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February 18, 2024

Does not protect against bot. Just download this and bot keep comming in and creating new account. Also it now rederect my self to google directly can't imagine how many client I lost while this was installed. This app start rederting me after I download an other app for spam bot. Not sure if this some how cause the problem.

About 21 hours using the app
January 15, 2024

We downloaded this app last week to try and fix an issue we've been having with fake spam accounts being created on our website. I has not helped at all. It doesn't even seem to be picking up all all of the accounts being created since it says that there is a total of 2 created total despite the fact that we just had another 20 fake accounts pop up all at once. I will take down this review if they help me solve the issue, but so far this app feels like a waste of time and energy.

Mark Davis
United States
6 days using the app
September 16, 2023

suddenly the app is flagging all my orders while i didnt change anything in the settings and asking for crazy extra charge money like 100 usd so far this month !
are they crazy ????

United States
Over 3 years using the app
November 29, 2023

I installed the app and followed all the instructions to protect my store from bots. Unfortunately despite everything being setup the bots are still signing up every hour. It hasn't helped in any way at the moment.

I will modify the review if the situation changes.

United States
5 days using the app
April 5, 2023

When it worked, it was fine, but if it went down (which was becoming more and more frequent), customers would think they were submitting their forms to us, but would actually be taken to some off-site green screen (with fake confirmation message that we had received their messages when, in fact we actually were NOT receiving them!! They were gone to oblivion and we'd never know or see customer messages that came in when app was down.). We would not received any notification app was down, we just finally would notice it had been several hours, or over a weekend, etc and no customer messages were coming in, so we would run a test and sure enough - green screen off-site indicating to us form was down for who knows how long. Unfortunately, app functionality is beholden to their configuration, so we were held hostage for repair and restoration. Service and support were awful. No response for days, had to email owner a couple of times just to trigger a reply. Once, he tried to manipulate to negotiate a positive review.

We finally had to acquire our own code IT team to disable the app and redo the forms ourselves. Shop Protector / Human Presence was our worst app experience and we cannot recommend their services.

The Singer Featherweight Shop
United States
Over 5 years using the app
Human Presence Technology replied April 18, 2023

This is not a realistic depiction of the issue. As explained previously, the app does not "go down"...the problem occurs when you create new themes and don't reprotect your forms with Shop Protector. Unfortunately, we can not make this process automatic on Shopify. Remember, if you activate a new theme you must protect that theme's forms.

Edited February 15, 2024

This was previously a 5-star review. Now it's a cautionary tale. I suspect that something has changed at the company that produces this app, because our recent experience has been terrible, and our early experiences were quite positive.

For a long time, this app seemed to block all spam registrations, but recently, we realised we were receiving hundreds of them, and that they seemed not to be blocked out.

I reached out to support, and that's where things really went badly. The support agent was extremely unhelpful. He constantly suggested that there must be another registration form that we're not telling them about. This is rather ridiculous, given that protection was working previously, and that they should have technology to be able to detect what registration forms we have.

After a dozen back and forth messages, the situation went from bad to worse. At some point, I realised that they had actually disabled our registration form entirely. It seemed that real users couldn't register, but yet spam bot registrations continue to trickle in.

Not only is this app no longer working, the customer service was just a waste of time.

I would recommend against installing this app, and I would be hesitant to give their agents access to your store.

Cape Coffee Beans
South Africa
Over 1 year using the app
Edited November 27, 2019

Cancelled orders that were NOT from bots! Lost money and had to placate irritated customers. Would not recommend.

Crimson and Clover Studio
United States
17 days using the app
Human Presence Technology replied December 3, 2019

As requested numerous times via email, we'd like you to reinstall so we can monitor the installation and see what was interferring...........

Edited April 29, 2022

UPDATE: The app developer personally attacked me in an email even though one of their employees was very kind in wanting to help me fix the problem explaining the delay. But because of what the CEO said to me I will never pay for any of their services or recommend it to anyone. I'm the kind of person that will change my review if I get great service. But that email just told me I did the right thing in expressing my frustrations. Shopify you need to protect your store owners from companies that treat them like this! I stand by what I said below: This app killed my stores performance. When I tried to reach out to them for help I got no response. So I'm taking the stars I gave originally completely away. As a business owner going to school and raising my kids I do not have time to chase companies like this down only to get ignored. I'm moving on and seriously thinking about leaving Shopify altogether. I have nothing but headaches dealing with this platform.

Victoria's Chest
United States
16 days using the app
Human Presence Technology replied April 29, 2022

Thank you for your review. We strive to offer excellent customer support at all times. It is unfortunate that the support representative assigned to your request was out sick for several days uncharacteristically. While an apology doesn't help speed up the delay, after returning to work we offered to help but you turned it down. I'm sorry that you feel that the app caused performance issues on your shop. That is not typical and if you should decide to change your mind please reach out and we will be glad to provide you an extended free trial and assist you with anything you need.

Edited November 29, 2019

Zero stars. Negative zero stars.

It's Black Friday.

This app cancelled and REFUNDED 13 orders on my website. All of these sales were lost. And guess what? No one can fix the problem because it's a third party app. DO NOT USE THIS APP!

United States
16 days using the app
Human Presence Technology replied December 3, 2019

Of the tens of thousands of transactions that we handled on BFCM, your experience was very unique. Since you uninstalled we can not troubleshoot your specific issue and as we suggested via email, we would like if you could reinstall and we can monitor this install and troubleshoot in real time and solve this for you.

September 12, 2019

I used this app during the trial period, and would not recommend to people looking to protect form submissions and whose traffic is primarily mobile (as mine was). I installed a session tracker, and saw that many real people were attempting to submit their emails in my form on mobile, but that there were errors that were preventing them from submitting successfully. Needless to say, this was a loss in leads for me.

Not only that, when I uninstalled the app before the trial ended, they still charged me for the service. I recall uninstalling right on time (I had a calendar reminder for the exact date), but they claimed that I was 2 days late. Fine. I wrote back wondering if they could waive the monthly fee since I was only "over" by TWO days and I had lost so many leads, and it was crickets on their end. Other apps I use have much better customer service!

Brainy Pup
United States
15 days using the app