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  • Activate notifications designed for every page type on your store.
  • Nudge visitors into buyers and boost conversions in minutes.
  • Relax, knowing Nudgify is always optimising to maximise revenues.

Tired of juggling multiple notification apps? Meet Nudgify

Set Nudgify up in seconds

Nudgify recognises your sales funnel, suggesting the best messages for each page. Within seconds you can choose which notifications to enable. Or create your own custom notifications with our intuitive editor.

Boost store conversions in minutes

Want to increase engagement and conversions instantly? Our notifications are based on consumer psychology and years of optimisation experience.
They are designed to nudge hesitating visitors into buyers, maximising revenue and minimising your bounce rate.

Relax, Nudgify is always optimising

Our algorithms are continually learning which nudge converts best at each stage of the customer journey. The longer you use Nudgify, the more valuable it becomes!

What type of ‘nudge’ notifications do you offer?

  • Popularity Nudge

    Let people know how popular your products are, harnessing Social Proof: 28 people have recently viewed this product

  • Order Soon Nudge

    Introduce a time limit, creating a sense of urgency to encourage a quick conversion: Want it delivered by tomorrow? Order within 1h 32mins

  • Low Stock Nudge (coming soon!)

    Low stock alerts emphasise scarcity, nudging hesitating visitors into paying customers. Hurry up! Only 2 left in stock

  • And more...

Nudgify Features

  • Drag & Drop Workspace

    Nudges can be set up in minutes and enabled with one click.

  • Use Proven Psychological Principles

    Our pre-generated nudges utilise Social Proof, Urgency, Scarcity, Pain of Paying, Authority and more!

  • Accelerated Mode

    Finding nudges too slow? Activate accelerated mode to increase their speed.

  • Unlimited Custom Nudges

    No limits on how many notifications you can create!

  • Full Customisation

    Full customisation of colour, copy, and display position.

  • Double Impact Nudges (coming soon!)

    Set two nudges to trigger at once, resulting in an even more persuasive experience.

Nudgify reviews

4 reviews
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'This APP very easy to install,I like it's,5 Stars.


Awesome App. Very easy to install and customize, moreover its free. Thank you for making this great app.


Super easy to install and get set up. Does exactly as advertised. Stuff like this is great for those that really don't want to have to code these types of functions into a site. Unless you are well versed in coding, it is much easier to deploy apps like these.


I never get apps without any reviews, but for this one I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. Right off the bat, it was very quick and easy to get started - a few button clicks and my notification was set up and looking just how I imagined it. There aren't many customization options, you can only choose between white and black for a background and a manual slider for a custom color, but that's more than some free apps will get you. I haven't noticed anything broken or out of order since installing the app, and it performs how it should without decreasing load time. There are a few things I'd recommend with this app, the first being ability to show different notifications for different collections/products, as right now it lumps them in. This is fine for many stores, just not desirable for mine due to different groups of products. This is the same for the Cart page, Blog posts, and any collection of pages like that. I feel that feature would really skyrocket this app, but it would require a more advanced layout. The second being the ability to place the nudge inside of the product box, sort of similar to how Amazon does it, as that looks very clean and less intrusive but still persuasive to the customer as it's more front and center without blocking the product (as the "center" position does on this app). On the technical side, having more than one pop-up per page type does not work. Only the first pop-up will show, even with the increased speed time (waited a good 5 minutes just to see). This isn't really a problem unless you want a lot of pop-ups on your pages, but I don't and only activated 2+ on pages to test it out. Overall, I think the app is pretty good for being free. I was pleasantly surprised with the ease and overall functionality of it, and there really isn't too much to complain about since this is (again) free! This was just my experience, but hats off to the team for a solid and mostly well-rounded app. This app is relatively new and I assume there will be some updates in the future, so I'll update this review if anything changes.


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