Instagram shop by SNPT

Instagram shop by SNPT

by Snapppt

Shoppable galleries, UGC, find influencers & build communities

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Insta shop

Ever wanted to let your followers shop your Insta feed? Snapppt let's you link your Instagram images with your products

UGC - User Generated Content

Who better to show off your product than the fans who love it? Repost 3rd party content with accreditation and make it shoppable.

Visual Marketing Analytics

Gain deep insights into customer engagement and conversions using visual marketing analytics.

About Instagram shop by SNPT

Instagram Shop by Snapppt

  • Increase sales by making your Instagram feed instantly shoppable.
  • Embed shoppable Instagram galleries & user generated content into your store, product pages, blog and more.
  • Plug & play with Shopify - Easy to use and setup takes only 3 minutes!

Get Snapppt to let your customers shop your Instagram feed.

Snapppt is an Approved Instagram App

Snapppt is... easy to use that it’s hard to explain. We made it really, really simple for people to make shoppable, product page galleries, embeddable Instagram galleries, catalogues & lookbooks from their feed and put whatever they want in it. Fashion, design, art, extreme sports, kids, jewelry. Snapppt is a gazillion different shoppable Instagram catalogues, filled with literally whatever.

Are you losing precious web traffic and sales?

More than two thirds of visitors use social shopping galleries to discover new brands and for online shopping inspiration. With Snapppt, you can make your Instagram feed become your next visual customer acquisition funnel, sales pipeline, making it easy for your followers and prospects coming from other channels buy the product they see in your Instagram posts.

Don’t know which are your best performing images? - Still using

The majority of sellers using Instagram as a marketing channel find it difficult to identify the images that prompt their visitors to come to their shops yet alone the ones that compel them to buy. If you’ve been thinking about this or, perhaps even attempted to use, say, a link in your Instagram bio in order to have some basic tracking for your Instagram clicks, then this thing is for you.

You already know how this thing works.

  1. Connect to Instagram to automatically fetch images from your feed
  2. Link images with your products using Snapppt’s plug-n-play Shopify store integration. Now, anyone can shop your products.
  3. Embed shoppable galleries and carousels directly in your store and product pages or, if you prefer copy & paste your personalized URL to link to your Snapppt page in your bio link.
  4. Your customers and your orders will appear in your shop dashboard, exactly as you’d expect. Purchases made as a result of a customer seeing your Instagram images are tracked all the way to the checkout so that you can see your best performing images and the purchases they inspired. Customers no longer need to hunt down the things they saw in your instagram feed in your store as each Instagram image is now linked with a ‘Buy’ button.

You’re in good company.

Thousands of brands are using Snapppt to make their Instagram feed and user generated content shoppable check out these top brands like Alma de Ace,Smithers Swimwear, South Beach Swimsuit and Gang of Earlybirds

Integrates with

  • Instagram

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Overall rating
4.7 of 5 stars
Based on 748 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Aloha Toucan

Wow, I am amazed by this free app. No bugs, easy to install,... Thanks a loooooooooooot !!!!!! I love it. It is so important for customers to be able to see different pictures of the product and instagram is enabling this. I would like that my competitors never hear about this app but I need to leave a review to be honest and to thank you for your amazing development.


With regard to the product itself, it’s super easy to integrate and to link your products. Not to mention the facility that it creates for your customers so they don’t have to go hunting for products on your website.

Also, this is a little personal for me; but I’m going to share it anyway, just because I know for a fact I’m not the only business owner out there who has an issue with this.

When I first opened up my online Shopify store, Iinked my instagram and my Facebook to run Instagram promotions; a group of pathetic trolls (I know who they are) falsely flagged my adds so many times, that Facebook shut my personal Facebook and my business page down in 57 minutes without verifying the legitimacy first.

Now, I can’t make a Facebook page, or run instagram ads. I was devastated until I found this app. While it’s not going to compensate for the quick growth that I could’ve had by having the Facebook- Instagram integrations. It does compensate for the ease and ability to find and pay for products quickly from the customers perspective.

So if any of you feel a little lost or defeated due to the lack of Facebook in your marketing activities, know that your not alone; and know that this app is a great way to help you conquer that frustrating obstacles.

Pass out flyers on cars that are parked outside of shopping centers. Invest in a promotional booth and go market in outdoor market fairs with other vendors. Inform your customers in person about your products and how to use this app on your Instagram feed, and I promise; GROWTH WILL COME!!!


Tells you it added links to your instagram photos but when you go to the instagram feed no links are there. POS!