Personalizer by LimeSpot

Personalizer by LimeSpot

by LimeSpot Solutions Inc.

Upsell, Cross-sell and Personalized Recommendations by AI

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Kreative Lemons

Data within app are inaccurate. First problem I had was that I have been charged $400 for $10 subscription. Secondly, they have charged me subscription even though I haven't made a single sale yet, because store was still brand new and under construction. Store that literally didn't have a single sale yet. But they had a screenshot to show me that I had a purchase, which was not true. Might be an okay app, but I just don't like practices like this.

Online Digital (Singapore)

If your store do not transact in USD, DO NOT USE them. Their recommendations literally wiped of every margin we earned.


We would have been very happy with this App, if it was not full of bugs, the support not completely absent, and if they were not trying in every way to get a cut of your sales without actually doing anything.
■ The good things first: their product presentation actually is better than the one we had before for suggestions.
■ The bugs: their similar product recommendations are shown in a carousel which, if the navigation arrows are clicked, redirects to a 404 page. Wonderful shopper experience.
■ The absent support: We sent 2 different messages to notify them of this issue but got no response in a week.
■ The "trying to catch some of your revenue without doing anything": The support was prompt to contact us instead to recommend some "improvements" they made, where they would replace the product listings on our website with their listings every time they could (with their buggy experience), so that they can take a cut on our sales since all sales have to go through their product listing.

Geek And Artsy

Small shop owners, check the values the app gives you.
After 3 months of use i noticed the data within the app was inaccurate. In the same page, it gave me 3 different values as to how much traffic the app was supposedly driving, for the same time period. After comparing that data to the data shopify analytics provides and asking the customer who made the specific purchase the app was claiming they'd driven, i arrived to the conclusion that i'm being overcharged. I attempted to contact the developers via chat regarding the differences in data within their own app, but did not receive a reply for several hours and ended up uninstalling to avoid another months' charge.
Was then contacted by the developers, but by then i'd already installed another app.

tl;dr: i made one sale, they did not drive it, and still charged me for use of the app against their policy.


These guys have automatically charged US$ 10 without informing our prior intimation. We do not recommend usage of this app at all. You cannot keep a track as to when the Free Charge or US$ 0.01 charge per month goes to US$ 10 per month. The app also makes the site perform slower and is difficult to manage and operate. A Big No to this app, one should never use this with their shopify store.

My Smart Supply

The app is charging my card $10 every month. I've been using the app for a while, when I first started I didn't get charged, I think it said that try for free. Now the app is charging me $10 for every month, that was unacceptable. The app is not worth the price. I've to uninstall. For you guys trying to open a store, this app is not worth it, you will spend extra bucks for your store expenses, you guys better cut down some cost and this app is one of the reasons. Don't use this app.

Craything Apparel & Accessories

Just endless problems
and no interest at all from the staff to solve it
(just generic repeating of standard instructions you can find in
the help files, even if it doesn't address your complaint/issues)

1) related items didn't all,
despite being the simplest thing that apps like these can do.
Didn't show items from the same collections,
nor with the same tags. Had to manually go to each and every single
product and assign items..which takes ages and defeats the purpose
of this app (let alone an AI smart app like this)

2) not responsive, shows ugly scroll bars and no arrow navigation
(saw this on other people's sites as well, not just mine)

3) AFAIK, no simple quick way to add or remove a section on
all pages (all has to be done manually per page)

4) shows products you've set to unavailable in your store anyways...

5) loads slow

6) sometimes doesn't show the item's images, until after you
browse through the carousel

7) leaves theme code behind after uninstalling (and emptying cache)

May work for you, but for me this was a disaster, despite
looking promising.


App has unfair billing practices. Charge you blindly without giving any reason for doing so...Beware

Aug 30 this app charged me $25 for next 30 days subscription

Then on Sept 16 it charged me again $ 25 for next 30 days subsciption

Then on Sept 17 it charged me again $ 25 for next 30 days subscription

Then on Sept 18 it charged me again $ 25 for next 30 days subscription....

Do i have to pay them $ 25 daily for next 30 days subscriptions?? What an fraud app....

** BEWARE.....App removed almost 2 months back...yet it is playing with my theme :-

Personalizer - AI Recommendations by LimeSpot changed theme: qrack-v1-5-0
November 28, 2018 at 4:01 AM GMT+5:30


App has no tutorial. Help files are not up-to-date. The support is terrible, never really gives a straightforward answer.
The app looks more promising that really is.


So these app guys have injected pixel - 928871153944072 on all of my store that were using this app.

I couldn't figure out from where this pixel was coming. I already had a doubt on this app. So I reached to their support and they clearly said that they DO NOT insert any pixel..

I reached Shopify support and they removed the app left over code and the pixel got removed.

Even un-installing the app didn't help. So make sure you remove the code completely.

Because of multiple pixels on my store, the data was not tracking correctly. I suffered loss overall.

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