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Inventory Planner

Inventory Planner

Developed by Inventory Planner

41 reviews
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  • Create and manage purchase orders using the sales forecast.
  • Identify and clear stock that is not moving using data from Google Analytics.
  • Keep track of historical stock and critical inventory KPIs.

Typical store has tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars tied up in overstock and the same amount is lost in understock.

Inventory Planner is a daily planning tool for reducing overstock and understock in your inventory.

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Save time and money using automatic replenishment suggestions

Inventory Planner automatically forecasts the number of units to replenish for each individual product. It saves your time on manual computation and increases precision.

Sales forecasting

Sales forecasting is tricky. To do it right, we need to look at past sales to determine possible trends, check for how long products were out of stock to adjust the demand, take into account the product seasonality.


For the most effective demand forecasting you need true demand history, not just sales history. Inventory Planner provides this critical piece by identifying periods of insufficient stock, which are then used to calculate lost sales.

Manual Adjustment

The science of demand forecasting isn't all-knowing. Sometimes you have "insider" knowledge the system doesn't, such as an upcoming price change, a past one-time promotion or a future business expansion. Inventory Planner lets you make manual forecast adjustments for situations like this.

Open-to-buy planning

Open-to-buy planning allows buyers to track the amount available to invest in further inventory. Aligning your financial goals and assortment plans helps to ensure that sufficient stock levels are available and over-buying is minimized.

Overstock management

Inventory Planner identifies list of products for most effective promotion. But more importantly it shows you why exactly these products are not selling. The list is ready-made, no more spreadsheets or paper calculations.

Historical stock data

Inventory Planner keeps track of your stock and allows you to browse the historical stock data. You can see how much stock you had in the past, what was its cost value and how your turnover changes over time.

Optimizing inventory has never been so simple!

Have any feedback or suggestions? We would love to hear from you, please send us an email.


is based on the number of products

  • $99.99/mo for up to 1000 products

  • $10/mo for each extra 1000 products

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Inventory Planner reviews

41 reviews
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These guys are fantastic on service, they respond fast and make revisions blisteringly fast. They're very receptive to feedback and improvements, of which they've made many to cater to us. The app is also highly accurate. Thank you!


Inventory Planner (IP) is the perfect blend of simple, yet useful data for managing your inventory. I'm able to add my lead time and days of stock I want on hand and then have IP send me notifications when I should purchase inventory. Oh ya, and you can create a PO straight from IP, email it to your vendor, and see "on order" quantities pop up instantly within IP.

On top of the platform itself, the customer support has been awesome. Shout out to Oleg in particular for answering any and all questions I've had so far.

Bottom line: if you're trying to manage your inventory manually or with some complex service, you're waisting your time. Highly recommend you try Inventory Planner.


Ha, ever since going to LA and watching another enterprise use this app back in 2015, I've been on board. There is no other app as easy to use as this and OLEG is simply a good guy that appreciates his loyal customers.

Fantastic product, better leadership.


I've been using Inventory Planner for a month now and it's truly an amazing solution to filling a key part of the ecommerce jigsaw. There's nothing quite like it in the competitive marketplace. As a read-only inventory management platform, it slots straight in to my existing workflow without the need for the huge reshuffle required of moving to DEAR/Unleashed/TradeGecko/Stitch/Brightpearl. It blows any of the cheaper inventory stocktake / COGS apps currently available on the Shopify app store right out of the water.

I've just spent months battling with accounting and inventory management issues as a result of my own store's growing pains. Trying to do atomic inventory in QBO? Forget it. All the Shopify<->QBO communication apps? A crapshoot. Non stop problems, gotchas, walking on eggshells.

And then along comes Inventory Planner - the right tool for the job. Without the anal accounting restrictions of a double entry accounting package, it handles pre-orders and difficult order-fulfillment-invoice patterns without breaking a sweat. Bundles and virtual kits? No problamo, it now even distributes virtual profit based on the relative prices of component SKUs. SKUs as unique identifiers? And Variant IDs as well? No drama. Multi currency? Separate vendor costs and landed costs? Too easy.

Where every other solution I evaluated had show stopping problems, Inventory Planner's more "free form" approach gave me exactly what I needed:

* Profit sliced by date, category, vendor
* Periodic stocktake and COGS, complete with granular XLS export of the figures
* Beautiful monthly graphs of revenue, profit, sales, inventory count and value
* Intelligent re-ordering advice, complete with per-variant control over unexpected or irregular sales events, and days when I was sold out
* Context relevant bundle/virtual kit analysis
* Pre-orders no problem
* Fair pricing

On top of that, the developers have been lightning fast to fix any bugs and implement suggestions.

I don't normally bother to write reviews, but this product deserves all the support it should get as it's a truly unique offering in the space. No frills, all results.


Oleg is very responsive to any requests for help and has added variations to inventory planner that we have requested very quickly


Inventory Planner does a great job of helping me to plan orders for inventory replenishment. Simple and effective in helping me avoid wasted spending on unnecessary inventory while ensure adequate stock for items that sell well, based on my own shop's analytics.

UPDATE 5/17/2017: It's hard to express just how amazing the customer support behind this app really is.

At this point, we have completely replaced Stitch Labs for inventory management with Inventory Planner, which has simplified our workflow without compromising any of the features we need to manage our inventory start to finish.

Amazing app by an amazing team. Highly recommended!


We love Inventory Planner. The app itself is easy to use and provides all the additional inventory management support we need, and the customer service/support has been phenomenal.


This is by far the best app for inventory planning, I would 100% recommend this to anyone looking to keep their planning organized!


Been using it for over a year, we manage thousands of items for sale, and more than 50 suppliers, Inventory Planner has taken away the "drama" and time expense to place new orders, they also have analytics on what you have on overstock so you can promote and it even integrates with google analytics to check how many times has been viewed. It is just great!

And to close this, I just ask theme to have bigger pictures of the products on the Purchase orders so the suppliers can read and see the products to avoid mistakes and they did it in 15 minutes, that was not even an option and they just implemented in less than 15 minutes.

Its worth every penny!


Inventory Planner has been a huge help for us in reporting on sales and forecasting inventory needs for our online men's gift shop. Prior to IP - we used a bunch of different reports and downloaded data manually into excel sheets. Then wrote our own formulas to forecast for ordering. This app has saved us a ton of time

From $99.99 / month
14 days


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