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March 11, 2023

Cant even access the app. The first screen it says "Insufficient Permissions"

I just accepted all settings while installing and then being met with a "Insufficient Permissions" screen, is just poor programming and makes me think the app is not that good...
Too bad, I really wanted the features this app provides

7 minutes using the app
Link Whisper replied March 15, 2023

I'm sorry that you weren't able to log in, usually when the "Insufficient Permissions" message is shown after installation, it's because a browser setting blocked Link Whisper's user token.

The token is used to identify the user so we can access the store Link Whisper is installed on. If the token can't be set, there's no way to verify the user's permissions and effectively they have "Insufficient Permissions".

We would be happy to work through any issues to help you log in. If you would like to give Link Whisper another try, please contact us from our support portal so we can get in touch. (

February 9, 2023

Not a great start as the outbound internal link report is not accurate. I created a support ticket to see if it is a config issue but didn't receive an email receipt to confirm if it has been generated. When I go to check ticket status nothing loads. Please contact me to provide guidance. thanks

5 days using the app
August 26, 2023

Like others have stated, seems like WordPress users get all the support and help but this app literally doesn't even work (permissions aren't set properly from the app side) so this is useless the moment you install it. Come on Niche Pursuits, you guys can do better than this. Why throw something up when it doesn't even work? Simply unacceptable and a waste of time.

Flourish Presets
United States
12 minutes using the app
Edited September 14, 2023

UPDATE : After some emails with support team, Shopify version has been updated and works now (even if it still take a long time to load and has some glitches sometimes). I am glad to recover this app which is really helpful.

This app does not work.
I tried to keep in touch with the dev team but got few reaction and i still get a blank page when i try to access it, whatever the browser used.
That's a pitty because it was a great app and helped for auto linking.

Gingerlily Perles
11 months using the app
July 7, 2023

This worked great for a few months, then abruptly stopped functioning. It simply loads a blank screen now. Appears from the other reviews I'm not the only one having this problem. Would reinstall if this gets fixed.

Glitch Magic
United States
9 months using the app
Link Whisper replied August 3, 2023

Thank you for the feedback, we've completed some necessary maintenance on the app to fix the loading problem and other users report it's functioning smoothly again.

If you want to give it another try, I've given you an extended free trial so that there's no cost for trying and to thank you for giving it another chance.

If you still have trouble, please feel free to contact our support so we can work to solve the issue.

March 10, 2023

Before committing to a subscription, I signed up for their 7-day free trial to test this on one website. Unfortunately, there is no way to use that free trial for a Shopify website as the app attempts to bill $7 USD per month immediately.

It's too bad that the Shopify pricing is higher, and that there isn't a trial. It is $84 per year per domain via Shopify, versus $167 per year for 10 domains on Link Whisper's website ($16.70 per year per domain).

The Mattress & Sleep Company
1 minute using the app
Link Whisper replied March 15, 2023

I'm sorry, but there's been a misunderstanding about how payments work. A charge for $7 is authorized when the app is installed, but it is not charged unless the app remains installed for longer than 7 days. If the app is uninstalled during the trial period, the authorized charge will be canceled.

The charge is authorized using Shopify's payment systems, using the standard Shopify free trial method, and remains entirely in their hands so you can be sure that the trial will be honored.

August 3, 2023

Link whisper in the past works excellent but now it works anymore. Why is the app not working good anymore ?

Aramat Jewels
Almost 2 years using the app
February 18, 2022

I have added a keyword and url in auto-linking but nothing happen. I clicked on FAQ but it's talking about licence and wordpress. It doesnt make any sense. Is this app working?

Hong Kong SAR
About 6 hours using the app
Link Whisper replied February 19, 2022

Thank you for your question. Link Whisper does function and is actively supported.

The Auto Linking system is currently undergoing a system upgrade, and for some customers, this means it's not currently able to create the Auto Links.

When the upgrade is complete, the queued links will be created. We expect the upgrade to be completed in the next 1-3 days.

Edited November 28, 2022

Link Whisper is a great tool. Internal links are great for your seo and this product delivers as stated. If you are having issues with this product check your theme. This product rules in the Wordpress world and has changed many sites who now get much more traffic.

United States
10 months using the app
January 28, 2021

I need help. After successfully using the app for a week, I suddenly get a message that I do not have any right to use it. How do I contact support?

5D with Timothy
3 months using the app
Link Whisper replied January 29, 2021

Hi Timothy,

We have occasionally seen this kind of problem happen due to browser settings. Usually it's because the browser is blocking cookies or something similar. We should be able to solve it, but we'll need you to create a support ticket so we can discuss the problem.

Would you please open a support ticket here: