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Outfy - Social Media Promotion

Outfy - Social Media Promotion

Developed by outfy

Price: Custom Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Best way to increase social reach of your products, boost traffic & sales
  • Share & Promote your products to Wanelo, Fancy, WeheartIt, Instagram, Polyvore, Pinterest, Keep, Facebook, Twitter and many other prominent social networks from a single place all at once
  • Plan your social media sharing for a whole Day, Week or even Months

With one click, you can get the most powerful, robust , highly effective Social Media Manager and Promoter for your Shopify Store

Have you been wondering to promote your exclusive products on the best social shopping sites like Instagram, Wanelo, Polyvore, Pinterest, Fancy , WeHeartIt, Keep, Shopcade, Facebook, Twitter etc.. It is indeed a great idea to do that for showcasing your products to the world.

But have you ever thought if you had a tool which makes your life easier by collecting your products right from your Shopify store and sharing it on these networks within a snap. Guess your wait is over.

Outfy is the one stop productivity tool to manage the presence/distribution of your products on social & e-commerce networks.

  • Easiest & quickest way to share and promote your products to these networks which saves a lot of time.

  • All your social accounts in a single place

  • Helps to increase social reach via prominent social e-commerce networks like -

    • Wanelo

    • Polyvore

    • Pinterest

    • Fancy

    • Keep

    • WeHeartit

    • Instagram

    • Facebook

    • Twitter

    • Shopcade

    • The Hunt

  • Get to know your products Popularity Score

How it works ?

Setting it up is a Breeeeeeze!

STEP 1: Connect your store.

STEP 2: Connect your favorite networks like Wanelo, Fancy, Pinterest etc..

That's it, you're done! Choose any product and start sharing/scheduling.

We've got an iPhone, iPad and Android App

Manage your sharing easily wherever you go.

See our top Stores who have accelerated their social reach

✔ Absolutely free to try!

✔ No monthly commitment, just pay as you go

Outfy - Social Media Promotion reviews (270)


So far so good. Easy to use app. Thank you! www.AllStarCustomBling.com


Thanks for your app


love the app


Decent application, while not perfect, it does the job.


Great app, I love that I can share my products and blog posts to lots of social media at once, real time saver. The support was wonderful too. They listened to my feedback and took action on my request to have the ability to share blog posts on outfy.


Does what it says. I like the automation. Very handy and convenient. I just wish it could post the images as original on FB instead of having white space on the sides. It doesn't do that for Instagram. If there's a way that I don't know, I would change it to 5 stars.


3.5 to 4 stars. Nice app, nice interface, and very helpful, but it needs some improvement.

Buggy in Safari which is unacceptable. Safari is the default browser on all Macs and should be coded for and tested thoroughly, just like Internet Explorer. A lot of people who use Shopify also use Mac/Safari.

Cannot set autopilot to skip specific products, product types or collections. This really needs to be added, we should be able to skip certain items if we want.

Cannot post to Instagram without going to phone app and finishing the post, including Autopilot posts. This defeats the purpose of having an app manage your social media if you have to step in to finish it. Instagram posts are forced into a square which cuts off the top and bottom. Unless your product photos are square, they just look silly. We have turned Instagram channel off in Outfy completely.

Same thing happens with Twitter photo shape/size, but not as bad as on Instagram. Dislike having @Outfy auto tagged in posts, it would be ok if Outfy were free, but we're already paying to use it.

Would like the ability to share paid credits across all of our our stores, but not have our products Autopiloted across the different stores/brands.

Please turn off the pop up telling me to download the phone app. I either have already downloaded it, or I do not want to download it, and being forced to close that popup every single time I use Outfy is very annoying.


Love this app!!


Love this app. Great support. They added the auto pilot feature which you set and go. Awesome!


Super Easy to use, makes sharing products a breeze.


Free Trial

As low as 2c/share or post.

No monthly commitment , simply pay as you go

7 days

Support & Sales

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