Modalyst: Best US Dropshippers

Modalyst: Best US Dropshippers

by Modalyst

Dropshipping Suppliers USA for Shopify Websites

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An absolutely HORRIBLE site/app, customer service, and tech team. I had the unlimited plan for 3 years now  - paid $35 monthly payment each month to drop ship  - One day they announced they are no longer working with THE MAIN supplier I had used  - Meaning I can't import more items form this supplier but they promised all my imported items ( 15,000 ) will still be synced, And they said  I still have to pay the full $35 for this service ( although I can't import any of this supplier items anymore ).  I had kept paying full price because  I wanted my 15,000 items to be synced with real stock quantity, And then I started noticing  the  orders my clients had placed at that time ware out off stock in the supplier website -  And I couldn't fulfill them - had to refund money to all my customers,  - I had complained to Modalist customer support -  and was told that the supplier had blocked them  - They are sorry - they can't sync with their stock anymore - Meaning I kept paying for service for 2 full months and got NOTHING . I asked for a refund for this period of time  - and they agreed  - but never got it till today ( it has been 4 months now )  - Also I demanded to stop the recurring payment for my unlimited plan - they said in order to do that I need to downgrade my plan - I tried  to do that but got an error that I will need to delete all my 15,000 items ( that I had to spend A LOT  of money on SEO to promote them by then) Oviusley I refused to delete them - their customer service told me  - "that's weird - I will take "care of that for you
And guess what -  After one hour  - I saw only had 7000 items left in my shop !!!!! I had contacted them said "Stop deleting my items ASAP"  - they said " you wanted to downgrade your plan, didn't you? And then they apologized When they realized what happened and promised they will stop the process and will upload all my DELETED items back - And after 2 hours I took a look saw 0 items on my shop!!! THEY HAD DELETED ALL MY HARD WORK  - and made me lose a lot of money !!!!!
This is the WORST EXPERIENCE i had ever had by far !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you want to build a successful online dropshipping Buiseness S T A Y A W A Y!!! There are much better apps with great and professional customer service like "Oberlo", "Aliexpress  ". Do your self a favor and never go with Modalyst!!!!


Absolutely horrible site to use. They do not have a phone number for concerns or issues and NO ONE EVER REPLIES TO EMAILS EVER. Do not use them if you want a smooth, truthful and pleasant dropshipper/ app/ platform to use. A disgrace and the worst site I have ever used. STAY AWAY!

Developer reply

October 14, 2019

Thank you Tiffany for your review. We appreciate you sharing your feedback about our customer support. You are right to point out that we do not have a dedicated phone line. We are a small company and do our best to communicate via email and live chat. In your case, we were regularly in touch with you via email and live chat. Our team has all the documentation, dating back to July 29, when we last corresponded.

Can you please help us understand what your recent issue is? We would lovef to address it appropriately. You have not been active on our site for a few months so it would be great to understand whether something recent provoked you to share this kind of feedback.

Our team is also in the process of following up with Shopify Support about your feedback here. We expect that they will step in and help us clear this up. There appears to be some very earnest confusion and we would love their insight around how to best address your feedback.

As always, please feel free to email us at You can also find us on live chat.

Thank you.


My store is selling sunglasses. I bought Modalyst since they offered high-end sunglasses. I removed every product I had in the store and replaced them with products from Modalyst. A few weeks after all the products I added was removed together with the high-end brands. So the entire reason why I choose Modalyst as a supplier is gone.

I have tried reaching the support several times without them getting back to me. I understand that my problem isn't convenient, but they could at least offer some help and a solution. Two days ago I wrote an email and decided that if they wouldn't come back to me I would write this review.

Developer reply

October 9, 2019

Thank you for your review. We are very sorry to hear about this experience and will resolve it right away.

I apologize but unfortunately our team never received your message about this issue. Did it occur recently? If so, can you please forward me the message to I'd love to have a look.

In the meantime, our technical team is already looking into your account and will get back to us with their findings in the next few hours.

Thank you for being patient and understanding while we work to resolve this as quickly as possible.

If there is anything else, please don't hesitate to reach out!


Difficult for people who want to offer free shipping to there drop-shipping store. You have to raise the retail price to cover your shipping and you also have to consider their commission 5% and other fees from your shopfiy store.

Some items displayed are also are very inaccurate with the description, some products do not give you any product description at all, no detail on sizing, material, etc.

For example I have found a few products and in the description it states multiple colors but the product itself contains only one color. Other products I found doesn't mention any description what so ever.

So in my opinion Modalyst should have a standard to make sure there suppliers have accurate description, photos, and even correct sizing description or chart. I should be clear that not all products are like this, some of these suppliers go out of there way to provide all the information and pictures needed to make these sales, other however product very limited product detail and pictures.

the app is easy to use.
the customer service is terrible!!
i was promised a 20% discount if i upgrade to their PRO plan and after i subscribed for it they never responded back to me. the guy who was assigned to me is Felix and he never gave me the discount i was promised!

Developer reply

October 8, 2019

Thank you for sharing your concerns. I apologize if there was confusion about the coupon code you were promised for the Annual Pro plan. As a friendly reminder, we recently launched new yearly pricing for both the Startup and Pro plans. The code you were initially given was for a legacy plan that no longer exists. That was our error, and we acknowledged it as such. We are committed to resolving this billing issue with you as soon as possible. Please feel free to continue following the thread we have open with you on our live chat. You can also email us at

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Speak Life & Believe

Good concept, love the products. However, the Customer Support Team needs A LOT of work. It is very concerning to watch orders go unprocessed daily, because NO ONE from Modalyst is willing to help trouble shoot errors. There is a real opportunity to make this app great, but customer support is key!

Developer reply

October 8, 2019

Thank you for your constructive review. I am following up to let you know we value your comments and feedback. We understand that providing excellent Customer Support is a priority for you. It is also a priority for us. And as such our entire team is working hard to improve our approach and process. If you have any additional feedback, please don't hesitate to let us know!


I was using the app and it stopped working and has been frozen. It stated that it was being uninstalled and did not allow me to import products and or sync to Shopify. I contacted support and have not received a response for more than 48 hours. I had a pro plan subscription with no support to resolve issues. Very bad!

Developer reply

September 11, 2019

Thank you for your review. I'd love to follow up and make sure everything is working as expected. I know that our team about a week ago was able to help you fully resolve the issue. If there is anything else we can do to improve your experience, please let us know!


This app idea is good but it has lot of shortfalls. The vendors keep changing. There is low inventory most of the times. Named brands generally have only 1 -2 items in stock anytime and are only sold at retail price. I have checked it so may times now.

Second this app is high risk if you are just starting. Since fashion apparel industry is very high competition and saturated to the lowest margins.

Selling products of this app becomes more challenging due to three reasons: 1. Inventory is generally low.
2. Pricing is generally retail price + Shipping fee can go as high as $15 + order processing to delivery 20 days average + 5% transaction fee they charge (even when you have paid for year) (you also pay 2%-4% transaction fee to payment provider + 2% to Shopify these bring down your margin ).
3. High risk of you loosing your ad spend - this can be due to the low stock inventory they have. It's my experience.

Also, most vendors always offer out of fashion stuff at high retail price so making a reasonable business out of this app is a tricky one.

Recent update have also ruined how the app used to work before. Now it don't even push products to store and keep showing blank error or say products syncing in process.

Customer care is difficult to get in touch with. It might have potential but Not an app I love any more.


I do not know what is going on, but I will leave this a 1* until they fix the promotion.

So here what's happening, I get an email for a promotion for lifetime membership for more than 40% off (from $750 to $350) so I click on the promo and it brings me to the promo page with the price still as the original. I email them and they respond the next day they send me a reply and said the issue has been resolved and it should now reflect the promo price. I then click on the offer again and see and the price is now the promotion price of $350 so I click on getting started, once in the checkout screen, as I proceed to enter my information I than see that the price had revert back to the original price of $750. I don't know what kind of game they are playing but it feels like they are trying to trick some of us who are not paying attention. I have message them back with screen shots and I even have a video of what is going on, I will now wait to see if anything has been resolved.

Developer reply

September 11, 2019

Thank you for your review and feedback. We are sorry again that our user interface created some confusion about the promotional pricing. I'm glad we were able to sort it out when we connected last week. Going forward, we will work on making the pricing more clear on the user interface. If there is anything else we can help address around this issue, please don't hesitate to let us know!

Leather King Clothing

We are being robbed,and to think,I have both my stores here,if you think I am lying on them,look at this,they said nothing about refunds,for not being able to fulfill there commit to us Hi,

As a friendly reminder, on Sept. 9 we will be making changes to our Chrome Extension:

For Shein, the Chrome Extension will:

Keep items which are already in your store synced
Allow you to semi-automate order processing, as it does now
No longer import items from Shein sites
We would also like to announce a new, amazing, affordable supplier under Trendy, Lux LA!

For Wish, the Chrome Extension will be discontinued. This means the Chrome Extension will:

No longer import items from
No longer keep items which are already in your store synced
No longer semi-automate order processing
Why are we phasing out Shein & making these changes?

We made this decision to protect you, our customers. You worked hard to design a beautiful store, select the merchandise, adjust the details to suit your store's spirit, and market it to your customers. Each month, we watch tens of thousands of you build a beautiful, inspiring business. You earned your customer. We do not let suppliers add coupons and discount codes to packages to lure your customers away. We want you to have a loyal, repeatable customer base. We are, therefore, taking action to remove Shein from Modalyst.

We have also removed Wish from the marketplace. Why?

Our customers repeatedly told us that they come to us for unique, high quality products that stand out, as well as faster shipping. We aim to be a reliable source for quality, fast shipping, and variety. Wish didn't meet these standards.

But don't worry - we have a huge partnership coming in a couple of months with hundreds of thousands of products.

We are constantly working behind the scenes to bring you the best selection of dropshipping inventory. We aim to be the most expansive, integrated, reliable dropshipping platform in the market. Our goal is to enable ecommerce retailers to build a thriving business. We expect that these changes will bring us all closer to each of our goals.

Thank you for your understanding and I wish you continued success with your business!



Co-Founder & CEO of Modalyst, Just to let everybody know,they buy reviews,yes,I spoke with Jill on the phone,and she said,I will give you a refund if you take down this one star review.... Yep,that's how she feels about this... Warning,if your gonna get into drop shipping,this is not the company you wanna work with at ALL!

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