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Orderify! - Order Manager for Customers

Orderify! - Order Manager for Customers

Developed by Customer First focus

35 reviews
Price: $5.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Makes customer service faster and easier for you, and makes your customers happier
  • Increases sales by encouraging reordering and boosting long-term customer loyalty
  • Gives your store professional e-commerce features that increase trust

Orderify (a Top 10 Forbes App) - increased sales, more customer satisfaction and easier customer support all in one.

Customers and Shop Owners Love Orderify.

  • Easy Reordering: Orderify lets your customers easily reorder any order right from the order confirmation email or customer account page. You'll have higher sales and happier customers.

  • No More Frustration From Order Mistakes: Customers make mistakes when ordering. They often enter the wrong shipping address or payment info. With Orderify they can easily and immediately fix these mistakes themselves without having a long back-and-forth with your customer support team.

  • Customers Can Cleanly Edit Order Contents: Customers often want to add, remove and change items in an order. With Orderify, they can do this without having to interact with your customer support team. Mistakes are avoided in edited orders because the original order is canceled and a completely new order is created.

  • Quick and Easy Cancellation: Your customers will feel more comfortable ordering from your store knowing they can cancel their orders easily and quickly. They can cancel an order immediately after the purchase before any items have been shipped, saving them and your team frustration.

How does Orderify Work?

Once you install, you'll get a set of instructions that will help you add order edit/cancel and re-ordering links to your order confirmation email and customer account page. Setup should take about 10 minutes, and then your customers will be able to easily edit, cancel and reorder their orders.

  • Order Cancellation: When your customer presses the cancel button, he or she will get a confirmation pop-up. Once the cancellation is confirmed, the order will be canceled and automatically refunded.

  • Order Editing: To give your customer complete flexibility when editing an order, we cancel the original order and reload a shopping cart with all of the items in the original order. That way, your customer has the flexibility to edit payment, shipping and order content information. This also prevents any confusion where orders end up partially edited and the wrong items get shipped.

  • Reordering: When your customer clicks the reorder link, he or she will be taken to a checkout containing all the items of the previous order for easy reordering.
  • Easy ways to improve your store:

    • Right now, your customers lose their shopping carts each time they switch devices. Fix it with one click using Persistent Cart, which is used by thousands of Shopify stores.

    Orderify FAQ

    How is refunding handled?

    When your customer cancels an order, we automatically refund the order.

    What happens when I've already shipped or fulfilled the order?

    Customers will not be able to edit/cancel orders once they are marked as fulfilled or any fulfillment has been created. You can also set fulfillment rules such as a time limit to allow order editing/canceling.

    Orderify! - Order Manager for Customers reviews

    35 reviews
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    Nice App which will our customers very happy


    Great app! My customers will be happy with this new feature


    We had an issue with this app and how it works with our third-party fulfillment. Dave promptly addressed the issue, and now the app works the way we had expected. Orderify! definitely reduces the number of requests we get to cancel or change orders, so I'm glad we were able to get the issue resolved.


    Our customers can rest assured shopping with us because of this app! It gives them peace of mind to know they have control of what they order, if they need to edit or change it, or if they wish to cancel it. This is a great time and hassle-saver for us, as well. Thank You!


    Just right for what we had in mind!

    Ivara. Nigeria


    Thank you very much! It works well and very easy to use.


    It is a really cool app. Easy to use and easy to install...Highly recommended..


    Quick, easy and effective!
    If you are on the fence about this, dont be, install it today


    The App works very well. Easy to install, hope it will increase my amount of orders.


    I just downloaded it! Awesome thanks so much!

    $5.99 / month
    30 days


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