Arigato Automation

Arigato Automation

by Bonify

Unlimited plans starting at $10/mo

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Automate Routine Tasks

Do more faster. Trigger custom emails, publish products, add tags, update Metafields, set URLs, track returns, create custom admin workflows

Dozens of Prebuilt Automations

Easy start with no developers needed and 54 pre-built automations including pulling data to Google Sheets, Slack message, Trello cards, etc.

Flexibility to automate more

Access to 379 data points, 350+ personalization tokens, and 11 external integrations with Shopify's most flexible automation app.

About Arigato Automation

Arigato is a flexible, powerful, and well-connected task automation app.

Do you find yourself doing repetitive tasks in your store?

Does your business run on manual rules like "Whenever this product is purchased, I have to email someone myself." Are you holding your business back from growing because you're a bottleneck? You could be growing your business instead of worrying about menial tasks.

Arigato personal robot Virtual Assistant.

He can listen for any event or condition in your store and act on it. Get out of the trenches and regain time to focus on growing your business!

What can Arigato do for you?

Arigato can do 47 different actions in thousands of different configurations.

  • Add and remove product tags
  • Send emails
  • Set metafield for any resource
  • Add rows to Google Sheet
  • Set product metafield
  • Subscribe a user to Mailchimp
  • Add order tags
  • Remove order tags
  • Send Slack message
  • Unpublish product
  • Update product fields
  • Update customer fields
  • Make Trello card
  • Add order note
  • Update order fields
  • Publish product
  • Add customer tags
  • Set order metafield
  • Add customer note
  • Set shop metafield
  • Send HTTP request
  • Send to IFTTT
  • Set product variant metafield
  • Update product variant field
  • Update draft order fields
  • Create a redirect
  • Delete a product/order/etc.

Here are a few automations from our Workflow Library (or make your own):

  • Send order or new customer data to Google Sheets
  • Automatically hide out of stock products and show them when back in stock
  • Automatically archive orders when all items have been delivered
  • Tag new products and remove the "new" tag after a period of time
  • Automatically copy customer notes into their paid orders
  • Tag customers when their order is paid
  • Send a Slack message when an order is paid
  • Create a Trello card when a new order is placed
  • Subscribe new customers who accept marketing to your Mailchimp list
  • Cancel and archive unpaid orders after a period of no activity
  • Ask a customer for a review after their order has been delivered
  • Order a pizza from Domino's (seriously)

Unlike other automation apps, Arigato was designed to be both infinitely flexible and easy.

If you've tried other automation apps, forget about the head-scratching and confusion, or the limitations. Get started quickly with our Workflow Library of common automations or build your own from scratch. No scripting and no limits. Every data point is available as a simple replacement token, even multiple lines of data, like addresses or products in an order.

Integrates with

  • Mailchimp,
  • Trello,
  • Twilio,
  • Slack,
  • Zapier,
  • Google Sheets

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Forever Free


  • 100 action credits per month

  • Available to any Shopify plan



  • 5,000 Action Credits Per Month

  • OR

  • Choose Unlimited Actions for $10/mo

  • Available for Basic Shopify Customers



  • 15,000 Action Credits Per Month

  • OR

  • Choose Unlimited Actions for $30/mo

  • Available for "Shopify" Plan Customers



  • 25,000 Action Credits Per Month

  • OR

  • Choose Unlimited Actions for $50/mo

  • For "Advanced Shopify" Customers

  • (Plus @ $50/50k & $100/Unlimited)

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

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5.0 of 5 stars
Based on 6 reviews

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Most recent reviews

mattt → handmade for life

This is the most useful (and fun to use) app I use on my store!!

It does exactly what it says plus also really easy to use in ways and to automate repetitive things I do every day.

I was originally going to have a private app created to solve these problems though as Mr Arigato allowed me to solve these problems elegantly this is no longer necessary.

I also found the customer support from the developers to be above and beyond any other app I've used (and I've used quite a number in my time - haha). They even added the ability to create a redirect to the order status page url so customers can go to a shortened URL and be redirected to the right spot.

This is definitely worth trying and as far as I know the only app that allows you to automate your website.

Posted Protein

Having experienced Shopify Flow (a Plus exclusive app), we've been looking for something to take it's place & do an awful lot of the day-day "stuff" that we knew we could be automating.

From reminders to reorder stock when it hits or drops below a certain level, to auto cancelling & refunding blacklisted customers, to setting up a Order Filter for customers that select "Express" at checkout so they never get missed, plus a whole lot more - Arigato is nailing it!

We had a couple of niggles getting started but John was all over it & couldn't have been more helpful! :D (largely user error ;))

Really looking forward to saving a shed load of time & seeing where the app goes in the future. Plus, auto ordering that Domino's pizza when a select order lands. Yup, seriously.

Thank you, guys! We'll be recommending Arigato for sure!

Paper Sunday LLC

“Customer support is amazing! John went above & beyond to create a custom workflow to fit my business needs & published to workflow library for all users to use. If you don’t a workflow, don’t be afraid to reach out to John for a custom solution. He created mine in less than 2 business days! This is awesome & much appreciated since our store is growing fast. Time is money! And I now have even more free time while Mr. Arigato does the heavy lifting 24/7 perfectly every time. Simplify > Automate > Outsource"