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10 reviews

TDW Trade Store

This app doesn't work. If a user puts an item in the cart, then they will get a message the first time, but can still checkout without any issues. We sent 3 emails to support and have received 0 replies, we would like a refund.

Developer reply

November 19, 2021

Hi. So sorry to read this. I won't try to make any excuses. Your complaint is legitimate. I found your emails, which I admit got buried and we didn't get back to you in a timely fashion. I just tried to call you but it looks like you're closed for the day. I also tried to refund you but no charge has shown up for your shop on our Shopify admin tools yet. I made a note for myself to try again in two weeks. I'll keep trying to reach you but please let us know if there's any way we can make it up to you.

Mille Stelle Bangkok

I do not understand why it stopped working suddenly. I set min order and loosing money because it is not working anymore without warning

Developer reply

June 1, 2020

Update 4 June 2020: We were able to work with Revy and build in compatibility with their apps so this issue is resolved. I took a look at your site and OrderLogic is working well now. I'm pretty pleased with the fast turn around on this. Our team and the Revy team worked well together to get this turned around for you quick.

Update 1 June 2020: We have heard back from the developers at Revy and they seem positive about working with us to resolve this conflict. We'll keep you posted and will hopefully have good news in the coming days.

Original response:
Hi. You appear to have installed an app from Revy (https://apps.shopify.com/partners/revy-apps), most likely Unlimited Bundles & Discounts (https://apps.shopify.com/product-bundles-discounts-by-revy) which is interfering with the functionality of OrderLogic. It appears that when you click on checkout now, that app checks for a discount on items in the cart and then redirects to checkout, disregarding that other apps might also have listeners that need to perform actions on checkout. We have reached out to the developers of that app about this issue, but this is often a slow path to resolving these kinds of issues. You should also reach out to them for support on this issue. For now, OrderLogic is incompatible with this app.

We're always glad to help. You can click on the help button in the lower right hand corner of our app to reach us. That's far more fruitful that hurting our reputation with a negative review. We work hard for our customers but there are many apps performing actions on checkout and they don't all place nice together. This is an example that we had never seen before but it didn't take us long to figure out the issue.


Don't understand why it's don't work the morning in my time zone, and why it's can't work to the buy button/Check out button of the product page?

Developer reply

April 24, 2020

Hi. Sorry to hear you had issues. We have designed OrderLogic with a failsafe such that if anything ever goes wrong, we'd rather allow orders we shouldn't than block orders we shouldn't. We had a short outage this morning that is very rare for us. We don't think it impacted enforcement of limits on shops and only impacted editing existing limits, but there is a chance it impacted your shop to a greater degree.

(Update June 1, 2020)
We added support for the Buy Now button also known as Dynamic Checkout in mid May so you can start to use it now. (Not to be confused with the Buy Button sales channel which we've supported for quite some time. I think we're still the only app that supports that.)

EliKo Glow

Too easy to by-pass, just hit dismiss and bingo, multiples of my limited items are in the cart ready for checkout.

Developer reply

February 10, 2020

Hi. Sorry to hear you're having trouble. There appears to be a conflict with a Sticky Cart app you're using https://apps.shopify.com/sticky-cart-by-qikify. We'd be happy to try to work with them or find another solution if you'd like to give us another try. We can often find solutions for these kinds of things if you reach out for help. As we investigated this, we saw that you had the same problem with a competitive app. If you need a solution for this, we're ready to help you.
- Shane


App not working at all, customer service rubbish - not had a response to my messages for a week! Don't waist your time

Developer reply

December 19, 2019

Sorry to hear you didn't receive our response. You reached out 4 days ago on Saturday morning and we responded the same day on Saturday evening. We don't know why it didn't reach you. We mentioned in our response that we detected an incompatibility with an app you're using called Advanced Pre-Order. We also mentioned that we don't yet work with Dynamic Checkout buttons which your theme uses, and provided instructions for how you can disable those. But we are working to add support for Dynamic Checkout.

Update: We investigated our outgoing support emails in Zendesk. Although everything appears to be set up correctly there, we are also seeing some issues with emails failing to be delivered. We're working with Zendesk on this. Very sorry. We did respond to you fairly timely and we didn't know until your review that the message may not have been delivered.

Update 2: The issue we saw in Zendesk has to do with email we initiate from there, not user initiated emails we reply to. So we're still at a loss for why this message failed to reach you. Can you look in your spam folder and let us know if you find it there? The email is properly authenticated so it shouldn't be going to spam, but it might.


Customers can easily break the maximum value by cancelling and ordering more. Would not recommend this app.

Developer reply

December 12, 2019

There are some apps out there that send customers directly to checkout and bypass other apps efforts to take an action before checkout. We can almost always identify which app it is. Sometimes we can come up with a simple fix. More reliable fixes depend upon working with the developers on the other apps. We advised this merchant of the app that caused the incompatibility but never heard anything back.

Shop Together

This app is broken, when a user gets the popup to "Dismiss" and they hit dismiss and refresh the cart page without updating the quantity, it lets them through to checkout even when set to 1 on the app per item.

How can such a huge flaw get so many high reviews, I am not sure. I had multiple customers bypass our limit and I am left scrambling refunding them because we cannot honor the order.

Developer reply

March 29, 2019

So sorry to hear you've run into trouble with OrderLogic, and we understand how frustrating it can be to have to reach out to a customer if an order isn't right. Sometimes there are incompatibilities with an aspect of a theme or with other apps installed on your shop. Sometimes we can fix it easily. In this case, you have an app installed called Ultimate Special Offers by Pixel Union, which appears to direct the user to checkout despite our attempts to stop that. At present their app and ours are incompatible. We'd be happy to try to reach out to them and work with them to add OrderLogic compatibility into their app.

Exact Tooling

Just downloaded the app and shows nothing but a blank page saying Choose Your Subscription. No reply to email or phone calls. Seems like part time developers who don't support the app unless its lunchtime during their day job.

Developer reply

March 29, 2019

Very sorry we couldn’t get back to you fast enough. We have 3-full time engineers distributed across the globe and try to respond as fast as we can, but don’t always respond within 4 hours such as in your case. The engineer in your time zone was sick that day. We did look into our logs and it appears your request wasn’t reaching our app for some reason. We’d be happy to reset your trial if you want to give us another try, and we’re sure we can resolve this issue if you give us a chance.


Only Store owner can enter into APP page, that's disgusting,rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Developer reply

June 1, 2020

It's also not true and never has been true. We tried to reach out to this customer and support them but never heard back. This was before we were allowed to reply to reviews which is why I'm responding here nearly 2 years later.

Winston Anworth

I installed it. I stopped from from adding more than the max number to my cart. But once in my cart I could change the quantity to anything. Since this app claims to set order limits, but doesn't I would say it is less than worthless.