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Inglorious Men

I've deleted the app months ago and just found out you keep charging me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shaynne Bloodline

just wish platform, not customized ....
products that customers find everywhere....................

Asalee West™ - Luxury Bags for Everyone

I can only give this app one star, I would give it 2 but there's a deal-breaker. A few things to point out for the beginners. 1) Their initial response for support is very slow. My experience is 24-48 hours. 2) Stay away from the Wish app. That is all for that. 3) The SHEIN app is bascially useless. You're just competing with SHEIN themselves, no wholesale prices. 4) Many Items are very low inventory. However, when I made a sale, my customers received their products in a decent time - less than a week. Most of these issues I can actually deal with because no app is perfect.

But here's the deal-breaker. The "Suppliers" shipped the products to my customers with their Labels AND their invoice. Now, my customer knows how much the item cost ME, my markup, and they were supplied with the "Suppliers'" marketing materials. A TOTAL betrayal.

Felix was nice enough but all he did was apologize and suggested that I contact the supplier, which I did already and I still haven't received a response from them - and I don't expect to. Besides, that's not our problem or place. Modalyst should be the one contacting THEM and giving them a chew out for betraying their retailers like this. So, that leaves me to question their actual relationship with these "Suppliers".

I would not suggest this app for anyone. I'm sorry.

Luv My Graveyard

I have to give them just one star based on customer service. I definitely won't be using the app. I contacted Felix to get a list of products so I could see if they carried anything my store would need. I was answered with a PDF explaining how to import items, but no list of items. I replied that I needed the list of actual items. The response was literally "What do you mean, items?" At that point I was getting frustrated and I said, "You carry products for dropshipping, correct? I would need to see what actual items you carry." And once again Felix replied with the same PDFs. I told him this was outrageous, at which time he basically laughed at me, "Thanks for your postive input!" I shudder to think what would happen if I used the app, needed customer service, and lost a customer of my own while Modalyst's employees played around, cracked up, and sent random PDFs to me. I won't gamble my store on this lack of professionalism.


I just started using this app and cant even get going, I asked for support and got a response stating they would be back in 2 hours, well that was well over 4.5 hours. Horrible support system
Well I got a message from them and was hoping I would be writing an update that says they rectified the problem but its not. My review stands, I cant review the app properly because I never got to use it and they did not help, I got a message saying they were going to look into it and I said great, then hours later asked for an update and nothing, it shows that my message was seen as well. Still nothing. So I am deciding to go with the Spocket for my upgraded plan since I actually get to communicate and help if I need it. I hope they work on responses and getting back with people because I REALLY would have loved to have had some the products in my shop.


Here is the truth. The customer support takes ages to reply my inquries. They might reply to this review and says "They are located in ..... " but this still doesn't explain why it takes them more the 12 to 24 hours to reply my inquries. In the app, it doesn't have the option of sample. Here's the thing, i would like to send a sample to my influencer or ambassador to reach out to the Social media and there is no option for that as well. But what pisses me off is the customer support. Whoever is thinking of installing this app. Do note, you will be left alone and don't expect a reply for the next 24 or maybe 72 hours.

Christian Pure

This app lets you import content from, and another obscure fashion site. is known to have extremely low quality stuff with long shipping times. This app is properly executed from an engineering perspective, but functionally useless and morally questionable.

The Vivacious You LLC

Products are on wish and Ali express. Yea there shipped in US but it's not worth the overpricing and cheapness of there products. Really annoyed

PhotoCrafts Limited

unless you want spammed to death with them trying to sell you their "latest and greatest limited offer" of member ship do not download this app.

never came across such a spamming lot of people, daily with the exact same rubbish email allegedly sent from different "names"

Developer reply

May 29, 2019

Hi Bob,

Thanks for taking time to provide feedback. I am sorry to hear you were frustrated by the number of promotional emails you received. As a friendly reminder, you are free to unsubscribe from our emails. We are also available on customer chat to help you at any point.

I noticed you haven't had any conversation with our team. Please let me know if you have any questions about how Modalyst works or how to get started.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Your Modalyst team

Paltirea Swim

Worst experience ever with this app. Customer service is little to none. All they want is your money. I will be calling my bank because they mislead people into buy a subscription that you cant even use !!

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