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Merchants report significant sales and traffic boosts from using this app, attributing success to efficient Facebook ad management. It features a user-friendly interface with AI-powered ad targeting and automated campaign management, simplifying ad setups and optimizations. Customer support, especially from staff members like Ouissal and Millenni, is highly praised for responsiveness and effectiveness in resolving issues and enhancing ad campaigns. Merchants recommend this tool for its ability to streamline and improve Facebook advertising efforts, noting its valuable integration with Shopify and Facebook for targeted advertising and business growth.

June 7, 2024

The app didn't work at all. Would not sync products and had 18 error messages which I was told to wait 24hrs for them to clear as this was common issue. The errors didn't clear after 72hrs so I promptly deleted the app. I was offered a further 10 days free trial which I refused BUT THEY STILL CHARGED ME! even after I deleted the app well in advance of the free trial ending. I expect a full refund please.. I'll wait, and update this review if they charge me yet again.

Blazed Wear
United Kingdom
10 months using the app
Easy Ads replied June 26, 2024

Hi Blazed Wear,

Thank you for reviewing the Easy Ads app.

We apologize for the inconvenience the sync bug has caused you. Since reported, it has been fixed.

Regarding the payment issue, please note that for ALL Shopify apps, you are charged by Shopify, not the app developer.

We have no access to your billing information whatsoever or the ability to charge you.

If you get charged by mistake for any Shopify app, all you have to do is to either contact the app developer or Shopify to get refund.

We look forward to hearing your reply to our last email.

Maria Chanaoui
Communication Manager

June 18, 2024

I don't think this app will add any value for you. By the time you realize it, you will have already spent a lot of money over 1-2 months.

They just set up regular ad campaigns and retargeting, but it's a lie that it targets the right person at the right time. My manual campaigns had better CPA and ROAS than the ones created by this app.

You guys should give us more option to use more types creatives and should be given us data on a daily basis too.

Keeta Luxury
29 days using the app
June 18, 2024

This App deserve 0 stars , scammers , no real customer support.
BE AWERE, they will offer you free trial and to unsubscribe by uninstalling up , but they will keep charging you even if you don't use up and it was undistilled before trial ends. They wont answer on your emails , support is never available. STAY AWAY from this app
Even during trial app brought 3 clicks , shameful.
Shopify should be more aware ...

Pack a Dub
2 months using the app
Easy Ads replied June 26, 2024

Hi Pack a Dub,

Thanks for reviewing the Easy Ads app.

We're sorry for the experience you had with the app. We believe there's a miscommunication:

- Easy Ads is a Badged Meta Ad Technology Partner.
- Our customer support is available 6/7. You personally spoke with 3 different support agents on 7 instances. You did not reply to their messages.
- Your campaign did not even pass the learning phase before you canceled.

Kindly refer to the email address associated with your Shopify account, as when you sign up for a Shopify app, the app developer gets to contact you on that email address only.

The Easy Ads Team

July 19, 2024

Terrible customer service. The app is not working and they do not want to fix it. Also, they do not want to refund the full amount for the lifetime subscription.

Wood To You
Over 1 year using the app
May 25, 2024

They ask for reviews about customer support before getting results. I'm extremely disappointed with this app. Despite their claims that AI ads would generate sales, my experience has been entirely negative. I first tried the 7-day trial twice and saw no results. After two months, I decided to give it another shot and purchased their monthly paid package. They insisted that I needed to give the ads more time, but even after 7 days, there were still no results. They reviewed my funnel and ads, suggesting improvements to my website, but none of this made a difference. With their AI ads, I saw absolutely no benefit. This app has been a waste of both time and money.

Raza Gems LLc
United Arab Emirates
25 days using the app
Easy Ads replied May 27, 2024

Hi Raza Gems LLc,

Thank you for taking the time to review the Easy Ads app.

I'm sorry you had an unpleasant experience with us.

Our support team requests a review regarding your experience with customer support so far during your first interaction.

You can always update your review to reflect your experience.

Regarding not getting results, please note that launching ads does not automatically mean you'll get sales.

This is why our team goes through your website and funnel to make sure you have the best setup.

On the other hand, your website sells high ticket items that start at 800 USD. For any store owner with similar products, regardless of what marketing channel you use (ads, influencer marketing, etc) results will not happen overnight and your cost per acquisition (CPA) will naturally be higher than other advertisers.

We recommend you re-evaluate your marketing strategy to fit your target audience.

For example, some stores selling high ticket items remove the price from the page and run lead generation ads, in order to combat the high CPA problem and close more sales.

We'll be more than happy to discuss with you a custom marketing strategy via a one-on-one call.

Let me know if that works for you.

Maria Chanaoui
Marketing & Communication Manager

May 2, 2024

Overpriced, and scamy. They'll charge your randomly for transactions. I uninstalled and stopped using the app due to it being too expensive and not effective. Payed 27 dollars for 26 visits in my store. After paying the monthly fee (after the free 10 days) I stopped using it. Now I wake up with another fee from them, from a old AD campaign that magically is active again after being turned off. Don't know what type of company this is, I just don't want to be associated.

Luminas Lamps
20 days using the app
Easy Ads replied May 3, 2024

Hi Luminas Lamps,

Thanks for reviewing the Easy Ads for Facebook Ads.

Kindly note that for all of your Shopify apps, billing is 100% handled by Shopify; we don't have access to your billing information or the ability to charge you. If you have a charge all you have to do is reach out to us or to Shopify and we we'll gladly refund it.

Regarding the app not performing well, kindly provide us with more details as we need more information such as your daily budget, target location, and type of products selected in the campaign. $27 is not clear if it's the subscription fee or the budget you set for your ads.

Kindly reach out to our support via so we can investigate the campaign reactivating, as when you uninstall the app, you revoke our access to your advertising assets, the campaign should be automatically deleted so this must be a mistake.

Maria Chanaoui
Marketing & Communication Manager
Easy Ads for Facebook Ads

Edited May 13, 2024

STAY AWAY of this app, you are better of following YT videos on how to use ads yourself. I installed it, but it's full of bugs!!! Even my son of 6 can code a better app. The positive reviews are probably been put there by themselves as I can't imagine someone would be happy with all these bugs in the app. And no it's not related to only my installation/theme/account, it's just common sense.

I'm serious about this and an honest review. You can contact me if you want to know more, but here's my view :

Their support is active, but doesn't have a clue what to solve. They continously want screenshots and/or Google meetings. Just to keep you busy.

1. It always selects all products from your catalogue. Filter from tags isn't working. Only when you edit the advertisement for a 2nd time...

2. Everywhere you see from time to time "Network error" or other messages popping up. According to support you can ignore those, doesn't affect anything :/

3. The image styling first didn't work, you can style a product image with fancy things, but same thing here, it doesn't save your changes.
Then they fixed it. But now it does work, but as soon as you edit it into something again doesn't save it.

4. Sometimes with generating AI messages, it shows a server error, it does continue, but it can't be good.

5. I noticed a huge amount of incoming spam chats on Facebook and Instagram. Not 100% sure if it's related to this app, but I didn't had this before, so I guess something with data is been shared.

6. They keep sending double emails, not possible to unsubscribe and they don't reply to your emails to unsubscribe. Busy for 3 weeks to get me of their mailing

3 days using the app
Easy Ads replied June 10, 2024

Hi Styleprints,

Thanks for reviewing the Easy Ads app.

We apologize for the issues you've experienced with our app.

Kindly note that Easy Ads is a Badged Meta Ad Technology Partner, which means it uses the same API as the Ads Manager.

Errors on the app reflect the errors you'll get on your Ads Manager if you tried to create the app yourself from the Ads Manager.

Also, please note that you tried the app during an API deprecation, we could not reproduce the bugs mentioned in your review at this time.

Reviews on the app store are verified by Shopify themselves, you may contact Shopify regarding any suspicion regarding reviews.

Your feedback is invaluable, and we’re committed to addressing these problems.

Could you please reach out to our support team directly so we can work on resolving these specific issues for you?

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Easy Ads Customer Support Team

May 24, 2024

Could someone please tell me what to do to get help really!! No Help Just test, Do they have people working.... So for me it a big 0 start...

Stylish Ram
5 days using the app
Easy Ads replied May 27, 2024

Hi Stylish Ram,

Thank you for trying Easy Ads. I'm sorry you didn't love it.

We apologize for the inconvenience faced while attempting to contact our support team.

Can you please clarify to us what time you tried to contact our customer support?

Our team is available via the in-app chat and the email address published on our Shopify listing.

Our support team is here for you 6/7 except Sunday.

We're looking forward to hear from you and investigate what happened here exactly.

Kindest Regards,
Maria Chanaoui
Communication Manager

May 31, 2024

make add more then 10K and not getting 1K visitor and even one order in 25 days and 2 funel created.

21 days using the app
Easy Ads replied June 5, 2024

Hi BeeTrendy,

Thank you for taking the time to review the Easy Ads app.

I'm sorry you had an unpleasant experience with us.

Kindly note that the Easy Ads campaign optimizes for sales, not website visits.

Your campaign spent a total of 10000 INR which is around 119 USD over 13 days.

This comes around 9 USD daily.

For the audience size you had, we recommend a minimum of 15 USD. You also had a healthy CTR, however, when website visitors reached your website, they left without purchasing.

We highly recommend you invest some of your time improving your onsite experience, product pages, and overall website. Utilizing the various resources online to learn about how ads work and their cost.

We'll be more than happy to guide through this.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Maria Chanaoui
Marketing & Communication Manager

Edited May 11, 2024

This is crazy. I don't know what has happened but after launching this campaign by easy ads, not only it took a few days to start running but my facebook account got disabled.

Prior to that, I've run many different types of ad sets and and campaign and it all worked out smoothly. My mistake is that facebook account is connected to two businesses that I'm running and now I've lost access to ads for the other business.

I can't even get the facebook account to review. It's ridiculous. And im sure it has something to do with advertising. And at the time it all happened, the only ads that are being run by that account is easy ads. ONLY.

4 days using the app
Easy Ads replied June 10, 2024

Hi Velurea,

Thanks for reviewing the Easy Ads app.

Kindly note that Easy Ads is a Meta Badged Ad Technology Partner, this means it uses the same API as the Ads Manager.

Also, please note that Ad Accounts get disabled for the content of their ads, using a suspicious payment method, or a suspicious ad destination which is your website.

We'd love to assist you in getting in contact with the Meta team or creating a new ad account.

Please refer to our last email to us for more details on this.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

The Easy Ads Customer Support Team