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31 reviews
Price: $29.99 – $74.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Powered for gift shops. Fully customizable features to help you sell more.
  • Multiple Shipping Addresses - Gift Cards - Gift Wraps - Upsells - Delivery Date
  • Trusted by store owners - over 450 installations in 6 months!


If you sells gifts, then you know all about the unique challenges that e-commerce can present you with... From
having to collect more data, such as gift card information, to fretting over the fact that your customers cannot
ship items to multiple locations from a single checkout - Giftship has been purposely designed to plug-in to your
Shopify store and begin working on making your life easier, and your customer's experiences better.

"This app is something that we've been looking for. Having the ability to purchase multiple items and have them shipped to different contacts is HUGE!" - The Pound Cake Company

▸Ship to Multiple Addresses

  • Only gifting app on Shopify that allows your customers to complete all of their gift shopping at once. From one check-out, they can send items to as many addresses as they want. A game-changer!
  • ▸ In-Cart Upsells

  • Offer collection specific up-sell options and take the guess work out of which product to suggest to your customer.
  • ▸ Gift Messages

  • The only app on Shopify that allows you to take gift message information on a per product basis. If your customer is sending 10 gifts, they can write 10 unique messages!
  • ▸ Gift Wraps (One-click Up-sells)

  • Offer a One-Click Up-sell for Gift Wrapping or anything you like! The up-sell offer and price can be totally customized!
  • ▸ Delivery Date-Picker

  • Let your customers choose when they would like their items delivered. Easily view upcoming fulfillments with our Giftships upcoming deliveries tool.
  • ▸And more!

  • A free trial is available so that you can get a better understanding of why Giftship will become the engine of your store.
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    Our merchants have been featured in Martha Stewart, Vogue, and Food & Wine... Here's a look at some recent stores that have taken their customer experience to the next level:

    "Wow! This is the greatest blessing bestowed on any Shopify store dealing with multiple gift orders." - Prime Wines

    "Everything has been extremely smooth - I almost feel like I have an in-house IT support (at least when it comes to the Giftship app!)" - Lux Baby Box



    Will taxes be charged correctly? Will they have to be charged based on each individual shipping address?

    Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered! Our functionality pulls native tax information and will charge taxes by-the-book, every time. Whether your customer ships 2 different products to 2 different tax jurisdictions, or 10 different products to 10 different tax jurisdictions, taxes will be charged correctly every time.

    Does Giftship integrate with other Shopify apps? Shipstation?

    Yes, we seamlessly integrate with Shipstation and all other order fulfillment Apps! Your current order fulfillment process can stay just as it is.

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    • Allows your customers to ship each product or groups of products in their cart to an individual address

    • Toggles between shipping to multiple addresses, and the regular Shopify checkout

    • Let's your customers choose from their saved addresses, or simply fill out a new one. This makes quick re-orders to multiple addresses a breeze!

    • Integrates with 3rd party shipping fulfillment services

    • Inherits styles from your theme to blend seamlessly

    • All design elements are fully customizable with CSS

    • Calculates shipping and taxes for each item in your cart

    • Calculates taxes and shipping based on your shop settings

    • Works with an infinite amount of products

    • Offer free shipping for any part of an order that exceeds your free shipping amount

    • Validates submitted addresses to ensure accurate postage rates



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    Giftship reviews

    31 reviews
    1. 5 stars (26 reviews)
    2. 4 stars (3 reviews)
    3. 3 stars (1 review)
    4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
    5. 1 star (1 review)

    Functionality 4.5 stars. For a shipper of gifts, this app will make ordering multiple gifts destined for different people so much simpler for my customers. For that, I am super grateful and happy.
    Service 5 stars. Thus far, my interactions with and the proaction of the customer success team members has been super. This is really important for me -- business owner, chief baker and director of IT (among many other things!).
    Intuitiveness and required technical knowledge 3.5 stars. Opportunity is with training and support materials, in particular. Not everything is logical and there is limited help text while in settings. Images and descriptions of what things are, where they are found in the workflow and what impact selecting x vs y will have would be worthwhile additions to training materials.

    Overall -- I am very happy I decided to get Giftship and expect that my customers will be very happy, as well!


    We use a lot of apps but this one is perfectly suited to a gifting business. It is compatible with all of our apps. We have tested it. We use all features and it will save us thousands of dollars a year. I wish other apps could do the same. The autocomplete address function works well and corrects most errors in the addresses. I think this is the only app that will allow auto completion of addresses going to multiple locations. I think the app can go a bit further even!


    This app is a life saver for a business like ours. The app developer has been very flexible and has made changes so we can use the App with Bold Options. It works flawlessly. We have made custom Css change so the app works with our colours, fonts and theme. This app has saved us a lot of stress and will eliminate 3 temporary employees that we usually hire at Christmas to do the tasks manually. Zac has been patient with us and very professional.


    Great and easy to use. The customer service was amazing!


    Zac and the whole GiftShip team have been amazing to work with in bringing what had to be this insanely complicated functionality to the Shopify community selling gifts.

    The Pix Applications team is VERY responsive and easy to reach whenever there's a question on functionality or just to listen to potential improvements as the app evolves. VERY happy with our experience with the GiftShip App!


    So far integration with our Shopify store has been fairly seamless. There was some support needed for the initial setup but customer service was quick and easy. The shipping to multiple address feature works great.

    From a company that does mostly gifts, there is one BIG improvement I would like to see though. It is great we are able to capture the note information, but the way it is currently set up the note is printed on the same invoice that has the price.

    Sure, I could copy and paste the note into another program, but when I start doing 50 orders a day it will take tons of time and keeping everything in order will be impossible.

    Shopify creates a packing slip without the price when you create the label. If Gift Ship could integrate the note information on that paper it would be super!


    Most features are locked out, unless you pay the top tiered pricing. Only wanted the date picker and message which is offered in the first package, but the editing features are locked behind it. Defeating the purpose of even having them.


    Highly recommend this app if you need to ship multiple items to multiple locations. AppsByPix has been very responsive and helpful, as I needed a little help with setup. I very much recommend checking it out!


    Father's Country Hams are cured and shipped on our family farm in Kentucky since 1840. We have had a web site for several years on different hosting sites .We tried before to add needed features to our site but they never worked as we preferred . The Giftship app with the added up-sell features is perfect for all our needs! We ship lots of gifts and the Hold Date and the ability for customers to ship to multiple address is a must have for today's customers. Our customers are pleased with how easy ,they can order gifts for family and friends and even write their own gift message. Now the ADD ONS- a real selling machine! I am shock how many customers add additional products at check out! Visit our store and see how easy and great Giftship would help your on line store. The customer support is Excellent! They installed the app and have worked with us to make sure all of the Gift ship features are performing correctly . Was surprised how quickly they would respond to my questions durning our start up process. www.fatherscountryhams.com


    Great customer service. They are very friendly and responded to my questions very quick!

    $29.99 – $74.99 / month




    • Basic - $29.99- Includes multiple shipping addresses, gift messages, and delivery date-picker

    • Standard - $34.99- Also includes product up-sells and one-click up-sells, sales tax calculation by TaxJar

    • Business - $74.99- Also includes predictive address fill-in by Google and priority support

    Some knowledge of HTML and CSS is required for installation. Free installation is provided upon request. We provide support for any issue you may encounter when using or installing Giftship.

    30 days

    Support & Sales

    Pix Applications Inc
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