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Loyalty Points by Bold

Loyalty Points by Bold

Developed by BOLD

103 reviews
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  • New version available! Simple to install, and a completely redesigned interface makes your loyalty program easier than ever to use
  • Offer points for purchases, social shares, and special marketing campaigns!
  • Our original version is still available! Let customers buy products with points, create product-specific rules, and offer different point values based on customer tiers

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What's new in version 2?

Our newest version has just been released! We will continue to add unique and exciting features to this version - here’s what you’ll get right now:

  • 2-Minute Installation - start a powerful loyalty program before your coffee is done brewing!

  • Customizable widget - easily style your program’s most visible marketing tool, promoting your program to customers and allowing them to redeem rewards right on the page.

  • Updated email notifications - Send branded messages to promote your program to your customers, encouraging them to return and take advantage of their earned points.

  • New ways to earn - Customers earn points (and increase loyalty) by making purchases, signing up for the program, sharing on social media, and even as a birthday present!

  • New ways to redeem - Offer coupons such as percentage off, fixed amount, or free shipping once a customer has earned enough points.

  • Promotions and Campaigns - Offer bonus point events and point multipliers to help drive sales in conjunction with product marketing initiatives

The first TRUE loyalty points program that lets customers earn points when they shop, and redeem them to buy stuff!

A true Loyalty Points program, not "Referral".

There are a lot of "referral" programs out there. Those are great, and you can keep using them! In fact, we encourage it :-) This is a loyalty points program for Shopify in the sense that customers earn points when they make a purchase, and then they can use those points to buy products.

What's the difference exactly?

A Referral Program generally gives some kind of a coupon for an action. For example: "Like us on Facebook, Tweet this page, visit our site more than 5 times a week, etc... and earn a 5% off coupon."

A true Loyalty Points program gives customers points when they buy something, which they can later redeem as a form of payment on a purchase.

Here are some of the features, at a glance:

  • Offer bonus points on specific products. Great to promote products!

  • Show the amount of points required to buy something right beside the price, so customers think in terms of "points".

  • Different customer levels can earn or redeem points faster.

  • Add redemption multipliers to make some products cost more points.

  • Set expiry dates for points.

  • Manually adjust or override customer points.

  • Bulk import points from a simple spreadsheet (if needed).

  • Globally pause your Loyalty Program for big sale days like Black Friday.

  • Full design control. Change anything from the logo of the points, to the way the customer admin panel looks, to match your branding.

  • Full Language control. Name the points anything you like, and control all the wording to match your company "lingo".

  • See trends in your Loyalties program with our built in Analytics and Reports.

  • Registration Bonus. Award points to customers just for signing up! You can even give them bonus points on their anniversary.

  • No login required! If customers forget to login, it still assigns points based off their email address.

We're VERY actively developing and adding more features to this app everyday!
Click here to see our latest updates!

Look good? Try it free for 30 days today!

Wanna learn more? Keep reading :-)

Bonus Points

Need to promote some hard to sell products? We built in the ability for you to offer Bonus Points on them! For example, if customers normally earn 100 points per dollar spent, you can let customers earn 500 per dollar on a specific product. It's a great way to promote it without putting it on sale.

PRO TIP: Offering bonus points on products is a great way to get around MAP pricing (Minimum Advertised Price) and to avoid getting in price wars.

Customer Tiers

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could put customers in different tiers that earned or redeemed points at different ratios, just like Costco? Good news, we built that in too!

You can create as many different "Customer Tiers" as you like! For example, you can set "Regular" customers to earn 100 points per $1.00 spent, "VIP" customers can earn 125 points, and your "GOLD" customers can earn 150 points. You can set it to whatever you like! To put a customer into a tier simply tag them with your designated tag.

PRO TIP: Use the Bold Recurring Memberships app to sell an annual membership to your higher earning customer levels. For example, charge $59/year to be a VIP member and earn double points.

PRO TIP: Use the Bold Customer Pricing app, to automatically tag customers based off how much they spend, how many times they buy, or what country they're from. For example, after a customers spends $1,000, or orders more than 2 times, they become a VIP member and earn double points. After $5,000 or 10 orders, they become a GOLD member and earn triple points, and so on.

Redemption Multipliers

We thought of everything! Need to make some products cost more points than the normal redemption ratio? You can hand pick any product to cost more to buy with points. For example, if 1,000 points is normally worth $1.00, you can set a specific product to cost 1,500 points to be redeemable, or worth $1.00.

Product & Variant Exclusions

Need to exclude some products from your points program? You can do that too! Hand pick any product, or even just specific variants to be excluded from earning, or being redeemed, for points.

Import Wizard

Got stuck with a crummy Loyalties app and want to switch over? Or maybe you already have points associated to customers on your store? Either way, you can use our simple import tool to get them into this app. Email address and number of points on a simple spreadsheet are all that's needed!

"Smart" Points

One of the most common headaches with loyalty programs are customers forgetting to login when they make a purchase and then not collecting the points. So we built a solution for that too!

When a customer makes a purchase, the app assigns the points to the email used on the order. So if they forget to login, no worries! If they didn't have an account and create one (with the same email), they'll be there too! Pretty "Smart," hey?

Common Questions:

Q - Why did you decide to build a Loyalty app. Aren't there some already?

There definitely are other loyalty apps out there. However, based off our research we found none of them properly meeting the needs of what customers want in a loyalty program.

Customers want a loyalty program that you earn points when you spend money, they want something that's easy to understand, and they don't want to be limited on what rewards they get. They just want to use their points to shop. There are no existing loyalty point apps that do that, so we built one :-).

Q - Is there a liquid update to my theme required?

Yes there is a fairly big liquid update required to mainly your Product and your Account templates. We have detailed instructions how to do it if you're good with code. If you're not comfortable doing that kinda stuff, not to worry! We are more than happy to do it for you!! On the liquid instructions page there is a link to request us to do it for you.

Q - How exactly do customers redeem points for products?

If a customer has enough points to purchase a product, a "Buy with Points" button will appear on it. When customers buy with points it will create a regular order in your Shopify admin. It does not use the standard Shopify checkout though, so there will be no Shipping or Tax on it. To account for any shipping, just make sure to value your point redemption properly. Here's more info on how that works.

Q - Seems like a big app, can someone help me set it up?

You bet we can! In fact, as soon as you install it one of our account managers will reach out to you right away to setup a call to walk through getting your Loyalty Points program set exactly how you like. We're here to help you be successful!

Q - How do I know if a Loyalty Program is right for my store?

Take a look at our blog to read our three part series on everything you need to know to launch a successful Loyalty Program on your Shopify store plus marketing, planning & launching with Bold's Loyalty Points app.


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Loyalty Points by Bold reviews

103 reviews
  1. 5 stars (73 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (15 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (4 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (5 reviews)
  5. 1 star (6 reviews)

Installed app and it automatically said I have 6,500 active customers! Nope, only 2,000 in the last couple of months. App was adding anyone with an account and including those that had not ordered anything, hardly active!

Also, has limited functionality and I could not do half the things advertised. So many glitches from the start...

Loyalty points not registering at all.
Script on the widget completely messed up and showing as some Cyrillic language.
Does not show in member account page, nor on any products.
Can't add for individual products.
No account activity after purchases, registration or anything.

For this they wanted $499/month from me....!!! Complete money grab


This loyalty program is great and my customers love it! The entire Bold suite is fantastic and their customer service is off the charts! I always Live Chat with Rose and she is phenomenal! Gets me exactly the help and answers I need every time!


I loved the idea of this app in that a customer could buy anything in the store with the right amount of points not just some pre-assigned product or coupon. I liked the look of it too. I installed the code myself using the easy instructions but ran into some problems that I didn't understand. I'm not sure if I was making myself clear but after the first go round with support they escalated it to a higher level support so they could explain my settings it to me better and how to fix them. 5/5. They were patient and professional with my questions.


LOVE IT! Everything from Bold has been amazing and their customer support is fantastic! * Thank you, MC for your help!! * If there's app coding required, they have your back and install it for you. * Thank you, Brenda for the install! * Programs are designed really well and run perfectly. Thank you, Bold. You rock, once again!!



Update: 23.02.18 - My customers are still not able to redeem any points.

After working with BOLD support for over a month, they still have not installed their app properly on my Turbo theme. I understand that each theme is different, but if I were to install a script on a website, I would make sure the site is functioning properly before I declare the installation to be complete.

At least 3 different installations left a script on my site that caused major page load problems. This error was very visible on both the home and product pages. Bold eventually admitted that one of their staff was responsible for the improper installation.

Today, users have no patience for websites with poor load speeds or inadequate performance. In a study done by Akamai, almost three-quarters of respondents (74%) will abandon after waiting five seconds for a mobile site to load, 57% have experienced problems when accessing a mobile site and 46% would NOT return to a poor functioning site.

The stats are in, a month of template issues cause by faulty installs have directly affected conversions.

It is now the day after Black Friday. I had hoped that the loyalties app would be visible to new customers to help with conversions. The customers were there, the app was not as the loyalties options were not visible.

After paying $99 for the app and installation fees, for template updates, this app can become very expensive. After a month of BOLD support, to be left with an app that is not fully functional for Black Friday is unacceptable. I would not recommend BOLD apps for any Out of the Sandbox themes. Before you purchase, make sure you are aware of additional install fees as they can get costly for a new store.

I am sorry BOLD, I do NOT recommend your products.



I LOVE Bold App Products!! This is by far the best loyalty program I have used! My customers are LOVING it, which makes it so worth every penny. They love racking up points so they can spend them in the super easy way that Bold has it setup!! No codes they have to keep track of or enter!! Never going back!


My customers are actually excited about earning rewards again. For some reason I didn't find this app right away and ended up trying like, EVERY OTHER REWARDS APP IN THE APP STORE. How I didn't even see this one in this hunt is beyond me. But all the others... total damn duds. Glitches, oddball calculations, not accurately crediting customers. Total stressful mess that I was ready to throw in the towel on the whole thing. But I decided to do ONE MORE search for an app and found Loyalty Points. It's been aces ever since. I just added it so it hasn't created new sales just yet but the buzz is great in my facebook customer group. They are excited to get started!

The Bold team hooked up my code for this app super fast. Like, no waiting hardly at all.


It's a pretty robust app. We just recently launched, so I can't say how well it drives people to buy, yet. It is loaded with features, but you do have to edit a lot of the files.


Fantastic app! Fantastic support.
I tried to install it myself and ran into a couple problems down to my themes design. After contacting Bold using the links they provide, they carried out a full install and got it all working smoothly.

The program itself is loaded with features and functions that help you manage every step of the program you offer.

Tiered rewards, bonus points and the fact that it only charges you for active users are all a plus for the program.

Used in conjunction with Bolds other apps, its an absolute must have.


I absolutely love this addition to my clothing site. The basic plan is free and is already making sales seem more appealing. It’s very efficient and easy to use. I can definitely build my brand with bold and I recommend it to anyone with a startup business who wants to give their site more appeal!

From $0.00 / month

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