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EasyLockdown - Access Management

EasyLockdown - Access Management

Developed by NexusMedia

29 reviews
Price: $6.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Limit access to any type of content: Pages, Products, Collections, Blogs, Cart or whole website;
  • Grant access to any group of customers by number of orders, money spent, accepting marketing, tags or locations;
  • Add more precise access rules with any combination of customer data.

Recent Updates:

  • Added GeoIP functionality - lock content based on real customer location;

  • Added "Login for Price" type of lockdown;

EasyLockdown is a simple but powerful tool to fuel up your store by granting access to certain Collections, Products, Pages or Blogs to certain group of customers only.

App is easy to use and doesn't require any coding skills.

Using EasyLockdown you may:

  • Completely lock down your entire site in one click;

  • Limit access to certain Products or Collections;

  • Limit access to selected Blogs or Pages;

  • Limit access to whole pages, or lock Buy Buttons or Prices only (so called "Login for Price" feature);

  • Configure who may access using flexible rules constructor, based on Number of Orders, Amount Spent, Order Dates, Customer Tags and Locations, and much more;

  • Limit access based on customer location (GeoIP based);

  • Hide links to locked areas from your content and Menus automatically;

  • Redirect customers to standard login form, or your custom page.

Secure Permission Control

App is checking permissions server side, so even with disabled JS and some other hacks unauthorized user won't be able to access to restricted content.

Use Cases

  • Completely close your store for non-logged in customers;

  • Create wholesale products with different pricing available for limited customer group only, for example tagged with certain tag;

  • Grant access to some selected products for customers who have more then XX orders or spent more then $YYYY;

  • Grant access to pre-order products for your subscribers only;

  • Any other scenario which requires to make some part of your website not available to the general public.

Any questions❓

Feel free to contact us by email support@nexusmedia-ua.com, we're always around to help.

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EasyLockdown - Access Management reviews

29 reviews
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Very pleased with this app. Needed to lock my wholesale section and pages from the Retail side of the website. Has performed perfectly!


My old lock down app was no longer supported, so I went on the hunt for a new one -after looking at a few - I found Easylockdown - it does exactly what I need, separate my site into two different ones - a retail and a login access only to a wholesale side. I did have an issue, because I switched store templates, but the support team at easylockdown was quick to get my issue identified, and fixed.
I would highly recommend this very affordable solution.

#Greatapp #greatsupport #bestvalue


Great support - thanks very much!


Clean, quick and easy to use program. Setup was insanely fast and easy, does exactly what i want it to do (close off sections of the store to a select few customers that i pre-approve access to).

Only minor complaint in the hidden items in the catalog generate the page numbers at the bottom of the screen. So no products are shown that are locked, but itll still show page 1, 2, 3, etc and allow people to click on them and display nothing. Might even be a setting in the app to correct this, or could be a theme issue, but very minor and very happy with this app. 5/5.


Amazing customer service. The product works great! I was able to simply build a hidden section of my site for my wholesalers to purchase from. People love our site and now my wholesalers are buying more than ever. Plus I was having some trouble setting the app up correctly but thankfully their customer service team is skilled with the product they produce and we're able to set me up!



Great app and thanks for your help ! Highly recommend this one ! They have good support and they fixed quickly my mistakes in less 24 hours.


This app does exactly what it says. Simple and solid. I had a minor issue due to a new feature being added in the midst of setting up, but support were quick to resolve.

Great app.


Excellent app and good value for money. Responsive support.

As a wholesaler, I wanted to hide the prices from the public and only those tagged customers would be able to access the prices and cart. Worked like a charm and very easy to use. Would have liked to have seen some documentation / help on the various areas you can lockdown as some of the terms we a little cryptic.

Be careful if you have other pricing apps. I had another app Quantity Breaks which was still showing the prices after the lockdown. Chatted with the Quantity Break developer and they applied the same tag to the tables and the lockdown works like a charm!


I read the reviews and thought, "Really? It's that easy? AND they have good support?"
It really is that good! I've been using it for a few months now and love it. I forgot to check a VERY important box on one of the lockdowns and it wasn't acting quite like it should. I sent support an email and they fixed MY mistake in less than 24 hours. Politely, quickly, all done, working like I want it to.
Thanks for this app and your help! Highly recommend this one!


We're using it to run a hidden wholesale program on our regular retail site. Its like having 2 websites on the same domain. You can totally control what your visitor sees, based on whether they are logged in with a tag, or logged in without a tag, or not logged in at all!

Amazing lockdown app... easy interface... block or unblock anything you want. Top-notch service. Don't think about it, just DO IT! You won't be sorry. :)

$6.00 / month
7 days

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