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Findify Search, Recommendations & Collections

Findify Search, Recommendations & Collections

Developed by Findify

221 reviews
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  • Boost your revenue by up to 30% using our truly intelligent solutions
  • In a single integration, get all of our solutions - Self-Learning Search, Product Recommendations & Smart Collections
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Join the 1000+ stores using Findify today!

Findify is a whole lot more than your average Search & Discovery solution, it’s a super smart, artificial intelligence-based engine for growth. It goes beyond the basics and delivers a superior shopping experience to your customers based on your unique data.

Some of our Shopify clients include Rug Savings and Sleefs. And we have hundreds more who've given Findify 5 stars!

Increase your revenue

Our A/B tests have delivered up to a whopping 30% increase in revenue while using Findify solutions. We’ve seen increases in conversion, sales, and average order value, while seeing a decrease in bounce rate. We think that’s pretty awesome, and so do our customers!

Optimize for mobile

All of Findify solutions are built with the mobile experience in mind. We’ve optimized for small screens to make sure your customers get the best experience no matter what device they’re on.

Top-Rated Search

Findify is more than just a nice-looking search experience. Behind your search box is where the magic happens, delivering accurate & relevant results to your customers. We feed our machine learning algorithms millions of data points based on your customers’ behavior, delivering results that are constantly improving based on what's trending, what’s popular; what’s most likely to convert to a sale at any given time in your store.

“To be honest, I'd give these guys 10 stars if I could. I think the Findify Team are amazingly talented to create such a flawless app like this. I'm truly thankful to them. Findify is absolutely amazing and I love it.” - Atalya Designs

Product Recommendations

No online store is complete without recommendations. With Findify Recommendations you’re always showing the products that are most relevant to your customers, therefore most likely to make a sale. Our recommendations use the same intelligence as our search, continuously improving with your unique customer trends.

Smart Collections

This is our most requested solution! Offer the same shopping experience as your Findify search results but on your Collections pages! Filtering, breadcrumbs, sorting,etc. Take your store to the next level with Smart Collections.

Merchandising & Analytics

Your Dashboard lets you keep the control you need, without any time-consuming configurations. You’ll get actionable analytics & insights, merchandising features like pinning, synonyms, banners, style customization, and more.

Which plan is right for your business?

All of our plans get a FREE 14-day trial!

Lite - FREE - If you're just getting started and looking for a basic set of features to kickstart your e-commerce journey.

Essentials - $149/month - Level up with more features & merchandising tools that will help grow your business faster.

Power Kit - $399/month - Our most popular plan, gives you an edge over your competition with the most powerful features & tools on the market.

Enterprise - Custom pricing - For companies who want to step into Hyperdrive. Enterprise-only features, unlimited usage, white glove support.

For full details about the tools and features in each of our plans -visit our pricing page:

Findify Search, Recommendations & Collections reviews

221 reviews
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  4. 2 stars (2 reviews)
  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

*NEW UPDATE* Since leaving this (1 star) review I've had the findify people call and email me several times, informing me that there must have been some glitch because they show no record of the numerous emails going out. That being said, they did fix it, and the only emails and calls I continue to get are from real people asking for me to change my review and/or making sure everything is still going smoothly. Since the issue was remedied and seems to be an annoying glitch and not how they typically do business, I'll raise my review to the average of my overall experience.

*UPDATE* Have had this app for a month now, and every single day I'm spammed with emails about why I should upgrade. The problem is, the emails are getting more and more questionable. First they hawk their $149 tier, and say "just reply to this email to automatically upgrade!", so I can't even reply asking them questions for fear I'm about to approve a $149 charge. Then I get an email that said "Now that you've upgraded to the $149 tier, learn about these great functions!" Wait, what? I never upgraded! I've checked their site multiple times and it says I'm still on the free plan, yet I'm getting emails about being on the upgraded plan, and I can't reply to the emails because their previous ones said an email response is approving a costly upgrade!! WTH? This is ridiculous! Not worth the hassle and costly, confusing harassment.

The search function itself works great, I just can’t fathom the price! Isn’t Shopify supposed to be for small businesses? Maybe I’m wrong? I have a handful of products and I’m already over my monthly free search limit and the next tier up is $149/mo? Is that a joke? I wouldn’t even pay $15/mo for a basic suggestive search function. It hasn’t increased my sales one bit, but like I said I’m a very small business just starting up. Maybe this is more effective, and therefore worth the price, for larger enterprises. Like I said, it works fine for a search function, as long as you wait until the end of business day to add products (since it only syncs once per day).


Great support and app the most competitively priced app.


Awesome functionality and great support...


One of the best apps on shopify. Keep it up guys and a big thanks from Team GottaGo.


Extremely helpful app for us. We were looking for a solution for customers who entered keywords incorrectly and we found that solution and so much more.


So far the onboarding experience has been excellent, and the true power of the platform is amazing while being especially optimized for Shopify. Highly recommend taking a look into Finidy. We are rolling out each of their major products on https://www.indiraactive.com/


I tested a few search apps and this is by far the best and fastest search I have found. Happy with the level of support provided as well. Recommend.


Best search app for Shopify. Great support from the support team.


Still a somewhat new store. Tried a trial for one of the better services. After four days I still didn't have a report about my store. It kept telling me that it would be ready the next day. For startup shops needing traffic its hard to put all your trust into apps like this with high monthly rates.

My store: KNVRclothing.com


Recommend EVERYONE install this app. This should be on every shopify store.

From $0.00 / month

Free app. No upfront costs, no minimum contracts.

Choose the right plan at http://findify.io/pricing

14 days

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