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Merchants appreciate this comprehensive helpdesk platform for its seamless Shopify integration, user-friendly interface, and customizable features. It's praised for handling changes in ticket volume and support team size efficiently. Key features include intuitive automations, macros, and merging capabilities that enhance customer support and internal workflows. Merchants also value the real-time feedback on support performance and the opportunity to suggest improvements. The customer service is commended for quick responses and helpful tips. The app's native VOIP solution that integrates SMS cleanly is also appreciated, showing its commitment to evolving customer support needs.

July 29, 2021

We've used Gorgias for just about 2 years now and if you love consistent down times with the inability to respond to your own customers than it is a great service. When Gorgias is experiencing issues, nothing on your front-end is changed. So customers can still send you messages and you can't respond to them. Gorgias doesn't even put a message out to customers that there is an issue with the live chat. Ironically, when you look for support from Gorgias on their "live chat", there is never anyone to be found. They've even swapped it over to some useless automated messaging that is the same level of useful as Amazon Seller Support. We've given Gorgias multiple chances because the platform itself has a lot of potential. But they don't seem to want to make the basic fixes that merchants want. If you're looking at Gorgias, here are some of the features that are missing. 1. You cannot put in vacation hours for the storefront, only by person only. So the live chat widget is active at all times, even if you are not. The only way around this is to modify your business hours every time there is a Holiday. Or, you deactivate the widget all together. The kicker? If a customer has your website cached, they will still see the Gorgias widget and be able to send you messages but on your end it will say "Gorgias has been deactivated, please reactivate to reply to this message". Very business friendly. 2. No variability between the Desktop and Mobile experience. Everyone knows mobile shopping is booming and the fact that this isn't even an option is simply outstanding in 2021. 3. Removing features from the plan you're paying for and putting it in a plan at 2.5x the price without telling you those changes are being made or any sort of grandfather period. Excellent way to keep your loyal customers on board. At this point, we're going to look at apps like RE:amaze and see what they have on offer as we've given Gorgias multiple chances. If this is how they treat a customer who has been with them for 2 years, I can't imagine the treatment new customers get. I decided to give Gorgias one more chance to see if they could deal with the most basic frustrations before posting this review and the below happened. I sent this review over to Gorgias through their live chat support at 10:37am on July 28th, 2021. At 1:22pm PST, I still had not received a response even though their support hours are listed from 9am - 7pm PST. Finally at 1:35pm PST, I received a response that they completely understood my frustrations and would pass it along to the management team who would arrange a call the next day. Aleksandra sent an e-mail at 8:08am PST on Thursday, July 29th to confirm that 2pm was a good time for her to chat today. I confirmed with her at 11:37am PST. It is now 2:06pm PST and I have yet to receive a confirmation from her or a phone call. Clearly Gorgias did not understand our frustrations and we are unfortunately forced to leave this review.

United States
Almost 2 years using the app
December 12, 2019

They don't listen to and don't care about customers. Its missing a MAJOR feature you have to have for ecommerce. Time tracking. Tons of people have been screaming for this for years and they just keep ignoring us. Want to know how efficient each customer support agent is? Can't do it. Want to know if you have a crazy customer that is taking up way too much time? Can't do it. Want to know the cost of customer support per brand? Can't do it. Time tracking is a simple easy feature they could they just don't care.

United States
Over 1 year using the app
October 3, 2022

One of the worst apps to use for customer service. 1. They updated how they pull in comments for Instagram ads without notifying us and started charging based on # of ads which is ridiculous 2. Their support "live" team is horrible - take 10-20 minutes to reply to each message. Will send one half-assed response, I'll reply to the chat right away, will not reply again for another 10-20 minutes. How is this "Live" support? How can a customer support platform have horrible customer support? STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS

Uproot Clean
United States
Over 1 year using the app
Gorgias Inc. replied October 16, 2022

Hello there,

Hope your weekend is going well.

I'm truly sorry to hear you've had such a bad experience with us! It was definitely never our intention to take a long time to get back to you - we've just been dealing with a huge ticket surge and we've had agents out due to sickness and vacation time, so our limited coverage impacted our reply time.

We apologize for this and I'd like to reassure you we're working on better coverage consistently.

As for Instagram ads, we don't charge per ad - you can see our Pricing models here https://www.gorgias.com/pricing - we charge per ticket, not per integration or per integration feature, so I'd love to get to the bottom of what might've happened here.

Could you please reach out to us at support@gorgias.com regarding this?

Of course, we're always happy to hear feedback from our clients, so thank you for leaving a review - I hope we have a chance to change your mind and provide better service on our end.

I wish you all the best in the meantime!

Edited May 16, 2020

EDIT: Had to remove a star, as it seems to get slower and slower. Edited again, you have to close the page and open a new page all the time. Half of the time or more the app is not working.

VERY slow. But good features. The integration with Shopify and the macros with good templating helps a lot.

Over 1 year using the app
November 28, 2018

God these guys! Alright, they spammed me multiple times to go review and so I'll do it. Love the idea of the app, but their own support is really so poor it makes me worry how anyone can use their app for support. If you want to use Android, don't bother-- there's no app AND the web integration is completely broken. (It's close but has a major bug where you can't type anything to respond.)

The CEO spams us with requests to review. I reply telling them their Android browser site is completely broken for responding to tickets-- I get two completely different people responding (not the CEO) and they're clueless as to what's going on or how to fix the issue. So they just say "use iOS" or something-- this is 2018, no idea why that's even possibly a response.

Then I get another spam from their CEO saying I should review the app. So here I am... I hope they're happy! Maybe he reads these?

Oh, and before I even tried Gorgias for real I asked them if they had a very simple feature via FB messenger-- I asked them if a customer could view their own tickets across different services or if they were left piecing it together from their chat logs/etc. Seems like an obvious help desk thing to do, right? Let customers see their own ticket history and responses, etc? (Just like what agents see, or perhaps cleaner...) but no, no such feature. Not the end of the world not to have a feature (I signed up anyway), but the support experience from them on Facebook was so bad. I realize now it's because they're using Gorgias itself and have multiple people responding. So the 1st person didn't understand what I was asking (hadn't seen a real helpdesk portal before I guess) and brushed me off--- then the 2nd person was confused, too. Finally I think that when I was fed up they put someone who was STILL confused, but at least was more cordial and finally understood what I was asking to tell me that, no, the novel feature of giving my VIP customers a way to see their ticket history wasn't something they'd thought of before (or didn't seem to have a desire to add). Like I said, not the end of the world not to have a feature like that-- perhaps I'll write it myself, but it should have tipped me off how bad their support quality is.

The app itself on desktop is fine-- though it has a long way to go to be easy to use. If you have a lot of tickets, the very flat view structure they have will limit you and get cluttered/confusing (as the defaults already are). A little more iconography or folders or something would go a long way. Rules and their integrations seem to work pretty well, so I can't really fault them there-- I think that will go okay, especially if they work to refine things.

But fundamentally if their own company can't even use the tool to create good support for their own tool, it really worries me that the entire premise of the tool is flawed for good support. It feels like whoever is on staff grabs any ticket and their goal is very rapid closing without actually solving issues-- and because the agent changes and they're rushed, they don't really engage at all to understand the question or issue.

TLDR: App has potential, but (1) their own customer service is responsive but dismissive/un-engaging/etc which makes me feel like their own tool doesn't lend itself to amazing customer service (or they don't understand good customer service enough to be building this app), (2) they have no feature to let customers follow their own ticket history (which is big for building long-term loyalty and is found in most ticket systems), and (3) they literally ignore one of the most popular browsers on earth (Android/Chrome) and are dismissive that it doesn't work when they don't have an Android app yet. Oh, and they'll spam you to review their app without even bothering to be sure you're satisfied.

Luxury Playstyle
United States
Over 1 year using the app
April 21, 2018

Gorgias deleted my account without any notification

Lockshop Wigs
Over 1 year using the app
April 7, 2023

They make it unreasonably difficult to cancel a subscription. Just try to locate the button to cancel Gorgias (spoiler: you can't!) You first need to start a live-chat with an employee to get rid of Gorgias, which is ridiculous and tedious... We live in 2023, not 1999....

About 1 year using the app
Gorgias Inc. replied April 7, 2023

Hi Team.

We are sincerely sorry to learn about your impressions and about your decision to leave.

Please be assured that your request has been escalated to the relevant department and is being treated with the highest priority.

We truly appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your valuable feedback. It has already been passed to the Team as we always look for ways to improve not only our cancellation process but other aspects of our platform as well.

Thank you.

September 12, 2022

Horrible customer support. This is very strange because this is a customer support app, but it looks like they have to work more on improving their support!

United States
About 1 year using the app
Gorgias Inc. replied September 12, 2022

Hey there team,

Thank you for the feedback!

I checked your records with us and see that you mentioned that you submitted some questions that never received a reply, but I wasn't able to find any question that was left unanswered, I apologize.

If you find any we missed, please let our agents know - I see you're chatting with us currently, so the agent handling your ticket can re-send any messages you might have missed and reply to any questions we might have overlooked from our side.

Thank you so much for your patience with us, have a wonderful rest of your day!

August 27, 2017

they have terrible customer support. they never online to answer you requests

About 1 year using the app
Edited December 17, 2021

Terrible!! I thougth is will be a solution for my business and now it becomes hell. I changed my local phone number for Gorgias phone number and the service does not work at all. Calls appear randomly on different team member's screens, they don't ring sometimes, team members cannot recieve the calls despite they are connected on line...massive Dissaster on Christmas season!!!!!!!! lots of sales lost. The worst of it is the response from Gorgias. I understand problems can happen but I contacted the person who sold me product no answer, I contacted my account mananger no solution, I contacted the technical team...only apologies and no answer to my questions about company address for all my time and sales lost and it is like they ignore the questions....DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still having problems with my phone line...

EOzzie Electric Vehicles
About 1 year using the app