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PhotoCrafts Limited

unless you want spammed to death with them trying to sell you their "latest and greatest limited offer" of member ship do not download this app.

never came across such a spamming lot of people, daily with the exact same rubbish email allegedly sent from different "names"

Developer reply

May 29, 2019

Hi Bob,

Thanks for taking time to provide feedback. I am sorry to hear you were frustrated by the number of promotional emails you received. As a friendly reminder, you are free to unsubscribe from our emails. We are also available on customer chat to help you at any point.

I noticed you haven't had any conversation with our team. Please let me know if you have any questions about how Modalyst works or how to get started.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Your Modalyst team

Paltirea Swim

Worst experience ever with this app. Customer service is little to none. All they want is your money. I will be calling my bank because they mislead people into buy a subscription that you cant even use !!


My experience with the app is horrible. I received an order and had to refund my customer because I could not order the product from supplier listed in the app. The support understanding of people working for this app is that "did you communicate with the supplier?". I got this response from two different people while trying to order my product. If communication with supplier is my responsibility, what kind of support do you provide over there?

Runners Passion

So I am a new user, however experienced. Suggestions...Orberlo seems much more advanced and I would follow their lead. 1) Allow users to change pricing with one input on the variant page for all listed products; 2) add a feature to end prices at .99; 3) allow imported products to be deleted from the import list 4) allow the product name to be read when editing (like Orberlo) rather than guessing where you are when editing. 5) why cant the pics be pre-populated in the varint page? These are all VERY time consuming manual edits that are pretty frustrating. Thank you.


They are very difficult to get in touch with. Have emailed them on three separate occasions with questions over a week ago but have not yet received a reply. Has given up the idea of hearing from them and is now looking for other suppliers instead.

Pinks Clothing & Accessory

Do not use this app it has inventory problem I have to cancel 3 orders and I have paid for the life time business plan I have been useing them since last October and I’m getting fed up with it they need to fix there inventory issues to stay up to date with vendor and costumer service sucks they don’t ever respond back I’m going to have to close my store down for a week and find a different vendor thanks to there inventory issues I have tolerated it long enough hoping they get it right but they haven’t I think Shopify should remove them from being a drop shipping app because there not sending inventory updates they want to take there fee when you can not even make a order because there out of stock Shopify please have them fix this problem or drop them as a app because they want to take the processing fee to place orders that are out of stock thanks

Angela's Unlimited Desires ll

It states you need a credit card and the extension. However, neither one should be required if you have the basic/hobby plan. You cannot order Shein or what if you do not want wish controlling your inventory with cheap products.

Newkomers Apparel

The products we're directly from China. I ordered over 14 items from suppliers and most of the items have to be sent back due to quality. In addition I requested my $175 I paid refunded as I will not be using their dripshippijg products, I've yet to receive a reply. I didn't have the app for more than 10 days and made 1 order. I'm very disappointed with the quality and customer service at this point.

Bourbon Clothing

Modalyst would be an amazing app if it worked correctly. I've been using them for two months and I've had to refund several orders because the item was out of stock. The "real-time" inventory syncing is really sub-par and rarely ever correct. They've waived my plan fees until June, but I can't keep manually updating hundreds of products every day.

Lady Blossom Apparel

Poor customer support, I try contact them in regards to a sync issues, I tried to contact them a few days ago about that problem and they even haven’t replied me, every time I try to contact them for a problem they take forever to replay and at the end the issue still is not fixed.

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