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  • Reduce Cost: NoFraud offers chargeback protection at the lowest rate and eliminates the overhead costs of maintaining an in-house fraud prevention solution.
  • Add Revenue: NoFraud has the capability of accepting orders that other solutions reject on suspicions of fraud with its Cardholder Verification feature.
  • Increase Efficiency: NoFraud eliminates manual review and decreases customer friction by providing instant decisions.

Online fraud is a big concern for every eCommerce merchant. With NoFraud, you can rest easy that your business is safe from fraud & you can wash your hands of all fraud prevention tasks that occupy hours of your staff’s time including fraud score analyzing, fraud rule building and manual review.

NoFraud offers eCommerce fraud prevention through real-time virtual identity verification. We deliver individual, real-time decisions for each transaction using thousands of data points and virtually every fraud detection technology available.

The solution is fully automated and managed by in-house experts, requiring no input from the merchants, not even manual review - cardholder verification is done internally by NoFraud. Live customer support is available to all customers.

NoFraud never requires any commitments or integration fees. We make fraud prevention as easy and price effective as possible.

How NoFraud Works

When the NoFraud extension is enabled, transactions will be sent to the NoFraud application for validation after the customer’s transaction has been placed.

NoFraud gives you actionable responses you can rely on: Pass or Fail. There are no scores to analyze or rules to configure. You can decide to manually cancel the orders we flagged as fraud (“Fail”) or you can set up the system to automatically cancel the fraudulent orders on your behalf.

For transactions where a high risk transaction has validation potential, , NoFraud contacts the cardholder for verification (less than 0.5% of transactions). This allows NoFraud to approve high risk transactions that other solutions would decline. There is no need to gather evidence on why you believe that transaction is valid - the review is triggered automatically as soon as the order comes to NoFraud.
During the review process, the transaction in your Shopify admin will show as “Suspected Fraud”. NoFraud uses contact information linked to the cardholder when conducting a Cardholder Verification. Once completed, you will receive an email with the transaction’s updated status.

Chargeback Protection:
Should you get a fraud chargeback on an order NoFraud passed, NoFraud will reimburse you for the full chargeback amount.

NoFraud also offers the flexibility to include or exclude alternative payment methods (ex: Paypal, Amazon Payments). We can also screen phone orders.

Packed with Tons of Technology

NoFraud uses a blend of intelligent technology, machine learning and human intelligence to keep up to date with the complex, ever-evolving face of fraud. Below is a sample of the technology utilised:

  • IP Geolocation: IP Geolocation allows NoFraud to compare the device location to the billing or shipping address

  • Proxy Piercing: Proxy piercing detects if the customer is actually where he or she claims to be

  • Device Fingerprinting: NoFraud tracks if the device used in the transaction has been linked to fraud in the past

  • Global Blacklists: Monitors global customer blacklists

  • Velocity Detection: Monitors transaction velocity to identify risk through related transactions in close succession

  • Persona Tracking: Persona tracking identifies order characteristics and customer behavior to establish risk

  • Social Media Validation: Pulls data from social media databases to verify identity

  • Black Lists: Utilizes global and merchant-specific blacklists to cross-reference transactions

  • Email History & Verification: Analyzes email address for history and authentication

  • User Behavior: Monitors the way the shopper interacts with the website

  • Intelligent Monitoring: Monitors future transactions to retroactively flag past transactions as fraudulent when new data becomes available

Customer Testimonials In The Media:

  1. Campos Inc stores were dealing with $3,000-$5,000 worth of chargebacks monthly, despite employing two full time fraud analysts. NoFraud successfully reduced its fraud costs to small fraction of what he was previously paying. "It’s the best insurance policy that anyone could buy,"; Cesar Campos says. Read the full Internet Retailer article here.

  2. Ambush Board Company had $40,000 in chargebacks the year before using NoFraud. Not only are chargebacks almost non-existent, they can now ship internationally, something they didn't do previously due to fraud concerns. Read the full Internet Retailer article here.

  3. Certified Watch Store was holding 30% of their orders for suspected fraud, and 10% required extensive manual review. CEO Ezzie Schaffran says: "At a certain point in life you decide that you're in business to make money and you don’t have the time, energy or perseverance to be a fraud investigator". Read the full STORES Magazine article here.


NoFraud charges the lowest rates in the industry. Please email NoFraud at info@nofraud.com for a price quote for your business. Please note that there is a minimum volume requirement for Chargeback Protection eligibility. Rates are generally in the 0.5-1% range.


Please reach out to us with any questions at info@nofraud.com or visit us online at www.nofraud.com.

*Please note the free trial includes the NoFraud response. Chargeback Protection reimbursement is available for active customers and requires approval.

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Great app and service. High approval rate, responsive support. Highly recommend this app.


so far above and beyond im having a fraud outbreak from chicago with multiple attackers. so far they've saved me over a thousand dollars and more to come im sure. all this within my first week, good lord.


Switched to NoFraud from another large competitor. We're saving time, money, but best of all is their acceptance rate which we find to be a significant improvement. We can truly trust that if NoFraud says it isn't good, that it probably isn't! Very happy with the service.


Have had this service now for a short while and I have noticed a significant difference. This is probably by far the best service to use for credit card fraud protection. I signed up with Signifyd a while back which was proven to be a complete joke, and absolutely useless. Nofraud goes far and beyond to protect you from fraudsters. I wish I had found them much sooner.


Was great while it lasted, but then it stopped working - we are getting amazing support, and hope to get it running again soon.


NoFraud has been a lifesaver. They stopped a fraudulent order for $1,000 just days after we signed up. A must have.


I believe this app is so valuable because it works, it has a very strong AI which is different than the others. This app can catch fraud others can't. Although some others provide money back if a fraud-person / criminal steals from your website and steals from other IDs, this app prevents the headache from happening in the first place. It's always better to maintain a good record and not entertain, wasted time from fraudsters. Go with this app, it's worth it.


They were able to win us over with there support and also competitive pricing there competitor couldn't match there pricing so we went with NoFraud.


Went through the Trial. As we do Dropshiping this has helped keep the money in-house vs losing it to scammers and fraud artist.


NoFraud was a lifesaver helped save our team countless of hours of monitoring orders and fighting with credit card processors. Now we have a piece of mind.


Please request a quote for service here: https://www.nofraud.com/pricing

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