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Exit Intent & Messenger Popups by OptiMonk

Exit Intent & Messenger Popups by OptiMonk

Developed by OptiMonk

110 reviews
Price: From $29.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Convert up to 15% of visitors to buyers & build an email list
  • Boost your revenue with intelligent product recommendation
  • The world's only intelligent Messenger popup for Shopify

Stop Losing Customers

Our goal is to help you recover your abandoning visitors and drive immediate sales. Get the most out of your conversion optimization efforts with cutting-edge features like:

  1. Intelligent Product Recommendation Popup (Only at OptiMonk)

  2. Messenger Popups

  3. Cart Based Targeting

  4. Cart Abandonment Recognition

  5. Dynamic Text Replacement

  6. Drag & Drop Editor

  7. Video Templates

  8. Lucky Wheel Popup

  9. Feedback Popups

  10. Product Recommendation Nanobar (Coming soon)


Update: OptiMonk was always one of the best ways to build a healthy email list. However, Messenger recently changed the marketing game. And now OptiMonk can help you to build a Facebook Messenger list as well.

Why do you need an OptiMonk Messenger popup?

  1. It’s a one-click subscription: they tap on the CTA button. Yeah, that’s it.

  2. The average email open rate is about 12% in ecommerce. The same messages sent via Messenger bring an 85% open rate in average. That’s a difference you can’t ignore.


Update: OptiMonk was the first popup tool vendor to realize the importance of being GDPR compliant. We have created a Privacy checkbox that you can easily turn on to be displayed on your popup. This option is available for all popups that have a subscription form.


Grab your visitor’s attention by displaying a targeted offer

OptiMonk's onsite retargeting technology provides you a powerful and simple way to convert more visitors to buyers and build your email list. Your messages show up with a special offer at just the right moment. Basically you get a second chance to convince your visitors.

With OptiMonk, you can display sidebars, lucky wheel popups, intelligent product recommendations, Messenger list building popups, interstitial campaigns & much more.

How do OptiMonk's exit intent popups help you to grow your business?

  • Driving immediate sales

  • Building your email (or Facebook Messenger) list

  • Reducing cart abandonment

  • Upselling and cross-selling

  • Gathering customer feedback

  • Leveraging the power of social media
  • Industry-Leading Feature Set

    Grab your visitor’s attention at just the right moment

    • Exit-Intent Technology

    • Timed-Display Control

    • Scroll Triggering

    • OnClick Triggering

    • Campaign Scheduling

    • Connected Campaigns

    Dozens of Professional Campaign Templates

    • Messenger Popups

    • Lucky Wheel Popup

    • Social Popups/Nanobars

    • After-Purchase Popup

    • Video Popup

    • Feedback Popups

    • Product Recommendation Popup

    • Customizable Sidebars

    • Redirect Popups

    • List-building Popups

    • Multi-page Popups

    • NPS Bar

    • GDPR Bar

    • Nano Bars

    • Reminder Bars

    • Micro Landing Pages

    • Responsive Popups

    • eCommerce Popups

    • Custom Popups

    Build Your Custom Campaigns in Minutes

    • Drag and Drop Editor

    • Professional Templates

    • Responsive Templates

    • 10+ Color Versions / Template

    • Editable CSS

    • Customizable Success Message

    • Custom Confirmation Page

    • 20+ Display Effects

    • Custom HTML / Javascript

    Your visitors are different. Why treat them all the same?

    • Returning User Recognition

    • Page Level Targeting

    • Geo Targeting

    • Engagement Based Targeting

    • Campaign Based Targeting

    • Cart Abandonment Recognition

    • Cart-Value Based Targeting

    • Cart-Content Based Targeting

    • Custom Variables

    Industry-leading Features to Maximize Conversions

    • Integrated A/B testing

    • Unlimited Splits Tests

    • Close Delayings

    • Dynamic Text Replacement

    • Multi-Page Campaigns

    • Conversion Followups

    • Content Preloading

    • CDN Content Delivery

    Easy Integration With All Your Systems

    • 1-Minute Setup

    • Newsletter Integration (MailChimp, GetResponse, iContact, AWeber, Campaign Monitor, Omnisend, Verticalresponse, etc.)

    • List Segmentation

    • Ecommerce Integration (WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Drupal, BIGCommerce, PrestaShop, Volusion, Joomla, etc.)

    • Google Analytics Integration

    Read more about the features here

    Here are a few case studies you might be interested in:

    • Digitalmarketer.com was able to increase the number of leads by 30% - read more

    • BOOM by Cindy Joseph boosted its eCommerce revenue by $148,297 - read more

    • BootCuffsSocks.com reduced their cart abandonment rate by over 17% - read more

    • Ultimate Office was able to increase its revenue by 5,56% - read more

    • An ecommerce store was able to increase its conversion rate by 39.91% - read more

    • A growth hacking tool was able to increase blog referral traffic by 58% in 1 month - read more

    Try our absolutely free 14-day trial with our basic package and see how OptiMonk's exit intent popups can get you more conversions. For more information on pricing and plans starting as low as $29 click here.

    Exit Intent & Messenger Popups by OptiMonk reviews

    110 reviews
    1. 5 stars (103 reviews)
    2. 4 stars (5 reviews)
    3. 3 stars (0 reviews)
    4. 2 stars (1 review)
    5. 1 star (1 review)

    So far they are doing great, but it's very pricey compared to other apps.


    Super easy to use, works exactly as advertised, excellent support, lots of helpful hints along the way, and the price is extremely reasonable. We moved from another platform which was charging close to 5 times more and delivering a lot less. We couldn't be happier with Optimonk.


    Optimonk is an excellent solution if you are looking at converting customers who are about to leave the website without purchasing.


    Optimonk is an excellent solution if you are looking at converting customers who are about to leave the website without purchasing.

    Its easy to setup and configure. The pricing is very attractive compared to other products in the marketplace that often charge a % of the additional revenue.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to Shopify owners who want to increase revenue and avoid abandoned carts.


    Using the app was amazing in the start until i started to notice the popup would take over the screen and our customer would not be able to use our website which caused us to lose sales on varies day. The issue is very difficult to see coming unless your on your website every day checking to see if it is working correctly. We contacted the customer various times but they could not really fix it. They informed us to just restart the app or make new pop up so, at this point, I've been to fed up with the program to keep using it.

    Use this app at your own risk being aware that it may malfunction anytime.


    This is a definitely recommendable app to use. We have been using this app for quite some time now and the workload it has given us is very efficient.


    After using several PopUp apps we found OptiMonk. It’s simple to use and we have great conversion rate!
    Also fast and helpful customer support so we can only recommend it.


    This app is simply great. I love how easily it integrates with my store.


    Fantasatic app. ever since i started using optimonk my conversions have doubled. Great choice i have made for my business his year


    Awesome app, great conversion rate!

    From $29.00 / month

    Visit our Pricing page for more info. In the paid plan:

    ✔ Unlimited campaigns
    ✔ Up to 1M visitors
    ✔ Personalized product recommendations
    ✔ Messenger opt-in
    ✔ Dozens of professional campaign templates
    ✔ Advanced segmentation and targeting options
    ✔ Industry-leading features to maximize conversions
    ✔ Dynamic text replacement
    ✔ Powered by AI
    ✔ Easy integration with all your systems
    ✔ Quick and helpful support

    14 days



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