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OrderlyEmails - Designer Email Notifications

OrderlyEmails - Designer Email Notifications

Developed by FORSBERG+two

208 reviews
Price: Custom More info
  • Beautiful designer templates - for each Shopify notification email - that match your brand
  • Easily include product recommendations, discount codes and promotions directly in your emails to sell more
  • One-time purchase, quick setup.. with no ongoing costs!

How it Works

OrderlyEmails helps you easily customize the emails that Shopify already sends for your store. For example, the Order confirmation email sent to a customer when they make a purchase. As an online merchant, you need your store to look its best. Shouldn’t your emails do the same?

In other words, the app does not send any emails itself but instead replaces/upgrades the default templates in your store with much more professional and effective designs. Your store continues to work exactly the same way as before.. no duplicate emails being sent.. and no subscription fees to pay each month. Win-win!

  1. Select your starting design from our available themes (each design includes all 17 emails supported by Shopify)

  2. Customize, preview and send test emails

  3. Once you are happy, purchase your design for a one-time fee, then use (and update) as much as you like.


Built specifically for Shopify stores

All designs are specifically built for Shopify so you can not only customize the look of each email, but also what order and product info to include in each email.

  • Automatic support for info added by Product Options and Product Customizer apps.

  • Include automatic product recommendations, to drive more sales.

  • Include discount codes and promotions to bring customers back for more.

  • Responsive email design, so they look great on mobile devices too.

  • Include your logo, color scheme and button styles.

  • Quickly include your store info, contact details and social information.

  • Custom Google Fonts (shown in email clients that support custom fonts).

  • Include your Product Images.

  • Easy date & address formatting to suit your country.

  • Correctly shows order pricing, tax info, order notes, and product details.

  • Click and type translation, or just change the wording to suit your style.

  • Fully tested in all popular email clients to look great (Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail etc).

  • Designed by professionals, specifically for Shopify stores.


★ NEW ★ Product Recommendations + Kitcrm Skill

All designs allow you to include automatically updating product recommendations in your emails, enticing customers to come back and shop with you again.

In addition, if you are using Kitcrm you can now optimize recommendations based on your Kit sales data and priorities! Use Kit to regularly update product inclusions so your most effective products are always featured.

Enable product recommendations and connect Kit from the "Marketing and upsells" section of the editor.

Each design includes the following emails sent by your store

  • Order confirmation 

  • Draft order invoice 

  • POS & mobile receipt 

  • Shipping confirmation 

  • Shipping update 

  • Shipment out for delivery 

  • Shipment delivered 

  • Order cancelled 

  • Refund notification 

  • New order notification

  • Fulfillment request 

  • Contact customer 

  • Customer account activation 

  • Customer account welcome 

  • Customer password reset 

  • Abandoned checkout notification * 

  • Gift card notification * 

* Requires your store be on the Shopify Professional or Unlimited plans

Designs are a low one time cost, with free updates for life.. so click the "Get App" button above to start upgrading your emails now!

About Us

We've been working with Shopify for over 5 years now, and have gained a deep understanding of what successful Shopify stores need. This has allowed us to create easy to use products that include the features needed, without having to resort to hacks and manual workarounds.

Please see the reviews below to see what your fellow merchants are saying about OrderlyEmails and our service.

If you have any questions at all, click the "Get Support" button below, or using the contact info shown on the right.. we'd love to hear from you.

Kind regards,

Bjorn Forsberg

Chief Eternal Optimist



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OrderlyEmails - Designer Email Notifications reviews

208 reviews
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  3. 3 stars (0 reviews)
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  5. 1 star (0 reviews)

This app is excellent! It made creating the emails so much easier, very user friendly and they look great!

Beserk xxx


What a damn fine app. This developer has nailed it and made an app that works so well, is easy to use and does exactly what it says it will. I cannot recommend the use of this app highly enough. If you want to easily update and maintain customer emails then this is the tool for it. Nailed it guys, absolutely nailed it. A five star rating from the team at Linelink Online - www.linelink.com.au


I have just installed Orderly Emails and the template looks wonderful! I chose New York light. It was easy to install and it makes my website look professional and enhances the customer shopping experience. I wish I had installed this 6 months ago. Love it!


Great App, simple and effective – we recommend it for all our clients www.echic.com.au


Really easy and quick to use and decent looking end product! A great solution.


Crazy easy, and great options. Saved me loads of time!!


This app has proved essential to the look and feel of my online business. I was able to customize all my email notifications to the customer with my logo, colours etc - matched to the look and feel of my site. I could include information on shipping notifications that was not included in the shopify settings. It makes my customer emails look professional and informative. It is definitely worth the one off fee charged to customize all your documents. Support is wonderful. Would highly recommend.


Love it! Beautiful, fast and easy. Thank you!


This app makes email notifications easy to create, edit, update, and adapt to your store as needed. I like that there are general settings that apply to all emails (footer text, logo, style, etc.) so if you make a change there, all email templates are automatically updated. At the same time you can make content changes as needed for each template. I would like to see option to copy/move text boxes and buttons in the t, perhaps that is coming in the future. Copying/pasting the finished template into Shopify notifications is easy, it takes just a few minutes really. All in all, a great app and I also like the one-time payment vs. monthly subscription. www.axistango.com


Great app. Makes it easy to send polished emails to customers. Other apps are somewhat more flexible but way more complicated. OrderlyEmails strikes a really good balance. I put off updating our emails for so long figuring it would cumbersome. Not so with OrderlyEmails - it made it truly painless, fun even. Even the copy/paste part was made easy through the app compared with say Klaviyo. Because the app builds the code for you based on the inputs in the app template, future enhancements by the developer will also be super easy to use. Highly recommend.


FREE TRIAL: Customize and test before you purchase

One-time purchase, no ongoing costs.

Only $49 per design (each design includes all 18 email templates listed below)

+ Order Confirmation
+ Draft order invoice
+ POS & mobile receipt
+ Shipping confirmation
+ Shipping update
+ Shipment out for delivery
+ Shipment delivered
+ Order cancelled
+ Refund notification
+ New order notification
+ Fulfillment request
+ Contact customer
+ Customer account activation
+ Customer account welcome
+ Customer password reset
+ Abandoned checkout notification
+ Gift card notification
+ Blank template (for use outside Shopify)


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