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EZ Importer by Highview Apps

EZ Importer by Highview Apps

Developed by Highview Apps LLC

18 reviews
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  • Import your Order History while migrating to Shopify. One time setup makes importing your orders from ANY csv file as easy as possible.
  • Save time importing orders from ANY source using our built-in Shopify data mapper. Easily select the fields you want to import from our built-in Shopify field mapper.
  • Import Multiple line items, transactions and discounts all from a single csv file.


EZ Importer allows you to easily import your orders to Shopify via CSV. Don't waste time adding Shopify fields by hand, use our customer data mapper to map the field headers in your CSV with Shopify's order fields.

Stop manually adding external orders to your store! With EZ Importer you can easily bulk import your external orders, from multiple sources! Our customers have successfully imported orders from Shopify, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Ebay, Big Cartel, Lightspeed and Big Commerce just to name a few.

You can have multiple data mappings so you can easily upload your external orders from multiple sources.

Bulk Import Orders in 3 easy steps

  • Upload your CSV file.

  • Map your CSV file headers to the appropriate Shopify fields.

  • Review & import your data with the push of a button!


* NEW FEATURES -- Match Shopify Orders by SKU Easily link your order imports to products using your product SKU!

* NEW FEATURES -- Download Data Mapping as CSV Template! You can now download your data mappings as a CSV template. This allows you to easily built teamples based on your data mapping making external data generation easier!

* NEW FEATURES -- Download Import Errors! You can now download all import errors in CSV. This cuts down the time and effort it takes to find orders that have errors and re-import them. Use the downloaded errors file to re-import after you've fixed the errors!

* NEW FEATURES -- Improved Data Mapping! We've improved the data mapping process to help you save time. When importing your CSV file you can create a data mapping based on the file headers in the CSV file. Once you've created the new data mapping you can use it with future imports with the click of a button.

* NEW FEATURES -- Support Transactions. We now support importing your transaction data with your orders. When creating your data mapping, you can select a set of transaction fields you would like to import. At this time we support a single transaction record per order. In a future release you will be able to import multiple transactions per order.

* NEW FEATURES -- Delete Imported Orders. When you've successfully imported your orders you can delete the entire import from Shopify if you need to. This can be useful to remove test orders or if you've imported a set of orders but accidentally added incorrect data. A future release will support a range of orders to delete as well as a single order.

* NEW FEATURES -- Historical Orders. We launched without support for historical orders. You can now import your orders with the actual import date by setting the processed_at field.

* NEW FEATURES -- Ignore Order Name. We use the "Order Name" field to help identify orders that have multiple line items. Some of you want Shopify to generate this number for you. We have a check box on the Data Mappings (under the Name field) to tell EZ Importer to ignore this field when doing an import.

* NEW FEATURES -- Support Note Attributes/Line Item Properties - We support imports that have the note attribute or line item property field. This field takes a list of json objects as it's input.

There's a reason importing orders into Shopify is so easy!
Here's why:

  • Bulk Import Orders with customer information.

  • Migrating to Shopify from another platform? You can easily import historical orders by specifying the date of the order right from your CSV.

  • Import closed/archived orders.

  • Import Orders with multiple line items.

  • Partial Imports are supported. If any orders have errors in the CSV file, EZ Importer will import the orders that do not have errors ignoring any orders with errors.

  • Easily map your order to its products using the Shopify Product ID or your Product SKU

  • View the progress of your import in real time.

  • Create multiple custom data mappings for your CSV imports.

  • Credit based billing system, pay only for what you use!

Our order import system is continually evolving. Wondering what we're working on next? Here's a few things on our road map:

Coming Soon!

  • Scheduled Imports

  • Default Data Mappings

  • Metafields support

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EZ Importer by Highview Apps reviews

18 reviews
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the app developer is really helpful and fast response. He helped me out on my special mapping request and I am now using this app to import now. It is a well designed and coded app, fast, clean and easy UI.


Fantastic App. Fantastic support. Couldn't recommend highly enough :)


This is a great ap - easy to use, and the customer support is unreal. I was given support over an issue before I even contacted them about it. Then I screwed up my import again because I wasn't careful, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that when I deleted the orders I had imported using the ap, the credits were returned to me. Awesome! I will definitely be using this ap for all my order importing needs.


The five stars are for Ralph. We migrated 13 years worth of orders from our previous platform (Nexternal) which involved a ton of work and troubleshooting on our end massaging data output from the old system before it would be anywhere near ready for import. We hit some unexpected snags, including overlooked technical problems in some of our source data. Ralph was always very prompt and helpful and courteous as could be, beginning to end, despite all the challenges our project posed. He spent more time on it than I ever could have expected.


Very easy app to use. Had a support question and Ralph was excellent in his response and understanding. Would highly recommend this app to anyone.


Used this app for a very large order import. Incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and quick to respond. A pleasure to work with. Everything went wonderfully smoothly.


We love EZImporter! Ralph and his team provide great support, helped us get setup, and continue to support our needs and be open to new ideas / features! We couldn't be happier with EZImporter and Highview Apps!


Excellent app with fantastic support.
I was using a similar app in the past but ran into reliability problems and slow support, so needed a new solution.

I switched over to EZ Importer and couldn't be happier. The app works perfectly and the developer offers great timely support.

Highly recommended.


Support was great and very responsive. Data mappings were pretty easy to get set up. We got 800 orders imported and submitted to our shipping company for shipment with ease. Thanks for the great app!


Excellent app, easy to use and works as expected. Amazing support too - Ralph went out of his way to help me out ASAP with a small issue I had getting set up.



Credit based pricing, credits never expire!

Each credit is valid for 1 import. A credit is used to import an individual order (not a row) from a csv file.

Credit Packages

  • 100 Imports - $15.00
  • 250 Imports - $25.00
  • 500 Imports - $35.00
  • 1,000 Imports - $50.00
  • 2,500 Imports - $100.00
  • 5,000 Imports - $150.00
  • 10,000 Imports - $200.00

Have a one time import? Contact us for pricing

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