to assist you immediately during your onboarding process.

The availability of our technical staff was extremely limited at the moment you installed due to the fact that we were rolling out an important update to the app, which, among other things included improvements in the checkout performance. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

Should you decide to reinstall the app, we will provide you with an extra onboarding call to ensure you can test all the features during your trial!

Amino Co. Supplements

After installing: - Free gifts would not show up in the cart unless the page was refreshed. - When the free gifts did show up it would show the full price not that it was added to the customer's cart as a free gift. - Sometimes even at checkout the item would not be discounted or recognized as a free gift. - Paid for express installation of dynamic pricing and after a week there were no changes. Although they did alter the code in my theme, nothing worked properly. - Unreliable behavior, sometimes gifts or discounts would not be added. After the theme was altered by their team to install dynamic pricing: - The time it took to load the checkout was over 10 seconds. When the user clicked the checkout button it would appear that nothing happened and the checkout was not loading. - The themes cart icon at the top right of the page is now pushed off the right of the page slightly. - Page load speed score dropped from around 35-36 which was rated as an average load time for stores like mine to 30 which is rated as slower than stores like mine. After uninstalling: - The themes cart icon at the top right of the page is still pushed off the right of the page slightly. - Page speed score has remained the same. - I have reached out to support to ask for help on this and make sure all the code that was manually entered when trying to install dynamic pricing is removed and they have been unresponsive.

Developer reply

March 17, 2021

Hi there Michael,

Thank you very much for your detailed feedback. Very sorry to hear you had a poor experience setting the app up.

The setup on themes, including Turbo, with drawer carts can be a bit more complex and can involve some minor JavaScript edits. You requested our team to set it up for you and it looks like the work done was not done well. I'm sorry about that and, as mentioned in the communication I sent via email, I'm happy to review and fix that myself.

Discount Ninja is designed to show a discounted checkout. It does so by taking over the checkout button. Some other apps or scripts can prevent the app from doing that successfully. In such cases, our support team can help you troubleshoot that. The effect the app has on the performance of the load of the checkout is minimal when the implementation is done correctly.

As mentioned via email I understand mistakes were made on our side on the setup of the app and I'd welcome an opportunity to fix that for you.

Imam Carpets - Online Shop

I requested a refund as their app did not work once with my theme. I have paid them 3 times in a row and their app did not work. Their support was terrible and took to long to work on my store properly. I can't pay for a app if it does not work and can't just pay for support.

Developer reply

February 8, 2021

Hi there! We have reviewed the charges for the app applied to your account by Shopify. You received one charge only. You installed on November 28, 2020 and uninstalled on January 19, 2021 and benefited from a 14-day free trial. As discussed via email, your claim (paid 3 times in a row) is indeed incorrect.

We have also reviewed your support requests. Our support team have helped you with three separate tickets. We're sorry to hear that you feel the support received was insufficient. We'll use your feedback to improve the support we provide for Discount Ninja!

AMMA Healing

Please don't use this app. I could go down a laundry list about why this is the world's worst app. Seriously stay away

Developer reply

December 18, 2020

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience using the app.
I'd be very interested to hear more about your experience to understand what issues you may have encountered.

Best regards,

The Steel Magnolia Company

My main reason for using this app was so my customers could use 2 discounts which Shopify won't do. This feature worked. However, the list of negatives HIGHLY out weighs this one good feature. When you schedule a promotion to start automatically, it doesn't. I had to activate manually. I had it set to start a midnight and at 12:04 I had to go activate myself. It took another 5 minutes before customers started seeing the discount on their end. Well... some of them. This made for a huge headache refunding differences. The next issue is carts already made with products in it won't see the discount. They have to clear them out and restart their browser. This doesn't always work though. There were customers with browsers open and then added items hours into the sale and they still couldn't see the discount. I kept telling my customers to clear their history and restart everything or use a different device and they still had issues. The discount wouldn't show up. This is the 2nd sale I used with this app and both times I had these issues. I have many unhappy customers who didn't get the discount and a lot more work fixing hundreds of orders! If you want to pay for a headache, this is the app for you!

Developer reply

December 18, 2020

Hi there,

We're sorry you had a bad experience with the app. I sent a message via email as well inviting you to discuss these issues in more detail. Our goal with Discount Ninja is to provide a flexible app that allows customers to run profitable promotions. If you have identified specific use cases that are not working as you expected, I would like to hear your feedback directly so we can address it and improve the app further.

Best regards,
Bart Coppens
Founder Discount Ninja

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