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June 20, 2023

Be careful if you are shipping from the UK FedEx lost a parcel and we have no way of getting compensated for the loss which currently stands at around £400.
We have chased this with FlavorCloud and they have said they can't help us.
You have to be aware that when processing parcels in the UK with FedEx it is not a smooth process and involves requesting another label with a different tracking number from FlavorCloud that then sends the parcel to the FedEx hub in the UK. The parcel is then processed for overseas shipping from this Hub.
Our parcel clearly states it was delivered at Fedex's Hub with a signature of the Fedex employee that received it. FlavorCloud have done nothing to resolve this which doesn't make us confident using their service going forward.

Leonard Silver
United Kingdom
7 months using the app
FlavorCloud INC replied July 3, 2023

We apologize for the inconvenience and loss of shipment you have experienced with FedEx and FlavorCloud. We want to assure you that we take this matter seriously. As you are likely aware, FlavorCloud has refunded the shipping and landed cost for your lost parcel.

Regarding the lost shipment, FlavorCloud acts as a middleman to provide access to our world’s largest carrier network. However, it's important to note that carriers do still lose parcels on some occasions. We always recommend business, route, or FlavorCloud insurance to protect yourself against carrier losses.

We would love to discuss further to see if there is anything else we can do to assist. I know the team has been trying to make contact, and we hope to speak with you soon.

March 1, 2023

We are struggling to get support and cannot get the cart to show expected Landed Costs. Would love to get assistance and up date this review.

We have been trying to get support for over 2 weeks.

Upper Park Disc Golf
United States
5 months using the app
FlavorCloud INC replied April 6, 2023

We appreciate your feedback and apologize for our team's delay in addressing your request. We checked and can see that your ticket has been handled. We hope our support team addressed your needs fully; However, if anything else comes up, please feel free to get in contact at support@flavorcloud.com. We’re confident our customer service team was helpful, so we’d love for you to adjust the rating as per your complete experience.

Edited May 18, 2021

CANADIANS BEWARE. AVOID THIS APP. This app is just not set up for success if you're a Canadian shop. I signed up with the promise of hassle free shipping and faster shipping times. When my international orders came in, the issues started. Not only did the app constantly miss uploading orders (causing me to contact flavorcloud for assistance) but I wasn't even able to ship them. I had orders sitting for over a week while they were "working on it" and the only time I was able to get information was if I was the one who reached out first (which was every time). The idea was that they would send me a consolidated label, so I would ship all of the international order together to Asendia in the US and from there they would go onto their destinations. All of this was to take a maximum of 10 business days. Well, it took a week for them to get me the label, almost 2 weeks for Asendia to receive, and another week for them to ship them out and not a single one (another week later) has made it to their destination countries. The app also has so many bugs and glitches, it's a horrible interface. Absolutely awful service, I DO NOT recommend unless you want empty promises and angry customers. I could honestly go on and on about all of the issues I had with this company.

Nadaré Co.
29 days using the app
FlavorCloud INC replied March 16, 2022

We sincerely apologize for your experience shipping from Canada. We appreciate your feedback and are constantly working to make improvements to our product and service, with solutions now in place for Canada outbound.

Edited March 31, 2022

Customer service was very good but I ended up deleting the app when I found out what they charge. Update: They take a large percentage of your order value which should be in writing before you download the app and give the app ALL of your data and customer files. I did express this concern to Shopify on more than one occasion and they did take note of it. When reading over this app, one would think that it is "free" and the fees may be in just the shipping charges, but you pay shipping and give them a cut of your profits. Just BEWARE of that.

Adept Cosmetics®
United States
4 days using the app
FlavorCloud INC replied March 31, 2022

Thank you for your review. We assure you, our rates are the most competitive in the industry. We charge a low commission on orders without contracts or monthly fees. Additionally, our deeply discounted shipping rates and landed costs offset the FlavorCloud commission directly or by increasing conversion. We require your customer data so we can file and ship orders on your behalf. This is another benefit to using FlavorCloud—as we take on responsibility as importer of record, making the international shipping process easy and friction-free for our customers.

We would love the opportunity to connect, take you through our service and demonstrate how working with FlavorCloud can drive global growth.

November 11, 2021

I found it concerning from the beginning how vague everything was regarding this app. There's almost no real documentation in their help section of their website. 0 pricing information. I had to ask for help because of the lack of documentation and instead there was an attempt to shove me into a qualifying call which I explained I wasn't interested in.
Come to find out, they won't even work with you if you do less than 400 international shipments a month. Funny, I couldn't find any reference to this anywhere. What a waste of time.

United States
About 24 hours using the app
FlavorCloud INC replied March 16, 2022

We apologize that our documentation didn't meet your expectations. We continue to update and add additional guidance on how to self-install our app and you can find more information here https://flavorcloud.zendesk.com/. We always suggest contacting us to start, so we can help you set up. The purpose of a qualification call is to ensure that we're able to help your business grow, explore our pricing, and answer any additional questions you have. If you'd ever like to revisit FlavorCloud, again we'd be happy to assist!