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LeadDyno: Easy Affiliate Marketing

LeadDyno: Easy Affiliate Marketing

Developed by LeadDyno

230 reviews
Price: $29.00 – $249.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • "One-click" affiliate marketing for your Shopify store
  • Easy social media sharing for your affiliates (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more)
  • Affiliate recruitment, too - Organic (via your list) and top influencers in your industry (via our network)

Launch Your Affiliate Program Today!

Recruit your own commission-only affiliate sales team and manage them easily with LeadDyno. It's the most cost effective form of marketing you can do - because you're paying for performance only.
Join us here for a live demo today or tomorrow.

Sign Up Affiliates While You Sleep

Our affiliate invite feature is a great way to grow your affiliate team organically, and automatically. Tap into your own list, website visitors and new customers - and you'll be thrilled to see how enthusiastic these folks will be to join your affiliate program.

Recruit Top Social Influencers & Publishers, Too

We have an affiliate network exclusive to e-commerce. The leading publishers, bloggers and social media influencers can send a lot of traffic your way and sell a lot of product. You can join our E-CommerceAffiliates.com network for free as a merchant. To get started, sign up for our affiliate network right here.

Get Viral Traffic via Our New "Social Media Sharing" Plugin

We've got a great new "social media sharing" plugin that I think you'll love. It lets you put a "sharing widget" on any product page...

For example, if one of your visitors clicks the Facebook button near one of your products, they'll be logged into Facebook with a Wall Post pre-written and ready to be shared.

That Wall Post will contain your specific product information. LeadDyno's Sharing Widget is "smart" enough to pull these product details from your page automatically (just like Amazon).

Your New Affiliates Can Follow Progress via Their Dashboard

As your visitors share, they'll be invited to join your affiliate program... so that they can also earn a commission from their social media share.

As an affiliate, they'll be able to access they need via their Affiliate Dashboard. Such as their unique affiliate link, banner ads for their website, and more one-click sharing links that connect to email and social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Now, let's talk about a few more affiliate management features you can take advantage of right away...

Fast Affiliate Sign Up

You'll get your very own Affiliate Sign Up page... which you can fully customize, brand, and even embed directly on your own website.

Access To Our Affiliate Network

Connect with leading bloggers and social influencers in your industry. Learn more and sign up here.

Turn Your Customers Into Affiliates, Too

Our new (and very popular) Affiliate Invitation feature will invite your new customers to join your affiliate program automatically.

Easy Setup With Shopify

It's a "one-click" plugin with your Shopify store.

Pay Affiliates Easily via PayPal

Pay your affiliates automatically or with "one-click" approval using Paypal, Dwolla or even Coinbase. LeadDyno totals affiliate commissions for you on the fly.

Your Own Affiliate Dashboard

Upload banner ads, import your marketing copy and materials, and help affiliates create their own custom links to specific product pages and subdomains.

Custom To Your Website & Brand

LeadDyno’s Affiliate Dashboard is fully customizable and embeddable, so you can "white label" your affiliate program with your own brand and logo.

Bring on New Affiliates From Our E-Commerce Affiliate Network

We have a large network of high quality e-commerce affiliates that we can recruit to your affiliate program, too.

U.S. Based Customer Support 7 Days a Week

Our helpful live chat support is available 16 hours per day everyday via our website and within LeadDyno itself. Phone and email support is free, too. All of our support operators are based in the U.S.

Live Webcasts Daily

Please join us today or tomorrow (or any weekday) for a demo of LeadDyno. We'll show you exactly how to setup LeadDyno to drive more traffic and sales to your Shopify store. We’ll also save time for Q&A throughout and afterwards. Please click here to sign up.

LeadDyno: Easy Affiliate Marketing reviews (230)


Great support! Thank you very much Jennifer Goodman!


Update: January 15, 2017, many months after the initial review, still happy! :)

I don't know what to say other than the fact that I've reviewed dozens of affiliate softwares/apps thru the years and LeadDyno is the one I chose! I don't know of any other competitor out there that offers so much for so little.

I particularly love the fact that they are one-click INTEGRATED with both Shopify and Coinbase! If you know anything about the online world, API integration with other apps is really the name of the game today in terms of having a robust and powerful website.

I love the fact that with 1-click I can also pay affiliates via BITCOIN all over the world (as long as they have an email address)! You can also pay them via PayPal.

And I'm not talking about integrations in THEORY. I'm talking about integrations that were 1-click and ACTUALLY WORK! 1-click, boom, it started WORKING and COMMUNICATING back and forth with my Shopify store. 1-click, boom, it started WORKING and COMMUNICATING with COINBASE and I started ACTUALLY PAYING affiliates with Bitcoin!!! :)

The new kewl colored graphical interface they just rolled out after months of beta testing rocks as well! They have a LOT of analytics and they are great, it tells you a LOT about the nature of the traffic you're generating!

If I find a better one, I'll let you know, but at least for now, it's LEADDYNO!

Adam, Manager of Customer Support, has always been very helpful and great as well. :)

By the way, 2 that I tried and ditched before settling in with LD was Omnistar and Post Affiliate Pro, those two just didn't "integrate" with me!

As you can see, most of the reviews here are extremely positive with just a few bad ones sprinkled in to the mix. I would say that the difference between users is that the software does work extremely well, but as with all good softwares, there is a LEARNING CURVE involved. The great reviews are coming from the technically talented/patient ones whereas the the few bad reviews are coming from people not so technically talented/patient. I am a layperson when it comes to technical things and I had a little bit of a hard time at the beginning, not too much, but a little, but I stayed patient and got a handle on everything and generally found that the software was great and worked pretty much flawlessly, I just had to get used to it and understand it and that takes time. But you don't have to be a rocket scientist. Just calm, patient and diligent. Stay calm and patient and Adam and the crew will work with you and get you on track, for sure. :)

We have been with them for about 20 months now and plan on staying awhile. :)

Oh, one last thing, I don't know of ANY other affiliate software in the WORLD that integrates with Coinbase 1-click or any clicks and allows you to pay affiliates worldwide with email addresses with Bitcoin! I was probably one of if not the major customer that was pushing for this when they just barely had it on the drawing board and they got 'er done probably within a month or three of me signing up! I was so happy! :)

John Carson Lester Jr, Founder of Pure Hearts International


I am just in the process of launching my affiliate site by LeadDyno. So far it has been a great experience and I really appreciate Jennifer's help. She is a wonderful asset to the support and company.


This is amazing They are very helpful. Even at late hours they will be there to answer any questions. I highly recommend!


Adam at LeadDyno provides EXCELLENT Service!!! 5 stars!!


Have had it for 1 day and their live support, 'Adam', is amazing during the whole process!


great app and very helpful support.. thank you very much Jennifer Goodman..


Jennifer Goodman was a great support agent!! .. Fast, straight to the point. Got me sorted in 5 min flat ...


great customer service and a fast reply
Thank you Jennifer Goodman for your Help

Director of SSLC
Director of Colour and Fit


Excellent product and support! Works like a charm. I would caution if it's your first-time using an affiliate management app like this, you should always be reviewing your commissions. Cheers!

$29.00 – $249.00 / month

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