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Instant Search +

Instant Search +

Developed by Fast Simon, Inc.

541 reviews
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  • #1 Search app for Shopify and Shopify Plus
  • Merchandising & Smart Navigation
  • Delight shoppers with BigData Product Recommendations

Search is the Biggest Conversion Booster Within Your Store

  • Shoppers using search are on average 4X more likely to buy

  • Great Search can boost conversion by 30-150% over average search

  • Product Recommendations can get you an incremental 30% uplift

  • Search Results Badging can uplift sales by 50%

Shopify Plus Customer Instant Search Case Studies

  • Read how Pura Vida created a multi million eCommerce empire.

  • Read how SHOWCASE spiked their revenues

  • Read how IMA got a 7X Increase in conversion rate through search.

Boost conversion with the best search app for Shopify and Shopify Plus. All-in-one solution, InstantSearch+ is the most advanced and fastest Shopify search app for your e-commerce store - join the thousands of merchants who are already using us today!


Lightning-Fast Instant Search for Shopify Stores

  • Engage shoppers from the first typed character

  • Indulge customers with fast search

  • Get them results on-the-fly even when they misspell

Best Relevance Integrated Search Page for Shopify Stores

  • Contemporary, responsive, and customizable - automatically integrates with your store

  • Learning search algorithm that continuously gets better

  • Auto-generated search filters, Quick View, Add-To-Cart, and more

  • Look-a-like AI-based visual search for fashion retailers

  • Search Badging to draw shopper's attention to products and increase conversion

  • Help customers find exactly what they want using natural language

Merchandising - Control how and which products are presented across Search, Collections, and Product Recommendations

  • Target different geos/seasons with different offerings.

  • Promote products ahead of others visually or by rules

  • Trigger seasonal changes in how your products are presented to customer queries.

Smart Navigation with Collection Filters

  • Uses the power of search to increase conversion within collection browsing

  • Presents consistent look and user experience on all pages and search results

  • One-click integration of a sharp-looking collection filter widget to your collections page

BigData Search Product Recommendations

  • Based on big data analysis of actual shoppers behavior and intent in real time

  • Generates additional purchases both on product and cart pages

  • One-click integration of a sharp-looking widget to your products and cart page

(NEW) Personalized AI-Based Search Analytics

  • Which search keywords convert better for which products?

  • Which search synonyms would improve product findability for shoppers ?

  • What does a shopper session look like in your store?

  • What people search for on your Shopify store?

  • What people search but cannot find?

Personalized Search Pricing

  • Display product prices only to logged-in customers

  • Hide in-store product prices from online customers

  • For wholesalers and retailers who wish to publish prices to customers only

Seamless Search Integration with Your Shopify Store

  • 2-minute installation

  • 100% pure additive Javascript and CSS goodness – does not break or replace your store’s original functionality or built-in search

  • Customizable look and feel to fit your store frontend

  • Pre-Customized for the Following Themes

    • Grid, Pacific, Atlantic, and Startup

    • Retina, Responsive, Mobillia, Parallax, and Turbo

    • Minimal, Brooklyn, Supply, Pop, Symmetry, Blockshop

    • Testament, Vantage, and Fashionoplism

Search Install & Sign-Up

  • Install InstantSearch+ app

  • Give us a few minutes to learn about your products...

  • See how your visitor conversion and user experience improves!

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Instant Search + reviews

541 reviews
  1. 5 stars (511 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (14 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (5 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (2 reviews)
  5. 1 star (9 reviews)

This app, the support, the functionality of the search process, is something that no store can do without. I have not had one issue with their app, but I did have questions, so I could learn more on best methods. Their support is FAST and professional, which is hard to find these days. Would I recommend? You betcha!


great search for the price. Easy to install, good analytics, and easy optimization.


Fantastic app, transforms the search experience exponentially. Lasts hope it converts to sales !!


great search app works perfect


We set up this search on our Shopify store in less than an hour on a Thursday night. Based on our business needs, we wanted the benefits of the Premium search but the layout of the Basic search, retaining our left side nav. The tech support person Ed, responded to my questions very quickly (and on a Saturday) and easily had 10 email exchanges with me, helping fine tune the search to exactly what we wanted. Mind you, this is 2 days into a trial and we aren't even a customer yet! I have been floored by the great service thus far and plan to use the instant search service. Highly recommend trying this if you're considering an improved site search.

2018 Update - Had a minor incompatibility with a line of code in our theme. I sent an email to Instant Search support and got an answer back that fixed the issue in less than an hour. Thank you Kate and Ed.


Super helpful in troubleshooting our concerns :)


Really good Support :) This is one of the best app.


I love the product recommendation feature.


Works great and looks very high nice. Easy to use and using the search analytics can be helpful.


If you want better conversion, focusing on a better UX with SEARCH will be part of the strategy. We have been using Instant Search and have seen the use of the SEARCH menu bar triple (both in mobile and desktop)

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