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November 7, 2022

This is about day 90 of a switch from Mailchimp. While Klaviyo appears to have more long term potential and a more transparent (but more expensive) pricing structure, it also appears that some functionality is still in beta. For example, I continue to struggle with abandoned and add to cart flows triggering properly. We are a SMB and my sense is that this product may be best suited from larger firms with dedicated marketing teams. I will remain with them for now simply that the cost of switching back to the Chimp is high. Then again, it might just be me.

Vintage Passementerie
United States
3 months using the app
Edited June 15, 2023

Pro: The integration with Shopify works well. Campaigns & Flows ease of design and analytics are good.
Cons: 1. Pricing structure is way too high for business budgets. 2. Klaviyo recent redesign is not user friendly. Too many dropdowns to create a single report. The activity feed no longer shows the amount of data it did prior to their redesign. Shows maybe 50 activities. I had contacted support 2 months ago. I was told they had so many complaints that they were going to bring back the original activity feed. 3. Seems anytime an app redesigns it becomes less user friendly. Over thinking the process by programmers who are not business owners. This is common across many platforms.

United States
7 months using the app
November 25, 2022

It's a great app for the most part, but it's very unsettling how much they have increased the price and made no changes to justify that.
Its VERY difficult to gauge how much your monthly bill will be, as they always tack on new charges. i have noticed the wait times drastically increase for customer support over the years as well.
It usually takes them a very long time to help and all they do is send you long confusing articles I really wish they didn't basically double the price.

United States
Over 1 year using the app
March 5, 2023

The app is good and has many different conditions and triggers, but Klaviyo has a massive room for improvement compared to other email marketing companies.

Cons: however, the biggest disadvantage is that they do not have an option that could allow using template inflows, you basically have to create everything from scratch by yourself.

Pros: as I said it has many different triggers and rules that you can set up.

4 months using the app
July 17, 2023

I have been using Klaviyo for a month now and I like the concept behind it all however there have been several glitches that I have had to contact customer services about. When I have spoken to customer services, it has taken ages to get them to understand the problem and it has been very frustrating at times. I currently have a pretty significant problem that the technical team are looking at. I will continue to use it for the time being and hope the glitches don't affect my sales and reputation as they currently have been.

The Library Ladder Company
United Kingdom
About 2 months using the app
Klaviyo replied July 18, 2023

Thanks for your review and sorry you are having some technical problems! Hopefuly they get resolved in short order.

Edited September 13, 2023

A useful app, but the support is terrible, clueless. 24/7 support is a fib. If you have an issue leading into a weekend you are stranded until Monday US time, which for me in Australia meant 4-5 days from problem Friday morning (a computer glitch) to solution Tuesday morning. An apology is fine, but some compensation would have made this bitter pill easier to swallow.

Jerry Furnell Author
11 days using the app
Klaviyo replied September 13, 2023

We appreciate your feedback, the team has reached out to help you get any issues resolved.

Edited April 5, 2023

It is unfortunate that they don't offer onboarding support to at least migrate and setup, after the demo call we were left with no help.

About 1 month using the app
Klaviyo replied March 3, 2023

Hi there! Apologies for any confusion on onboarding and migration. Unfortunately those options aren't available to free accounts but we would love to look into it if you can forward any emails with promises of setup and migration support. Our email is feedback@klaviyo.com. Thanks!

Edited September 22, 2022

UPDATE: Several people from the Klaviyo team has reached out to me after posting this review. I have had a meeting with someone from the UX team, and they have promised to prioritise this feature for Q4 2022. I have also given some additional feedback regarding the email builder, and hope it will work better soon :)

I'll update my score as soon as it has been implemented

Original review:

Klaviyo awesome for its segmenting, automation and data capabilities, but the editor is far below what one can expect from an expensive enterprise tool like this. It can do practically anything in terms of segmentation and so on.

More specifically, there is no way to add the compare at price in the native product blocks. The field is easily accessible through Shopify's API. I consider it to be basic functionality for any tool like this, and I first suggested they need to add it when we signed up 8 months ago. Then a few more times after that. Even dragging myself through the consistent 30minutes+ waiting time in the chat.

There are great people working there. The sales person we signed with is probably the best seller I have ever encountered in my entire professional life. The onboarding guy we got was lovely and competent as well. Yet... my only option to make them fix this very simple and critical thing, seems to be to rattle the cage as hard as I can from all directions.

Displaying a price without a reference point is practically pointless when running a sale to get rid of excess inventory. "Awesome gloves, $40" gives zero incentive to click a product in a newsletter compared to "Awesome gloves, $40 (down from $95)".

We made the switch mainly to reduce mental friction of sending more and better newsletters and flows, as well as better segmenting. But this tiny and seemingly insignificant lack of feature makes it all in vain. Fix it.

9 months using the app
Klaviyo replied August 9, 2022

Hi! Thanks for this detailed feedback. We noted your email and community post as well and will reply via email so we can chat a bit further. This feature is under consideration with our product team right now.

April 16, 2022

Excellent app for the last 2 years but this business of limiting emails hinders the performance of growing stores. They just don't seem to get it you will be resending your emails to the same people who only engage but never buy. After 10+ years of doing this, you need to hit the fresh inbound emails more frequently. I am leaning towards moving on if this hinders my business growth. It seems there are better options now than from 2+ years ago being on Shopify.

Almost 3 years using the app
September 16, 2022

I want to know where I can find customer service help, it's been a month since I requested help via email and no one has replied to me.

United States
About 1 month using the app
Klaviyo replied September 19, 2022

Hey there! That's no good - we're here to help. Can you forward your request to feedback@klaviyo.com? We'd love to get you the help you need.