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Webgility Unify Online

Webgility Unify Online

Developed by Webgility, Inc.

22 reviews
Price: $79.00 – $249.00 / month Free Trial: 15 days More info
  • Save time and money - Automatically update and reconcile your accounting
  • Know what's selling and sell more - Real time information of your sales
  • Sell in more places - Manage Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy sales from one place

Webgility’s Unify Online helps you manage Shopify orders, automatically post them to accounting, and accurately track and sync inventory to and from all sales channels.

Ecommerce Bookkeeping

  • Eliminate data entry and errors in your ecommerce bookkeeping

  • Automatically import sales transactions from all your channels

  • Automatically track refunds and returns

  • Easily select which accounts to use for tracking income, expenses

  • Post each sale individually or as a daily summary

Accounting Reconciliation

  • Track and post marketplace fees from Amazon or Ebay

  • Track and post shipping cost by connecting to your shipping app

  • Track and post payment processor fees by connecting to payments

  • Easily reconcile against your bank deposit
  • Sales Tax Compliance

  • Post sales tax into the right tax items in accounting

  • Track sales tax by state or jurisdiction
  • Single Dashboard

  • See all your ecommerce orders from a single software

  • Search, sort, filter, import, export orders easily
  • Inventory and Customers

  • Easily map inventory between ecommerce and accounting

  • Automatically transfer missing items and customers in accounting

  • Import/Export item mappings in CSV format
  • Reporting and Analytics

  • Intelligent data analysis helps you calculate profit per order

  • Track performance across various sales channels

  • Track best selling products, top customers

  • See sales by geography
  • Automation and Notifications

  • Get orders instantly

  • Schedule posting nightly or every hour

  • Get status notifications by email
  • Webgility Unify Online is certified with Intuit QuickBooks and Xero. Works with QuickBooks Online and Xero (U.S. editions).

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    Webgility Unify Online reviews

    22 reviews
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    3. 3 stars (0 reviews)
    4. 2 stars (1 review)
    5. 1 star (2 reviews)

    works great, and easy to integrate.


    Great app for our store. Works great and we never have any issues.


    Terrible product even worse customer service.

    I have attempted to use this for the last year. it worked alright at first. Then a couple months in it would crash every time I would try to sync my orders with Quickbooks Enterprise. I would go through the steps of the manual sync process and then try to re connect quick books with this software, when that didnt work I would contact customer support, when they would finally respond (some times this would take multiple days) they would go through that same process I had just done with remote control and then finally when that didn't work they would fix it on their end. I had to go through this every week. 30 minutes to an hour every time I needed to sync. I could have manually entered in less time then that.
    They have since seemed to fix this issue, but i am still weary. My plan was to cancel at the end of the year. The other day I was charged for the next year, I called in to try to get a refund and cancel the service, but they said it was against their policy. This is partly my fault for not canceling in time, but come on! I am not going to be using this software, and I am out $1000. In my opinion, that is a pretty terrible way to treat a customer.


    What this app promises is exciting. Automated syncing between Quickbooks and our online sales. "When" it works, it's awesome. The issue is that it seems to break weekly. This week's break was that it stopped pulling in bank transaction fees associated with credit card sales on Shopify. It just started sending transactions to Quickbooks that don't have the fees separated or deducted. Two weeks ago it worked fine, this week, it's broken. 3 days of exchanging emails with foreign tech support and they tell us to disconnect and reconnect our processor. Doing that gives a warning that it will erase all transaction history. There's no way I'm willing to do that based on an email from someone in Asia that just says to try it.

    So, support is poor, system breaks weekly, but when it works it's awesome. Oh, and it's quite expensive!


    Great app. Easy to use, and does the job!
    Our website: https://www.agmhomestore.com/


    When I first started using this app, I was very pleased because it makes a huge difference automating accounting for Etsy and Shopify to QuickBooks. A big time saver! When I had a problem with their billing department, they weren't so quick to respond and correct the problem. I would give them five stars if they'd up their customer service. And honestly, I'm very glad we were finally able to work out the issues, because I would hate to have to go back to manually reconciling Etsy and Shopify to Quickbooks! I will continue to use it, and would recommend it.


    Easy...one click and everything is in Quickbooks...can you imagine doing that manually?


    Great app, has some limitations for quickbook desktop users, but overall has done a good job, we have more free time to grow our business, rather than thinking of what was sold how much and, more time to grow the business. thanks unify.


    Love this app! I've been using it for a year now and it makes my bookkeeping so much easier! I can schedule the downloads to occur daily, automatically. No more spreadsheets over here! I use it for both my Shopify and Etsy stores.


    I suggest anyone using Shopify Payments as their payments gateway avoid this app. We began using Unify almost a year ago. Because Shopify Payments deducts their fees from their payouts we were unable to match transactions in QuickBooks Online, our accounting software. Unify’s solution was a complicated, time consuming, error prone daily process, which created problem entries in our balance sheet. Unify management refused to put my feature request on their development team’s road map.

    I found another solution, Cloud Cart Connector. This app’s development team had my feature request installed in less than one hour. CCC’s USA based support is excellent. As soon as I installed Cloud Cart Connector I felt that a huge burden had been lifted off my back.

    $79.00 – $249.00 / month

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