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Lady Blossom Apparel

Poor customer support, I try contact them in regards to a sync issues, I tried to contact them a few days ago about that problem and they even haven’t replied me, every time I try to contact them for a problem they take forever to replay and at the end the issue still is not fixed.

Sun, Surf, Sand, Sky is Supporting Animal Rescue on Land and Sea

Terrible platform experience, and I've paid for highest level to access. I have to go through the individual sites to download product. When I import from modalyst, products don't show up even though they say they are importing.

I've reached out to customer service and I've heard back but not an answer just an acknowledgement.

I would seriously suggest you use the free only and test out thoroughly.


I really like this app, its very easy to use and the shipping times are good. I'm currently launching my shop and have an issue with the variants of one specific supplier. I did contact them via their chat and had already a solution to solve it but after ONE WEEK I got only one sentence as a reply which really didn't help me. Then I contacted them via email and I'm still waiting for a reply for 5 days again. I contacted them via FB Messenger to get a feedback because it is urgent but again no reply. Guys I mean the app is pretty cool but what the hell is that customer service. What should we do if our shop is online and we have some urgent issues? Should I close my shop then till I get a reply? I mean I don't expect an answer within an hours but I do expect a proper reply within a reasonable time. By the way the Shopify team was really helpful. They instantly assisted me with 2 other issues. My requests were dealt with immediately or forwarded to a different department and solved within one day.

worst customer service experience ever. if you want good customer support dont even look at this app.


Poor experience supplier not deliver my sale which caused with customer , Customer service well there is none of that , takes days to get back to you .


I've been using this app for 2 months now and every time I have an issue I try to contact the support no answer, very bad customer support. plus lately i can't add products to my import list.

That Urban Boutique

This use to be a great app! But it quickly became over run with thousands of low quality products... It became near impossible to find good quality items to add to my shop.

The 2nd major issue is that this app had major Inventory tracking issues. I had to cancel order after order because inventory that was out of stock was still showing in stock in their app. I contacted customer support multiple times about this and they always blamed it on SHEIN..

I would have been profitable if it wasn't for the sync errors.. I paid $30 a month for an app that was broken.


This app can only be used for one Shopify store at the time! If you want to source dropshipping products for two different stores, you have to uninstall and delete the app from one store, before installing it for another store. Extreme limitation and out of the question for our us!

Model for Less

Beware of Modalyst. Their vendors do not follow guidelines & include their own information inside of the package, with pricing! I placed a test order from one of their US-based vendors who is considered an Independent Brand, and who offers returns. Modalyst guarantees that Independent Brands will blind ship, but will include an invoice WITHOUT pricing inside, with your store logo.

When the item arrived, this wasn't the case. The item's label was from the vendor, which would be super confusing in the first place if you were the customer thinking you ordered an item from my store, and it comes from another. Then, inside wasn't a nice invoice with my store logo. Instead, it was an invoice WITH PRICING and with all the boutique's information and website. Horrible. On top of that, the sweatshirt was drenched in vinegar and smelled up my whole house.

I requested a return several times from the vendor who supposedly offers returns in 14 days. They NEVER responded to me at all. I then contacted Modalyst and not even their CEO, Jill, has bothered to get back with me. She asked me to send her all the details, but I have followed up with her now a couple times and she went MIA. I even had to try and dispute the charge with my bank, which ultimately didn't work. So now I'm stuck with an item that I should have been able to return, but couldn't due to a shady vendor and no response from Modalyst.

The $30 fee is totally not worth it. The items are way marked up and in order to make any profit, you'd basically have to sell them at higher than retail. Who in their right mind would pay for that as a customer?

This has been a complete disaster and I am very disappointed in the fact that I paid even a cent for membership, as they do not comply with their terms.


I hope people should not use this application, the service is too bad
Currently I do not know how to remove my card from this service

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