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Personalized Recommendations, Upsell & Cross sell with AI

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I am trying this app since 3,5 days now and want to share my experience as I am highly disappointed. Why I give 1 star is because this app is seriously hurting my business and when I tried to talk with the customer service they were not interested at all to help me.

My problems:
- when someone added a product via the products shown from the app and abandoned the cart, this abandoned carts are not shown in shopify, so there is no possibility to follow up with them.

- the figures "added to cart" and "reached checkout" increased very nice which was wonderful to see, but unfortunately the final conversion rate decreased from 0,9% to 0,42% which really hurts our business! I dont know why there is this drop in final conversions, I did a lot of testing and finally tried to reach out the customer service of LimeSpot to see if they could help me. I wrote a very detailed description of my problem, but the responses where anything else than satisfying. They ignored my points, gave me very strange answers and said that they just dont track abandoned carts and "wheter people finally buy or not is not up to them"... ähm okay, but if because of them the people dont buy its really bad I would say...

Developer reply

August 18, 2020

We are sorry to hear about your disappointment with us, and we would like to personally assist you with making things right. After our call and addressing your concerns, the next step is getting in touch with Shopify and having them investigate the issue regarding abandoned carts not being shown in Shopify analytics. We value your business and hope to get a response from them as soon as possible.

Wendy Jewelry

Awfull, the sale circle was shown under the images , and now that it delet it there shit is still stuck on my website, DO NOT ADD THIS APP

Developer reply

April 27, 2020

We are sorry to hear about your bad experience. We’re normally known for our exceptional detail to customizations, and we regret that we missed the mark. Our team has reached out via email to answer your concerns. Thank you.

Perfume Philippines

I SAVED more than $700 per month being charged with this app for my two Shopify stores by REMOVING this app.

What I did?
1. Install theme with built it features of recently viewed, you may like it.
2. Install frequently bought together app for $6.99 per month.

That's it!

I saw negative feedback last august 18, 2019 questioning why this app is charging so much where we can get it by free or for a very cheap price. AND he's RIGHT!

I posted negative feedback because I wasted a lot of money using this app for months!

P.S. My revenue didn't drop. I'm getting the same revenue or even better. .

Developer reply

September 6, 2019

We are sorry to hear you were less than satisfied with our app. Our app is fully automated and AI-driven where we generate personalized recommendations based on shopper's activities, and preferences. It is much more than You May Like, Frequently Bought Together, and recently viewed product carousels because we pride ourselves on being able to dynamically target shoppers with the right products at the right time and price point. Not all recommendations are created equal and that is what separates between us and our competitors.

Regarding our pricing, we hear our customers about this and are actually in the process of changing our pricing model to better match the needs of various types of stores, especially smaller stores with a more restricted budget. At LimeSpot we are committed to fair, honest pricing because we value our customers and truly appreciate the time to share your opinions. Please watch out for that if you are still interested in using our app in the future.

You can expect an email from someone on our Customer Care team soon to address your issues.

Alice & Blair

Really don't believe the 4.9* review...

I suggest you click on the 1* ratings and read through before you make a judgement on whether this will genuinely increase revenue or not.

I would have give you 2* because the support is good and you do try your best however:
1. I have uninstalled and all these carousels will not leave my site
2. that same bug still exists that I have reported numerous times
3. you can get a 'view recent product carousel' for free, or at least very cheaply, which will essentially do the same thing
4. you can get a cross sell app for free which I believe is bette rthan your super clunky and confusing one.

It COULD be a really good app, if:
a) you weren't greedy on pricing
b) it wasn't buggy


Developer reply

August 20, 2019

Sorry to hear about your experience with our app and the confusion as to what our platform has to offer.

Although it is usually real-time, sometimes Shopify uninstall notification webhooks may take a few minutes to deliver to our servers. Hence the carousels may stay on your store for a short period of time before they disappear after uninstall. Once we received your review and our engineers looked at your store, the uninstall was already reflected and your store was clear of our components.

Our app is fully automated and AI-driven where we generate personalized recommendations based on shopper's activities, and preferences. It is much more than cross-sell carousels and recently viewed product carousels, but we understand that we failed communicating the value and will work hard on avoiding this in the future. You can definitely manually achieve some of the things with other simpler products, but being able to dynamically target your shoppers with the right products would definitely be more sophisticated than those.

As for the customization that you had an issue with, our app has a feature called Box Designer, where you can do all the customizations on our recommendation boxes. We strive to provide documentation and online material to enable our users to take care of their requirements in addition to our 24 hour support that is there to help our clients. That is how we have achieved the 4.9* ranking from more than a thousand happy customers.

On the last note about pricing, we hear our customers about this and are actually in the process of revising our pricing model to better match the needs of different kinds of stores, specially smaller stores with stricter budget. Please watch out for that if you are still interested in using our app in the future.

Adel Paris

Nothing special about this app.

Cons -

A few things you should consider-
1. There are free apps that do the same product recommendations and perform just as good, FOR FREE>
2. Limespot charges you for recently viewed items as well. Meaning - if you enable the recently view widget, and someone viewed your product and then clicked on recently viewed items box and ends purchases, they will charge 2% commission for it. 2% EXTRA from your total sale. That's the same as the processing fee you are paying.
Most of the generated revenue comes from this box.
3. Be sure to measure your overall website conversion rate to see if it's worth it. They will report that they are bringing you tons of extra revenue, but in fact they aren't.
They are piggy backing existing buyers and taking a commission for it.
You can use a/b test tools like convert to see if they actually provide an uplift in sales and conversion rate.Based on my testing, the conversion rate and all important metrics stay the same, with or without the app.

Bottom line - if they are not providing at least a 8-10% better conversion rate, average order rate and total sales, it won't even cover their fees.

Pros -their customer service is pretty nice.

Developer reply

July 23, 2019

Thank you for taking the time to leave a detailed review. We always try to improve our app based on our customer's feedback. Therefore, we reviewed your app dashboard and realized you were not using our Recently Viewed box nor paid for the conversions from this feature. We do hear your feedback, and try our best to provide full transparency about our pricing and how we calculate what is considered as a LimeSpot Driven Revenue, which you can read on our Shopify App Description, Pricing Page, Help Center Articles, etc. Sorry that you feel like our app is piggy backing on your sales, however, we strive to increase the conversion rates of our customers' stores and that is what we charge for. We also have our A/B test tools to help our customers understand the ROI we deliver. We are in the process of revising our pricing model to better match the needs of smaller stores, including an always-free plan that will be coming up very soon.

Voluptuous Vinyl Records

Update 04/25/20
Popular item boxes on collection pages now rarely update, even when manually syncing. So I've now removed those as well. Limespot's removed the product analytics from the free version also, not much reason to hang on to this app much longer. Still using it for boxes on my blogs, since it's free, but if I can find something to substitute for it I'll drop this app altogether. If you have issues with Limespot I recommend checking out Globo Upsell Related Products, works right out of the box, amazing recommendations and have had zero issues.

**Update** 02/01/20
Had to remove the related item boxes from my product pages as support could never fix the issue and I got tired of waiting. Now using Globo Upsell app and am very pleased with it, worked right out of the box with really good recommendations, something I could never say about Limespot which I've had nothing but issues with from day one. Now having problems with Popular boxes on the collection pages not properly updating. Once again Limespot can never seem to fix these issues timely. Luckily I'm not paying anything for this app because it's not generating any revenue, if I had to pay for it I would have uninstalled long ago. If you have a small amount of products this app may work for you. But it doesn't seem to be able to handle stores with a few hundred to thousands of products.

**Update** 10/4/19
May have figured out why this app never generates sales for me, on a collection with over 1,300 products I just discovered it has the same dozen Related Items on each... so on my biggest collection the app is not doing it's job basically it's randomly selecting a dozen products and using them in the same order on every product page... this is no better than the bare bones version that came with my Shopify theme.


I've been using LimeSpot for over two years and have seen no improvement in sales. Perhaps it's my unique setup as I have thousands of products and only one quantity of each. I've had many discussions with support and they all end in the same way, they offer to setup my website so I have boxes everywhere (essentially SPAMing my own site) or they try to give me a bizarre explanation about how their algorithm works. Simply put, if an item gets one view and one add to cart it gets a recognized as a highly popular product, where a product that gets 40 to 50 views doesn't register as popular at all. So currently on my most popular items in my largest collection of over 1,000 products I have a bunch of products that have a few views and they've been there for over a month, whereas products that are getting a lot of views are not being highlighted at all. To me that's flawed. So I've basically had to just remove all those because they are useless and rarely ever change. I'm only keeping the app around because I like the blog integration, the related items on the products pages are better than Shopify's (which just showed the first products from the collection on every product page) and I'm not paying anything for it (because it's not making me any money). I'd uninstall it immediately if I had to go back to paying a monthly charge.

Developer reply

May 3, 2019

Thank you for your detailed feedback. I'm sorry to that your experience have not been great. Our Analytics Team is taking a closer look at your case since the quantity of products should not be a reason for our algorithms to not properly work. We are in contact with you and we will try our best to find a solution for this. Keep an eye out for an email from us.

Kreative Lemons

Data within app are inaccurate. First problem I had was that I have been charged $400 for $10 subscription. Secondly, they have charged me subscription even though I haven't made a single sale yet, because store was still brand new and under construction. Store that literally didn't have a single sale yet. But they had a screenshot to show me that I had a purchase, which was not true. Might be an okay app, but I just don't like practices like this.

Online Digital (Singapore)

If your store do not transact in USD, DO NOT USE them. Their recommendations literally wiped of every margin we earned.


We would have been very happy with this App, if it was not full of bugs, the support not completely absent, and if they were not trying in every way to get a cut of your sales without actually doing anything.
■ The good things first: their product presentation actually is better than the one we had before for suggestions.
■ The bugs: their similar product recommendations are shown in a carousel which, if the navigation arrows are clicked, redirects to a 404 page. Wonderful shopper experience.
■ The absent support: We sent 2 different messages to notify them of this issue but got no response in a week.
■ The "trying to catch some of your revenue without doing anything": The support was prompt to contact us instead to recommend some "improvements" they made, where they would replace the product listings on our website with their listings every time they could (with their buggy experience), so that they can take a cut on our sales since all sales have to go through their product listing.

Geek And Artsy

Small shop owners, check the values the app gives you.
After 3 months of use i noticed the data within the app was inaccurate. In the same page, it gave me 3 different values as to how much traffic the app was supposedly driving, for the same time period. After comparing that data to the data shopify analytics provides and asking the customer who made the specific purchase the app was claiming they'd driven, i arrived to the conclusion that i'm being overcharged. I attempted to contact the developers via chat regarding the differences in data within their own app, but did not receive a reply for several hours and ended up uninstalling to avoid another months' charge.
Was then contacted by the developers, but by then i'd already installed another app.

tl;dr: i made one sale, they did not drive it, and still charged me for use of the app against their policy.

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