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August 24, 2021

Super spammy to my customers. Attracts spam bots forcing you to upgrade to the paid program in order to delete them.

Caspar Curiosities
United States
12 months using the app
Maverick Mav Pty Limited replied August 24, 2021

Hi there
My name is Akash Malik. I am the founder of Apps Mav.

As I had personally written to you when you first wrote to us , I'd like to once again assure you and the readers of this review that we do not engage in any such practice.

On the contrary, we have multiple anti-cheat and anti-spam algorithms running to ensure genuine participation including for e.g. to block invalid/fake email addresses, captcha, etc. . And we regularly update these algorithms. We treat privacy seriously.

Further the app also has a bulk user delete feature to help you delete any number of users that you'd like to remove easily and quickly.

TBH, It's quite hurtful to see such a statement :-((

I'd like to welcome you again and assure you that our team is here to support and stand behind the product.

I believe that the number of features our app has will pleasantly surprise you and help you achieve many of your business goals. So please give us a try!

I assure all our customers of our support, privacy and commitment to the product.

Stay Safe And Regards

November 8, 2021

I’d strongly recommend Shopify to take a look at this app and what the developer is doing with the traffic. Several things we were only able to see when we started testing the app: Issue 1 - They are forcing a user to use a logging PIN (the use of this is neither explained or possible to remove) if the user returns to the contest. There are several problems with this - the pin is logging the user in the app itself, not my website
- the purpose of the pin is not explained anywhere, so it’s very confusing - the app generates a new pin with every action a visitor takes, just to add to more confusion
- there is no way to disable this feature even after I contacted their customer service they were not able to do it. Issue 2 - Share on Facebook post prominently displays this Apps name and it looks as if they are organizing the giveaway. There is NO mention of our company name. This was not removed even after we paid to remove their name from the footer. Issue 3 - If you don’t set up a page with the contest on your website the link your visitors will share will only take the new visitors to their app, and there will be no way for the new visitor to get to browse your website. The app is also very limiting when it comes to customization of how it appears on the site. We have tried working with their support team on all these issues and got nowhere.

Made By Humans
12 days using the app
Maverick Mav Pty Limited replied November 8, 2021

Hi there
My name is Akash Malik. I am the founder of Apps Mav. My colleagues and I have been replying to all of your questions explaining the rationale (Privacy, Safety, Security, Compliance and Policies of social network platforms) for the functionality and our advanced feature set that you can activate if required.

At the outset I'd like to assure you and the readers of this review that our highest priorities are to help you launch successful campaigns, security and safety of your customers' data, privacy (e.g. GDPR) and working as per guidelines and processes required by social network platforms. And hence all features and functionality have to work as per these priorities.

1. PIN is password protection and as such is only ever required to access secure area that has your customers' personal and sensitive data. So it protects unauthorized access to sensitive and personal data. It is not required for participation in campaigns. The sign up to campaign can also be done on your website- My colleague did explain this to you.

2. As I had explained, we have to comply with policies and technical features of the social network platforms. Else these features will not work. I had also honestly disclosed the white label features in my email to you.
3. I had outlined the steps to display campaign on your store in my email and had also activated this for your campaign - This is a standard feature within our app. I had also explained the 'Smart URL feature'
4. There is a lot of customization that is available and we listen to our customers feedback and enhance the app.

I hope I have been able to clarify and assure all our customers of our support, privacy and commitment to the product.

Stay Safe And Regards