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Meteor Mega Menus

Meteor Mega Menus

Developed by Helium

102 reviews
Price: $10.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Boost sales by enabling customers to find your products easily
  • Showcase your product offering with multi-level drop down menus
  • Set up and edit menus quickly without hiring a developer


See Meteor Mega Menus in action at
our demo shop.

♦ Benefits

Boost sales by enabling customers to find your products easily

Mega menus have been studied and proven to help your customers find what they are looking for more easily, leading to more sales. With Meteor, you can easily create beautiful sub menu navigation items that allow your customers to quickly access your product catalog.

Showcase your product offering with multi-level drop down menus

You have invested in stunning product photography… now show it off! Photos in drop down mega menus tempt shoppers to learn more about your products.

Set up and edit menus quickly without hiring a developer

Drop down mega menus historically have been custom affairs that an agency or freelancer might be hired to create. With Meteor, you get that professional look within minutes at a low monthly cost.

♦ Features

A variety of professionally-designed templates

Meteor comes standard with several templates that have been thoughtfully designed to organize products, collections & pages for shops. Whether you have 10 products or 100,000, there is a template that fits your needs. A majority of the templates showcase product photography and support multiple tiers drop downs. There are left-to-right and top-to-bottom layouts. All templates allow you to customize text, colors, animations, and other settings. We continue to develop new and interesting templates to offer more layout and style choices.

Seamless theme integration

Adding Meteor to your shop is simple: install the app, set up some menus, and pick the theme that it should be displayed on and it does the rest. Since you can pick the theme, you can preview and test the menus before they go live. There is no need to edit your Theme’s Liquid code. Uninstalling is straightforward as well: choose “uninstall” in the app and Meteor will remove that menu code from all of your themes. We’ve tested Meteor with most Shopify themes, free and paid. Most themes work out of the box, with no wrangling necessary.
Here’s our compatibility list.
If your theme is custom or unsupported, reach out to us at
and we will do what we can to make it work.

Fast and lean

Menus are one of the first things your customers interact with on your shop. For this reason, we’ve built Meteor to load menus quickly & unobtrusively. All Meteor-specific content either comes directly from your Shopify’s great
infrastructure or a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which puts it right where
your customers are. Menus are accessible within milliseconds of users visiting
your page. Meteor doesn’t add bloated, unnecessary JavaScript libraries to your
website. It also doesn’t interfere with other styling and layout elements of a

Tailored to both desktop and mobile

Chances are, a significant number of your customers are shopping on their phones
and tablets. Meteor offers a tailored mobile menu experience that is much more
user-friendly than simply scaling the desktop menus down to a mobile size. Don’t
lose customers just because they are on mobile.

Backed by Helium’s unparalleled support

Whether you are having trouble setting up your menus, want to explore options,
or had something break, we are here to help. Helium, the company that built
Meteor and other apps, offers email and near-live chat to respond within
minutes, on average. We prioritize support so that you have the tools you need
to build amazing menus. We’re available 9AM-5PM PST on weekdays.

Comprehensive documentation

Are you the DIY type? Meteor’s help docs include a step-by-step setup guide
(with videos!) to ensure a smooth installation. And if you are a developer
looking to augment Meteor’s CSS or hook into JavaScript events that Meteor
fires, we have that too.

99.9% uptime guarantee

A menu app is only worthwhile when it is working on your shop. That’s why we
offer an SLA as our promise that our service will be providing your menus. Any
downtime beyond Shopify’s own downtime that you report to us will get a credit
on your bill for the affected month.

A single price: no tiers or hidden charges

$10 per month and nothing more. Where other apps have variable pricing, we make
it simple. We will be here for you, whether you have 100 customers or 1,000,000.

Need Help?

We are here to help you build amazing mega menus!
Visit our help page
or drop us an email at
anytime! On average, we respond within minutes during our working hours
(9AM-5PM PST on weekdays).


Is there something that you’d like to have built beyond basic customizations?
We're also
Shopify Experts.

Who builds Meteor?

Meteor is built by
Helium Development, a
software company and agency based in Gig Harbor, WA, USA. We are a small team
that works with startups and established companies to create shopping
experiences that leave a lasting positive impact on customers. We have been
Shopify Experts
since 2015. We value exploration, being personable, reliability, and expertise.

Meteor Mega Menus reviews

102 reviews
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  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

I tried a number of menus systems, criteria being 1) easy to install, 2) can large number menu's and collections, 3) be attractive. from a business point of view, generate extra turnover by making our products easy to find for our clients.
This combination will result in an increasing bottom line - I am sure this installation will meet all these points. Further as for the meteor team at Helium especially Chelsea who not only persevered with me but encouraged me through out the installation and her help, patience with me was beyond anyone's call of duty. Coming from 40 years of IT experience working with TOP industry professionals made it such pleasure to have Chelsea as my account manager. I can Truly recommend Meteor Mega Menus - You won't be disappointed that is our experience. Franz Lamers CEO - AbsoluteSkin Cosmetics (Pty) Ltd - South Africa


Easy to use app with great customer service.


Terrific App. Takes a bit of work to understand how it works but it's worth it. AND the best part is support. I wanted to tweak the layout and Chelsea from Helium took care of the code, uploaded it to my store and it works perfectly. Support is such an important element of buying an APP and Helium have got it!!!


Great App. Lots of options to customize menus layouts. Excellent Support.


Great customer support. Helped us rebuild our menus on cleaningequipmentdirect.com


I am so incredibly happy with this app! After spending weeks contemplating running 2 different websites I have managed to divide everything I wanted in the menu in a nice, clean crisp way.

This app is fantastic, and the instructions are very easy to use!


Love it! The app makes my site look so professional. Support rocks! Thanks!!


Great app to help us sort over 250,000 replacement parts for floor scrubber and floor sweeper machines. Brands like Tennant, Nobles, Clarke, Viper, Nilfisk Advance, Minuteman, NSS, Windsor, and several others.


Excellent app and great support available


Great app. Excellent support - speedy, friendly, efficient.
Chelsea went to great lengths to ensure that everything worked perfectly for me.

$10.00 / month

No tiers or hidden charges
- Access to all multi-tier menus templates
- Unlimited menus and navigation items
- Free for development stores
- Includes email and chat support

7 days

Support & Sales

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