Modalyst: Dropship Name Brands

Modalyst: Dropship Name Brands

by Modalyst

Dropship name brands & trendy, affordable items. Fast shipping

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Model for Less

Beware of Modalyst. Their vendors do not follow guidelines & include their own information inside of the package, with pricing! I placed a test order from one of their US-based vendors who is considered an Independent Brand, and who offers returns. Modalyst guarantees that Independent Brands will blind ship, but will include an invoice WITHOUT pricing inside, with your store logo.

When the item arrived, this wasn't the case. The item's label was from the vendor, which would be super confusing in the first place if you were the customer thinking you ordered an item from my store, and it comes from another. Then, inside wasn't a nice invoice with my store logo. Instead, it was an invoice WITH PRICING and with all the boutique's information and website. Horrible. On top of that, the sweatshirt was drenched in vinegar and smelled up my whole house.

I requested a return several times from the vendor who supposedly offers returns in 14 days. They NEVER responded to me at all. I then contacted Modalyst and not even their CEO, Jill, has bothered to get back with me. She asked me to send her all the details, but I have followed up with her now a couple times and she went MIA. I even had to try and dispute the charge with my bank, which ultimately didn't work. So now I'm stuck with an item that I should have been able to return, but couldn't due to a shady vendor and no response from Modalyst.

The $30 fee is totally not worth it. The items are way marked up and in order to make any profit, you'd basically have to sell them at higher than retail. Who in their right mind would pay for that as a customer?

This has been a complete disaster and I am very disappointed in the fact that I paid even a cent for membership, as they do not comply with their terms.


I hope people should not use this application, the service is too bad Currently I do not know how to remove my card from this service


Even I paid an order to the suppliers, they don't response in a reasonable time even i keep reminding them in the Madalyst system. After waiting for they reply for like 7 days, i left a message in their official web site, then they replied. I sent an email to support to Modalyst for 3 days now, and they still don't response to my email ... ... ...


TIME WASTER! Awful customer service, it took 5 days to reply a question that did about pricing (to finally set up my store). They replied 5 days after and just giving me an article that doesn't address my problem. I'm just wondering if After 5 days, did they even take the time to read clearly my question?

My Shopping Bay

I installed the app and had to give my credit card to see more options. When I gave my credit card, I just discovered a lot of things were out of stock. I uninstalled the app and contacted the Modalyst support team right away not to charge my card.

A month has passed, they have charged my card and they sent me an email that they charged again the second time. It has been over a month and no one has replied to my email from the support team.

It is the most useless app I have come across. I do not know how to get in touch with them so that they can stop charging my card.

I have used so many apps but have never come across a terrible customer support like Modalyst.

I hope they read my review and do something about the refund and stop charging my card.

Glam Kitten

The app seemed to nice, lots of options. But you have zero support! They just don't answer your questions. After leaving them several messages, no one responded. Won't be using this app anymore.


I just canceled this subscription after realizing that the whole sale price is ridiculous! Don’t waste your time or money!!

Default Store 1

I was SO excited to try out Modalyst due to the product selection and recommendation I received from another person. Unfortunately, I did not have a good experience, by any means, and I didn't even get a chance to use the service.

Modalyst's communication is ABHORRENT. The only way to communicate with them is via email or through their messenger on the Modalyst website. Then, you'll be forced to wait 24 hours for a response from someone. Have another question for Modalyst? You'll wait another day, or more, for a response from any follow up questions. Ridiculous. So if I as a business owner have a serious issue with the website or one of my Retailers, you mean to tell me you cannot help at all until 24 hours later? Unacceptable.

Modalyst works with business owners, and you mean to tell me that you only have email communication and a 24 hours delay in responses? Unprofessional, and completely inconvenient for businesses. On top of that, they cannot confirm whether brand names or promotional materials will be included by Retailers if you choose to ship their products to your customers! Why would I as a business want to ship products to my customers with promotional merchandise and coupons from a completely different company? In what way does that make any logical sense?

Good luck working with Modalyst because I have removed them from my list of potentials and promptly uninstalled the app.

If you expect to work with business owners, Modalyst, you need to provide business-level service. A barely padded FAQ and 24 email response delays is not going to cut it. Good luck. I will be trying out the Dropified app instead immediately after finishing this review.

Country Chic Decor

I dropped this app over a week ago and on JUly 1st, they charged me again. 45$ Im going to let Shopify handle this. Sign me, An angry merchant

Is Well Suited

This app is the worst, i never would recommend it. When you try to add products it isn't respond, have a lot of problems with the speed of adding products and for load the pages of the same app. You should solve this fast.

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