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Notify Me

Notify Me

Developed by MakeProSimp

89 reviews
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  • Automatically get email reminders for 'Out Of Stock' products
  • Reduce amount of time that inventory manager takes to find 'Out Of Stock' products
  • Increase sales by filling inventory on 'Out of Stock' products

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“Great, just what I needed as a solopreneur - this app will make sum everything up so you don't have to go into the inventory tool on Shopify. Proper value add!” - Alive Boutique

“Simple and straight forward. Lets me know when I'm sold out of certain sizes or products so I can reorder more asap.” - Cloth Motor

“Outstanding app, We use this on SkinCareBySuzie.com , The main reason we need this is because of Ebay. Ebay has limits on total value of listing so we have to keep our site inventory low. This is an easy way to make sure it does not go to zero.” - Suzieskincare

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  • Set Email reminders and Web Push Notification reminders for Out Of Stock products for Merchant(Store Owner) only

  • Set inventory warning level

  • SKU in email reminder

  • Display Vendor name in email reminder

  • Change email reminder subject line [Optional]

  • Set multi email addresses for reminders [With Paid Plans only]

  • Set multi inventory warning levels [With Paid Plans only]

  • Change inventory from email reminder

  • Enable to set inventory warning levels by Products/Variants

  • Inventory warning by specific products/variants only

  • Manage store inventory stock from Notify Me

  • Instant Reminder Notification - As soon as your products/variants goes Out Of Stock [With Paid Plans only]

  • Automatically increase your products/variants inventory - after it goes below inventory warning levels with specific duration and quantities [With Paid Plans only]

  • Email Support

Upcoming Features

  • Automatically send email to your products supplier/production team when your inventory goes below Inventory Warning Level(s)

Automatically get email reminders for 'Out Of Stock' products

Notify Me will automatically send a notification email to the emails addresses of your choice, when your products goes Out of Stock.

Reduce amount of time that inventory manager takes to find 'Out Of Stock' products

We will automatically send you an email when your product becomes Out of Stock to reduce the time of searching inventory for Out of Stock products.

Increase sales by filling inventory on 'Out of Stock' products

The automatic emails Notify Me provides for Out of Stock products will help increase sales by helping reduce the time products are Out of Stock though reminder emails.

How long does Notify Me take to send an email after a product has gone out of stock?

Notify Me, requires 1 hour maximum to send an inventory reminder after any products goes below inventory warning level.

Does an email get sent after the product's inventory is manually changed from a staff member of the store?

Nope, Notify Me will send product's inventory email when real orders placed by customers and only if a products inventory goes below inventory warning level.


  • Sales Notification - Get your store's visitors confidence by showing recent sales notifications and convert them to your customers that will boost sales and conversation.

  • Buy Me - Buy Me makes easier for customers to buy your store products by displaying Add To Cart button on top of every product page.

  • Promote Me - Promote Me allows you to choose which products your customers should see in which pages using notification in your store.

Notify Me reviews

89 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (6 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (2 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
  5. 1 star (0 reviews)

This app was very easy to install and so far I have had no issues. It works as described and sends an email notification to me of items soon out of stock. I recommend this app.


Nice and easy, and with friendly and prompt service. Great little app to make inventory management easier :)


It's an ok product that works as described. However, Shopify is not my primary product database, and will never become that until it contains a Purchase Order module. So, Notify Me is only mildly useful since 98% of my products contain variants. I don't need to know about every single variant being sold. I need to know only when all variants have been sold out, so I can delete the item. So, for me, it doesn't work very well because it does not align with our business practices. But it may work better for you.


Good app thank you for your work !


Customer service was quick and very helpful in getting everything set up in my store. Recommended!


very useful!! and helpful when you have a lot of products to keep track of!


Nice support through in-app chat. Explained how to set up the app, was friendly and competent and also took feature requests. Hope they will get implemented soon. :-)


Great app works very much with my store and it has made my life so much easier with managing my inventory. Very friendly CS too. https://www.haremgarden.com/


Hands down this is a great little app to help you stay on top of re-ordering inventory. Its a time saver for us and would recommend this APP to anyone managing a retail store that carries a large selection of items that carry inventory quantity levels of 10 or less for most items. You can set the time period for an email to be sent. Currently we have it set to once per week to receive a report of all items which are reaching and inventory level of 0.

Thank You from www.GardenSupplyGuys.com


Great app. Easy to use and provides great insight into diminishing stock!

From $0.00 / month

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