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Ellipsis Human Presence Technology

Ellipsis Human Presence Technology

Developed by Ellipsis Technologies, Inc.

4 reviews
Price: $4.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Protect your website from form spam with VitalForms™.
  • Increase customer retention by creating a better customer experience.
  • Full access to our real-time dashboard to monitor your website traffic.

Ellipsis Technologies has developed a proprietary web security technology which allows a website owner to invisibly determine if a site visitor is a human or possibly a harmful bot. Unlike other technologies that make humans take annoying tests to gain access, we can easily determine if a website visitor is a human based on their movements on your website.

Why use Human Presence™?

You work hard to drive customers to your site… our technology helps you focus on user experience, customer satisfaction and ultimately higher online sales. Protect your website from malicious bots, while allowing your customers to have a great experience.

Our VitalForms™ Technology

Form Spam is a huge issue with Shopify users, VitalForms™ allows you to protect all of your forms from spam attacks. Whether it’s a contact form, account-registration form, or even a simple newsletter sign-up… we’ve got you covered! It’s easy to use and only takes a few minutes to set up!

How much does this cost?

Only $4.99 a month after a 14 day trial period!

By signing up for Ellipsis Human Presence Technology, you will receive full access to our real-time dashboard to monitor traffic on your website.

About Our Technology

Ellipsis is a software technology company headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina that has developed a proprietary web security technology, Human Presence™, which allows a website owner to invisibly detect human site visitors while quarantining all suspicious visitors or bots.

Ellipsis Human Presence Technology reviews

4 reviews
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I had problems with bots creating customer accounts on my store…about 5-6 accounts created every 24 hours. The initial advice I was given was to edit my template code and add a math equation CAPTCHA test to hopefully prevent bots from creating accounts. The CAPTCHA slowed down the fake accounts but didnt stop them. BUT there is hope...I immediately got the app Ellipsis Human Presence and it worked 100%. From what I can tell, the more days I have it, the less bot traffic I even get to my site. And from the moment I got the app I have not had ONE bot account! If anyone is having this same issue, I would highly recommend this app. Totally worth it!


I usually do not leave reviews on Shopify apps but I think it would be great to help get the word out to other shop owners that is facing the same dilemma. I was getting very stressed out due to so many spam sign-ups. However, despite paying for several options to fix the issue (including hiring a developer) with no success…it was a great relief to find Ellipsis Human Presence that actually works. Now with the spam eliminated, we can refocus our energies on other aspects of the business that need our attention. Thanks Ellipsis Human Presence team for an awesome app that is easy to install and use and I also appreciate your great support as well. Best Regards.


This app is fantastic! My website has been constantly attacked by bots that created fake customer accounts. It started slowly, then increased to 20 to 30 new, fake accounts per day. Shopify gurus suggested that I removed "create customer account" code from page headers, which I did. It slowed down the bot attacks for a few days. Similar result with Captcha in the Shopify template forms. Then, the bot attacks were back. Shopify was helpless, even after escalating my issue to advanced tech support. After searching forums, I found the Ellipsis app. It fixed my problem 100% within minutes of installing it. I highly recommend it to anyone with the bot problem. It works seamlessly behind the scenes, while allowing my customers to keep and create new accounts. I am a very happy Ellipsis customer. Thank you John and the Ellipsis team!


This app is great. Tells me how many real and how many suspicious users filled out forms or comments on my website and blocks spam from clogging my inbox.

$4.99 / month

Connecting your shop with the Ellipsis Human Presence™ Technology allows you to monitor bot traffic and protect your forms with VitalForms™ without any CAPTCHA-like tests. No Contracts. No Hidden Fees. Just $4.99/mo after the 14 day trial (note: you will have to accept the $4.99/mo charge to start your free trial).

14 days


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