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Paladin Coffee

I’m having a great time with this app so far. It's very easy to use and perfectly stable. The coffee is fantastic! I love the aroma and the taste is just great! This might sound strange to say, but I buy the coffee for myself. In other words, my own product is something I enjoy very much. Rest assured that you will be selling high-quality coffee.

As for customer service, Joanne and Danny are extremely helpful. I ask them the simplest questions and they promptly get back to me. You will get the personal attention you need.

The black and white labels look good. My logo has a black background and they still turned out well. Overall, the bags look spiffy.

In my experience, shipping times vary from 4 to 7 business days in the US. Test the shipping times yourself and let your customers know what to expect.

I cannot help addressing the 1-star review below. The app is perfectly stable, the coffee is not expensive given its quality, and shipping is free within the US. It’s true that international shipping is expensive, but this has more to do with the realities of logistics than anything else.

I fully recommend this app. If you learn how to market, you will get results.

Kiaayo Coffee

The tech support from Dripshipper is awesome! Very impressed with Dripshipper!! Looking forward to a great business relationship with them.


The application is easy to use. We had some questions and they responded immediately. The customer service is one of the best I have found. I made the first order to try the coffee, we hope it is the best and we will update our comment when we try the coffee.

Ember Craft Coffee

The app is glitchy. It rarely opens without error. More importantly, it takes days to process an order. They must forward their orders to a second drop-shipper. Thank goodness my friends and family ordered first. Turn around time is embarrassing. The coffee costs too much. The shipping cost is too high. Use this app and before you know it your brand will be ruined. Very disappointed. Steer clear. Find another solution. Save time and money.

M.A.N Brands

Though I've only been using this app for a month it functions well and, more importantly, the humans behind it are very helpful when I've had questions, and seem eager to help me grow my subscription business in support of the transitional ministries I manage here in central NC.


I really like this app a lot as it's an easy entry into beginning your coffee empire. Customer support is great and the samples I've ordered taste great!

In The Grind Coffee Company

Just opened my store this week and received my first order. Second order already in the system. Past several reviews are not good, hoping that is a very small percentage of business owners. I will keep watching...

Woodward Roast Coffee Co.

The people who gave this a five-star review are obviously just coffee lovers and not even into running a business. Yes, this service probably provides amazing coffee. That does not matter at all when you want to run a business, especially if you want to profit AT ALL. This service is selling you the coffee for $10. They are getting a lot of profit off of that! They recommend you to sell it for $14. Nobody EVER buys a bag of coffee for $14. Don't believe it? Try it yourself. You can spend $50 on ads to get just two sales (crazy people who spend that much for a bag of $8 at the most coffee), and you lost $42. Not only is this service profiting immensely from selling this coffee at an unreasonable price for you to sell at an unreasonable price, they also charge you $25 a month. So lets say you decide to put $100 into marketing with an amazing ad and an amazing audience, and you only get a few sales because most people are still sane. You lost all that money, then you get charged $25 for the service that already screwed you over, and then $29 for your Shopify business that didn't even make a cent. Does Printful charge ANYTHING? No because they profit off of what they sell to their dropshippers! Dripshipper is not worth your time, energy or stress. Stick to Oberlo. Dropship regular products. They say you can build a brand with this, but you can't build a brand for a product that nobody buys. No matter how much you sell your marketing cost will still be more than your profits. It is insane. Do not even think about starting this. Do not make the same mistakes I did. If you find another coffee dropshipper that is reasonable, go with that. Dripshipper is not worth your energy.

Smoky Mountain Fresh Roast Coffee

Well, they started off good - I've used it for 6 months, but don't count on the advertised "Ships Within 3 Days". The last few months it takes at least 10 days for them to process and then 3-4 days for the customer to receive. I've spent too much money promoting this bad service and am getting complaints. I'm looking for another coffee dropshipper. I don't even care if it's manual ordering - I'm at the computer or phone everyday anyway

iwantmore lifestyle

I used this app to start up my coffee business, and I cant even explain how much Dripshipper has helped me with this. They are efficient and truly care about what you stand for. They are all about win win situations and truly stand out from any other drop shipping company I've ever dealt with. Add me on instagram at "iwantmore" if you need any advice!

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