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Instant Search +

Developed by Fast Simon, Inc.

455 reviews
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  • #1 Search app for Shopify and Shopify Plus
  • Instant Search, Merchandising, Auto-Filters, & Smart Navigation
  • Delight shoppers with Big Data Product Recommendations

Search is the Biggest Conversion Booster Within Your Store

  • Shoppers using search are on average 4X more likely to buy

  • Great Search can boost conversion by 30-150% over average search

  • Product Recommendations can get you an incremental 30% uplift

  • Badging, like "Sale" or "New", can uplift sales by 50%
  • Shopify Plus Customer Case Studies

    We are proud in contributing to our customers success!
  • Read how Pura Vida created a multi million eCommerce empire.

  • Read how SHOWCASE spiked their revenues

  • Read how EarthLed reached $10M a year
  • Boost conversion with the best search app for Shopify and Shopify Plus. All-in-one solution, InstantSearch+ is the most advanced and fastest Shopify search app for your e-commerce store - join the thousands of merchants who are already using us today!

    Your shoppers would get personalized, relevant product and query suggestions - from the first character they type. The clear, concise suggestions attract shopper attention to products that match what they are looking for. Once a shopper selects a product from the list, she will get immediately to that product page.

    Help your shoppers find what they want faster using automatically generated filters. These contemporary looking filters and the responsive design page do not require any development work, and are fully customizable. They are automatically generated to help users narrow down results.

    Visual, rule-based NEW Merchandising let you control product placement for shoppers in both Search and Collection Viewing modes. Whether a new arrival, seasonal promotion, or geo location - you are in control of what shoppers see. InstantSearch+ automatically blends merchant priorities with shopper's intent to optimize conversion.

    Leverage your automated filters not only on the search results page, but also for shoppers browsing your collections. This Smart Navigation takes collection browsing to a new level.

    Amazon makes about 30% incremental revenue from product recommendations. Now, you can get a revenue uplift as well, using product recommendations based on Big Data analysis of user’s behavior and intent

    Using our AI-based analytics, you get to know which keywords convert better per product. You get a full list of what users are looking for, what they find, and what they don't - so that you can serve them better. And, you get to boost your site SEO with a designated popular searches sitemap that is automatically updated daily.
    With InstantSearch+ you can engage your visitors straight at the search box, before they even hit “Enter” be that on their desktop, mobile or tablet!

    Pre-Customized for the Following Themes

  • Grid, Pacific, Atlantic, and Startup

  • Retina, Responsive, Mobillia, Parallax, and Turbo

  • Minimal, Brooklyn, Supply, Pop, Symmetry, Blockshop

  • Testament, Vantage, and Fashionoplism
  • Lightning-Fast Instant Search for Shopify Stores

  • 100% Cloud-based, CDN-backed, product results with the lowest possible latency

  • As-you-type for product names, images, and prices from the first typed character

  • Speed is a big deal. Google knows it. Amazon knows it. Faster results equal better conversion. That's why we make such a big deal of our lightning-fast service. Your users deserve it.
  • Best Relevance Integrated Search Page for Shopify Stores

  • Contemporary responsive design page that automatically integrates with your store

  • Learning search algorithm that continuously gets better

  • Comes with auto-generated search filters, Quick View, Add-To-Cart, and more

  • NEW Look-a-like AI-based visual search for fashion retailers

  • NEW Badging to draw shopper's attention to products and increase conversion
  • Merchandising in Search – Optimize Product Placement

  • Get instant control over how your products are presented to customers

  • Set where products are placed per popular search query

  • Target different geos with different offerings.

  • Trigger seasonal changes in how your products are presented to customer queries.
  • NEW Collection Merchandising for Browsing Shoppers

  • Visually drag and drop products to set your preferred placement in collections

  • Set rules to determine product promotions

  • Let InstantSearch+ automatically rank all other products for you
  • Smart Navigation with Collection Filters

  • Uses the power of search to increase conversion within collection browsing

  • Presents consistent look and user experience on all pages and search results

  • One-click integration of a sharp-looking collection filter widget to your collections page
  • Big Data Search Product Recommendations

  • Based on big data analysis of actual shoppers behavior and intent in real time

  • Generates additional purchases both on product and cart pages

  • One-click integration of a sharp-looking widget to your products and cart page
  • NEW Personalized AI-Based Analytics

  • Which keywords convert better for which products?

  • Which synonyms would improve product findability for shoppers ?

  • What does a shopper session look like in your store?

  • What people searched for on your Shopify store?

  • What people look for but cannot find?
  • Natural Language Search

  • Help customers find exactly what they want using natural language

  • Improves relevance by understanding shoppers’ natural language queries

  • Increases accuracy by understanding shopper’s intent

  • Personal Real Time Suggestions

  • Popular Searches based on what other people type

  • Personal history Searches based on what the visitor previously searched

  • Advanced word matching and typo correction. Your visitor will get suggestions even when they misspell
  • Personalized Pricing

  • Display product prices only to logged-in customers

  • Hide in-store product prices from online customers

  • For wholesalers and retailers who wish to publish prices to customers only
  • Boosting Your Store SEO

  • Boost site SEO with a designated popular searches sitemap that is automatically updated daily with your important SEO content

  • Your sitemap would automatically have listing of the top searches site words
  • Seamless Integration with Your Shopify Store

  • 2-minute installation

  • 100% pure additive Javascript and CSS goodness – does not break or replace your store’s original functionality or built-in search

  • Customizable look and feel to fit your store frontend

  • Pre-customized for Retina, Responsive, Mobillia, Parallax, Minimal, Brooklyn, Supply, Pop, Atlantic, and Vantage themes
  • Desktop, tablet and mobile themes supported
  • Install & Sign-Up

  • Install InstantSearch+ app

  • Give us a few minutes to learn about your products...

  • See how your visitor conversion and user experience improves!
  • Live Demo Store

  • http://instantsearchplus.myshopify.com/ Just start typing in the search box...
  • Instant Search + reviews

    455 reviews
    1. 5 stars (434 reviews)
    2. 4 stars (11 reviews)
    3. 3 stars (4 reviews)
    4. 2 stars (2 reviews)
    5. 1 star (4 reviews)

    amazing app, but the pricing is very unfair . some basic product filtering options that should have been default with shopify stores, cost us, 99$ per month.

    If my store was running wild, it was small money, but as for a starting shop, its way too much. and yah, there is the free option, and the lower price, still. too much. and without the filtering options which ,again,should have been shopify defaults.

    well, it seems to be the situation on most apps here, we , as customers , are in this little jail of greed. fair enough , i guess dropshipping have the same "greed" factor . haha.

    anyway, awesome app.


    Tons of customizations and great customer service with the team at InstantSearch. Definitely worth upgrading to from the standard Shopify search!


    Use them in all my sites. Love it


    Love love love. How often do you spend searching on websites and the internet? This gives our customers the exact results they need rapidly, with intuitive features such as synonyms and 'did you mean'. We could never go back now, this search is a must for every store.


    Love the way that this app has given our customers better, more complete search results. Fantastic support from everyone at Instant Search+, from helping with the install to fixing some of the kinks. They made sure that the app would work perfectly with our theme.


    Great app to organize items and help customers find their items quicker and easier.


    A great upgrade from the default Shopify search. The searches are quick, the layout is clean and the additional sort features are amazing. Don't miss out because customers can't find your products - this is a must have app!


    Great support experience! Was easy to setup and it easily indexed over 400 products in no time flat. Generous evaluation time, as well.


    Great support team! Fast and helpful responses!


    uninstalling the app, should switch back to the normal search on the theme.... but it seems that it bugs all the site!

    From $0.00 / month

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