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Loyalty Referral Giveaways Rewards. Now ETSY integrated

Loyalty Referral Giveaways Rewards. Now ETSY integrated

Developed by Apps Mav

13 reviews
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  • Launch Loyalty Rewards Program, Referrals, Giveaways, Instant Win and Sweepstakes in minutes.
  • Celebrate Events: Reward customers on birthdays, anniversaries, pet’s birthdays and more. More the events, more the opportunities to sell!
  • Selling on Etsy as well? Now you can reward points for sales on your Etsy store which can be redeemed on your Shopify store

Gratisfaction is an all-in-one loyalty, referral, giveaway, sweepstakes, instant win and rewards platform for boosting leads, referrals, followers, purchases & repeat sales.

DEMO: To test GRATISFACTION LIVE, visit our demo store: Click here!

See a quick video demo here

See client showcase here

Turn your visitors into valuable leads, sales, followers, referrals, and ultimately; repeat customers.

Gratisfaction has the following key elements:

  • Loyalty Rewards Program: Set up your own customized loyalty rewards program

  • Referral Program: Activate multiple types of single or double sided referral programs

  • NEW! Celebrate Events: Reward customers for sharing their key life moments, like their birthdays, pet’s birthdays, Mother-In-Law's birthday, anniversaries and more. Create multiple events and give your customers many reasons to visit and purchase from your store!

  • Giveaways and Sweepstakes: Launch exciting giveaways. See the types of giveaways you can run

  • Instant Win: Instantly reward people for taking actions e.g. following, sharing, watching, visiting, commenting and much more...See the types of campaigns you can run

  • Collect Members' Profile Details: Reward members for giving detailed information about them
  • Rewards Redemption: Customers can spend their points by claiming rewards, from coupons to physical rewards.

Reward your customers for a range of actions they may take including:

  • Purchases

    Reward loyalty points to your customers for purchases on your Shopify store.

  • ETSY Purchases

    If you are selling on ETSY, then Gratisfaction is the perfect solution to reward loyalty points to your Etsy customers and turn them into loyal customers purchasing from your Shopify store .

  • Referrals

    Reward your customers for bringing in referrals that generate new sales for your business.

  • Birthdays and Events E.g. Pet's Birthday, etc.

    Reward customers for sharing their key life moments, like birthdays, pet’s birthdays, anniversaries and more.

  • Subscribing to your Newsletter

    Increase subscriptions by rewarding participants for sign ups

  • Account signups

    Reward visitors with points for registering an account.

  • Social shares

    Give participants points or instant rewards for spreading your store's message to the public on your behalf.

  • Social media actions

    Give participants points or instant rewards for interacting with you store's web presence: Following you on Twitter, visiting your Facebook Page, tweeting or retweeting posts, watching your YouTube video, and more....

  • Quiz and Surveys

    Ask questions, run surveys and in return reward loyalty points and instant prizes.

  • Incentivize many more actions including:

    • Visiting a specific page of your site

    • Visiting your Facebook or Google+ page

    • Set up custom forms(e.g. reservation form, attend an event form, webinar form, etc.) and reward participants for filling them in.

    and more....

  • Rewards Redemption

    Customers can spend their points by claiming rewards, from coupons to physical rewards. Define the points required to redeem from a selection of rewards; you have all the freedom to run your program however you see fit.

You can also run awesome giveaways, viral offers, instant win campaigns. Gratisfaction includes all features of our Social Boost app

Gratisfaction is free forever for 100 loyalty members. You only pay based on the number of loyalty members. Each plan includes all features. Take it for a spin today!

Loyalty Referral Giveaways Rewards. Now ETSY integrated reviews

13 reviews
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This seems to be a pretty great app. Easiest app to install. Time will tell if its user friendly and bug free.

Cons: It has a birthday reward for entering their birthdate but can't find where it generates them anything on their actual birthday (coupons, extra points on that day, etc). So you'll probably need another app to send them coupons. There doesn't seem to be a way to give them extra points though.


The app is so easy to set up and install! There are plenty of customizations to fit my stores loyalty program needs and the app team is so quick and friendly to respond to any questions! I would highly recommend!


Great App and superior customer service! The Apps Mav team went above and beyond to ensure that I was satisfied when I was initially experiencing some problems with the campaign giveaway. 6 STARS! Special thanks to Felix and Akash!


Wow, Amazing, I basically just clicked GET!! and it was set up on my site.
Tried it on my website and everything is done and set up, even the welcome letter once clients sign up I basically done nothing.
Thank You


Good application with good support.
I recommend.


I have performed a "trial run" on the majority of the loyalty & rewards programs Shopify has to offer in anticipation of the launch of our new website.

Gratisfaction by Apps Mav loyalty, rewards & referral App is by far the most flexible, easy to use, easy to customize & has more features & more ways to "reward" customers & has the very best customer service than most of them put together X 2! I know because we've been there, we've done that!

It is so easy & has been an actual pleasure getting to know the App & learning its seemingly never-ending opportunity to reward customers. You can also reward customers in unique & cool ways. Most of the other Apps are very limiting in that regard. Gratisfaction goes farther than the other Apps in the way that it allows you to actually "engage" with your customers. Actual "engagement" is something very important to loyalty & this is a key component the other Apps leave out.

Gratisfaction's dashboard is unique in that everything you need is all right there at your fingertips. Some of the others require that you "go here for this" & "there for that" making it confusing & requiring unnecessary trips everywhere. Gratisfaction is extremely easy to get started & to learn your way around. No HTML required. A lot of the other systems say "No HTML" is necessary until you get into it & realize to do what you want, it is absolutely necessary. Gratisfaction's system makes it easy to understand what you are actually doing & why.

The pricing for this App absolutely cannot be beaten. As branding is very important to any business, we take it especially seriously. Gratisfaction offers an option to add your logo & other branding effects which we are taking full advantage of.

When it comes to service, Gratisfaction really shines! There are no forms you have to fill out, no "ticket numbers", no waiting to hear back on your questions, no unknowledgeable representatives writing back stock answers for the closest thing that your question fits into. Apps Mav provides a direct email for customer support & allows for you to ask whatever you want or need assistance with, however you want to ask it. Their service team is a small tight-knit group that includes the actual designers & builders of the App. This means they are all intimately familiar with all of its capabilities. It is not at all unusual to actually hear back from the President of Apps Mav when I submit an inquiry.

I've also tried other non-loyalty type apps for various reasons in anticipation of our launch. By far, Gratisfaction from Apps Mav has offered me the best customer service over any other provider I have worked with here on Shopify.

If you are looking at adding a loyalty, reward & referral App to your website, do your self a BIG favor & give Gratisfaction a test run! You have nothing to lose & the opportunity of saving yourself a lot of grief. : ) Good luck!


We're using this app for Wicked Good with great results. It's easy to install and perfect for rewarding loyal customers. If you sell on ETSY, this is a must-have app. It rewards customers for orders placed on Etsy with points they can redeem in your Shopify. How cool is that?

Wicked Good creates handcrafted unique fragrances that embrace the centuries-old craft of bourbon perfumeries but with a bold, modern sensibility and a touch of whimsical magic. #SmellWickedGood


I have to give these people a lot of credit, namely Akash. He has been amazing at helping me get things right and set up well. Even on those really frustrating days when things don't go well. He manages make things better.

Akash went above and beyond with his help, even recording a custom 5+minute long video to guide me along.

I want to pay to remove their branding so I can support them, but I do not want to do that at this time because I want other businesses to be able to discover what a great Dev these people are and what an amazing App this is.

If I could criticise.. I would say, the app isn't really snappy like Smile.io. That's what really made me like Smile.io...I found Gratification (this loyalty app) by chance on google. And it literally has everything Smile.io has BUT so much more...can I say literally again? Literally so much more.
Another problem would be the z index is way too high, which is a problem for chat apps.
You cant really place the widget many places other than the few designated spots.
And the widget just doesnt snap open. It pops up and loads slowly like a website (not slowly as in a few seconds but it definitely can do with speeding up dramatically)

I do know they are testing certain new things and bringing them out soon, so some of my issues may be fixed then. We will see, eitherway it is not a stopper. I am looking forward to setting up Tiers for my loyalty program!

This really isn't just your average loyalty app. It is a whole workspace designed around keeping your customers buying more.
It has so many tools and options.


I love this app. I initially used it because it has the Etsy integration but the customer service has been phenomenal. I get quick responses every time. I love that this app is pretty in-depth and not too complicated for my customers.


Probably the best support of any of the apps that use. It's an extremely competent application to run all manner of business boosting activities. Anyone want to ask me personally, please do, I would recommend to anyone who needs this type of app on their Shopify store

From $0.00 / month

Free for 100 loyalty members.Includes all features You only pay for the #Loyalty Members and you get all the features. For a detailed look at pricing plans, see our pricing page.

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