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OrderlyEmails - Email Notification Themes

OrderlyEmails - Email Notification Themes

Developed by FORSBERG+two

Price: Custom More info
  • Look more professional with Shopify Email Notifications (Order Confirmation, Shipping Confirmation etc.) that match your online store
  • Easily include Product Recommendations, Discounts Codes and Promotions directly in your emails to sell more
  • One-time purchase, quick setup.. with no ongoing costs!

★★★★★ Buy a theme once, then use & update for free! ★★★★★

Finally, there is a an easy way to brand, customize and upgrade your Shopify emails, while adding upsells that boost sales as well.

  1. Select your theme

  2. Customize using our super simple editor

  3. Buy once, then use and update your emails as much as you like


    ★ NEW - Magic Designer: Intelligent design, automatically.

    The new "Magic Designer" feature will analyze your website, then automatically apply your logo, fonts, colors and more.. personalizing your theme in less than 5 seconds! Your emails will reflect your brand perfectly, with a single click.

    Once your styles have been applied, you can of course continue to adjust things, add discounts and promotions or change wording using our simple editor.

    Short demo on YouTube: Introducing the "Magic Designer" for OrderlyEmails


    All themes feature:

    • 17 email templates included in every theme

    • Include automatic product recommendations, to drive more sales.

    • Include discount codes and promotions to bring customers back for more.

    • Responsive email design, so they look great on mobile devices too.

    • Include your logo and easily re-size it to suit your design.

    • Quickly include your store info, contact details and social information.

    • Custom Google Fonts (shown in email clients that support custom fonts).

    • Customizable color scheme.

    • Customizable button and icons styles.

    • Include your Product Images.

    • Easy date & address formatting to suit your country.

    • Correctly shows order pricing, tax info, order notes, and product details.

    • Automatic support for info added by Product Options and Product Customizer apps.

    • Click and type translation, or just change the wording to suit your style.

    • Fully tested in all popular email clients to look great (Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail etc).

    • Designed by professionals, specifically for Shopify stores.


    Each theme includes the following email templates:

    • Order Confirmation 

    • Draft Order Invoice 

    • POS & Mobile Receipt 

    • Shipping Confirmation 

    • Shipping Update 

    • Shipment Out for Delivery 

    • Shipment Delivered 

    • Order Cancelled 

    • Refund Notification 

    • New Order Notification

    • Fulfillment Request 

    • Contact Customer 

    • Customer Account Activation 

    • Customer Account Welcome 

    • Customer Password Reset 

    • Abandoned Checkout Notification * 

    • Gift Card Notification * 

    * Requires your store be on the Shopify Professional or Unlimited plans

    Shopify Experts charge hundreds of dollars for similar custom email designs, and may even charge you for small changes later.. not great!

    Our themes are a low one time cost, with free updates for life.. so click the "Get App" button above to start upgrading your emails now!

    About Us

    I've been working with Shopify for over 4 years now, and this is now my full time dream job. I take service and feedback seriously.. and I want you to be happy with my products! So if you have any questions before or after purchase, just get in contact.

    All the best,

    Bjorn Forsberg

    Chief Eternal Optimist


OrderlyEmails - Email Notification Themes reviews (134)


Great app. Works well. Very integrate with Shopify. Awesome look


An excellent complement to Shopify! Thanks


Super easy to use, edit and install, and with this cool feature it has you can go in and match the colors of your website like we did. The emails look awesome and the uniform design between the website and emails gives an overall very professional appearance. Not to mention the one time charge which I am a big fan of none of this $15.99 a month stuff. One flat very reasonable fee and it's yours forever. So worth the money


Great app. Works well. Looks great. Easy to setup. https://www.kinkytoy.store


Great app to change the look of all your automated emails to match the look of your store. Easy to customize. You can even include product recommendations in your emails.


best one!


Easy to set up and customize - and only one fee of $49 - so worth it and makes such an improvement to our notification emails! Team also very responsive and helpful. Highly recommend.


Really clean & professional themes - that work!
Super simple setup, and fast support from Bjorn - everything we were looking for!


This app is worth much more, than $49! It's easy to customize (no coding skills required), the preset templates look cool and now you can even use the template outside of Shopify for your newsletter needs so all your emails will look the same! This last thought needs some explanation: after installing the app Bjorn from OrderlyEmails asked me how I liked it and if I had any feedback. I told him how useful it would be to be able to export the HTML code for a blank template for my newsletters, because at that moment the app didn't offer this feature. In just two days they added the feature! Great job!


I highly recommend this app for updating your customer notifications. Up to this point, I've used Shopify's interface -- this app made the process so much easier, fast, and the emails look great. Very user-friendly. Thanks for creating an awesome app that saved me so much time!



One-time purchase, with no ongoing costs.

Only $49 per theme (includes all 17 email templates listed below)

+ Order Confirmation
+ Draft Order Invoice
+ POS & Mobile Receipt
+ Shipping Confirmation
+ Shipping Update
+ Shipment Out for Delivery
+ Shipment Delivered
+ Order Cancelled
+ Refund Notification
+ New Order Notification
+ Fulfillment Request
+ Contact Customer
+ Customer Account Activation
+ Customer Account Welcome
+ Customer Password Reset
+ Abandoned Checkout Notification
+ Gift Card Notification


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