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Kudobuzz Testimonials & Reviews

Kudobuzz Testimonials & Reviews

Developed by Kudobuzz

227 reviews
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  • Easily collect and display customer testimonials and reviews from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp and Google+
  • Send an email automatically after purchase or fulfillment to request reviews
  • Improve search ranking with Google rich snippet and increase sales

You sell a great product, and you provide awesome customer service. Shouldn't it be easy to show off the great things your customers are saying about you?

Kudobuzz makes it easy to collect and display positive customer reviews on your website with 4 different clean, customizable widgets.

Already have existing reviews? Import them easily into Kudobuzz

Why use Kudobuzz?

  • Automatically send emails to request reviews. You will never miss out on any potential review.

  • Got an already existing fan base on social media? Connect your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp and Google+ accounts and start showing off existing reviews and testimonials from those platforms.

  • Have access to four fully customizable widgets to display your reviews. Each widget adds a special touch to the page it is displayed on.

  • Enable Google Rich Snippets to draw more customers to your products and services by showing off your review count and star rating in Google search engine results.

  • Automatically share your 5 star reviews to your Facebook page to increase sales,customer engagement, boost your brand reputation and SEO.

  • Most importantly, we will be with you every step of the way to help you get the best out of our product and help you boost sales. It starts with we helping you setup free of charge, just reach out to us.

Get even more features

  • Review Commenting: Who said negative reviews are bad? Leave a comment under a negative review and have it sent directly to the customer as an email. Publish both the review and the comment on your site to show your site visitors how authentic you are as a brand and how well you handle negativity. Comment also on positive reviews to increase customer loyalty.

  • Widget Localization: Do you have a non-English speaking audience? Change all Kudobuzz text to any language of your choice. English-speaking but don’t want generic text on your widgets? Keep the tone of the widget text consistent with your brand.

  • Product Upselling: Take advantage of the email going out to your customer. Upsell up to three products within your review request emails to get your customer back shopping on your site again.

  • Reward Reviewers:Reward your customers with coupons after they leave a review. This makes the customer more likely to purchase another product and become a loyal customer.

  • Questions and Answers: Will your customers like to know more about your product or service before making a purchase? Create a mini questions and answers page by allowing site visitors to ask questions about your product or service. Answers are sent as emails and can also be published on your site.

Live demos of the different widget types

  • Review Tab Widget - a clean and simple way to show your customers all the social proof they need. SEE LIVE DEMO

  • Single Page Slider Widget - ideal for showing testimonials at the exact moment when it is needed. e.g. On your checkout page, right before a customer clicks the buy button, About Us page, a section of your Home page, etc. SEE LIVE DEMO

  • Full Page Widget - this is useful for creating a dedicated static page of positive store testimonials. SEE LIVE DEMO

  • Product Review Form - best for collecting and displaying reviews from customers on your product page. SEE LIVE DEMO

Kudobuzz Testimonials & Reviews reviews

227 reviews
  1. 5 stars (203 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (16 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (5 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

It's like magic - customers now have a way to review our products/site easily, and they are doing so! You'd be surprised how many reviews you'll get from nice, automated emails.

It saves a ton of time, and being able to bring in reviews from other platforms (Facebook/Instagram) is priceless. Nothing was worse than directing our site users to Facebook for reviews (there's still a bunch of people who don't use FB)

App works great, is nice and unobtrusive, and the team is super quick to get back to you. It's not just a "good to have" app, it's now one of my top, essential Shopify apps.


I used to love them - they made collecting and display reviews/testimonials so easy. Hence, the 2 stars. But the past couple of weeks, the app has been preventing my customers (ie. my $$$) from checking out (they literally cannot click the checkout button) - the worst thing was I didn't actually know it was happening for a while (was wondering about the business slowdown tho') until a customer told me. Contacted them about it after a Shopify guru explained the problem and was told they fixed the problem - but it happened AGAIN. (Hence, the motivation for this review.) I just manually disabled all the widgets. All of you who have this app and experienced a sales slowdown, please go check if your checkout page works! I mean, an app should help me make money, instead of keeping me from making money!


EDIT (16/4/16): I was very annoyed when the issue happened for a second time, hence the original review. Following that, Lovell from Kudobuzz has been helpful in getting the issue resolved, and I really appreciate that. So even though we're still working on it, I've chosen (on my own accord) to edit the earlier review and up the rating to 4 stars.


Pro version works well and support overall is excellent.


Great review app - with so many features in the PRO version - excellent support from the Kudobuzz team overall - especially Lovell and Cheryll. keep up the work guys and thanks for your quick support!


App looks excellent and Quick Support from Cheryl!
going to upgrade to Pro version and check out all the features,


Shalin Pinto
Omni GENEius

"Something brewing innovatively while making Joy for all" A unique nine product Launch for a solid cause. Board Games, Toys, Creative Apps, something for all.


Kudobuzz is awesome. Makes the review process so easy and our customers give us great feedback which Kudobuzz finds and let's us know about. Recently though, we got our first BAD review which proved to be even more valuable. The customer thought they had emailed us 6 times to exchange a product and never heard from us because we never got their emails! We only heard from the customer once they left a bad review. We reached out immediately, explained that we hadn't heard from the customer, set up the exchange and have a VERY happy customer. Thank you Kudobuzz!


I would highly recommend Kudobuzz app. The Kudobuzz team goes beyond regular customer service and exceeds all expectations. They respond quickly to any inquires, have made updates to my store, have improved the product upon request. It is great. As for the app, it integrates great into my store, has a ton of features (which I haven't even totally taken advantage of) and it hasn't crashed on me.


Seriously good app and helpful customer support.
Cheryl helped me to import custom reviews linking directly to my product which is exactly what I want to do.
Very good experience and highly recommend.


UPDATE! Continue to LOVE this app and the customer service has consistently been stellar. They really help a small business out. Thanks!!
AWESOME app + AWESOME customer service! Easy, works great and looks great. Started with the free version but will upgrade soon for more features (though the free version is TOP NOTCH). Thanks Kudobuzz!


Love this app because it pulls my long term facebook reviews through and with some customisation help from the wonderful support team my request for product reviews started to convert purchasers into reviewers.


Lovin' It!!! Super easy, customizable, immediately loaded up & posted items from my fb page so my new online shop now has reviews (from my long standing business) posted in it!! I was pleasantly shocked. Woo Hoo! Also opted to have the app auto send customized emails to help retrieve reviews from past shop transactions ~ My services are out of the ordinary & often viewed with skepticism, "is she honorable?" etc. so having the reviews button obviously there on every page with posted reviews readily available will be a life saver!!! All from the freebie version. bigger woo hoo. Wish had installed from the beginning. See how it looks in my shop! There are other ways to customize too ~ Sue Ann ~

UPDATE 2/28/2016: I'VE BEEN TRYING TO GET SOMETHING RECTIFIED SINCE MID JANUARY. After multiple explanations & emails to 2 different people, still no fix. At one point, someone finally acknowledged & appeared to understand what I thought was a simple situation to explain & understand....asking for about 48 hours for tech to address. That was 1/29/2016. I asked again & was told on 2/8/2016 that it was taking longer than expected. I've been told to do part of this myself manually, which I easily understood already that I could & I did....yet that is not the point. I was willing to pay $29.99/month so that once my fledgling shop took off, all would be as it should & as worry free, automated as possible. The most recent email reply even asked me to explain the situation again. I find this stunning. I replied telling this person to check the existing email thread first. That I was unwilling to explain the situation, yet again. Along the way when I asked about a potential partial refund for all the trouble, lack of app functionality it appeared to me to subsequently forgotten or swept under the rug. I've looked for other apps this week, still here as I have not found proper replacement for my shop. I downgraded my plan. When this app worked fully & I was not in extended confounding dealings with them, I though it was great.

OK...3/21/2016 UPDATE: Lovell diligently worked with multiple issues. Made things right. Has offered extra help which I appreciate. The reason for just 3 Stars today is I now need more time for a more proper, realistic update. Thanks Lovell!


Awesome app and great customer service.

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