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80 reviews
May 11, 2021

Very annoying support to deal with! That is my #1 concern with apps because if I have problems, I need them fixed asap. Wasted hours of time to figure that out. All I need was a very basic question answered...

POPular Designs and Collectibles
United States
Time spent using app: About 1 year
PageFly replied May 11, 2021

Hi Ryan,

I'm contacting you regarding the bad experience with our app. On behalf of our whole team, I would like to send you our sincere apology for everything that made you frustrated.

I know how you felt at that time, I do understand your feeling when you had troubles with our app, and I hope that you can give us a second chance to fix all the bugs and solve all remaining issues with our product.

We would be so happy if you can come back to the Live chat and we are always there to wait for you. Our whole team really wants to assist and support you, Ryan, can you come back? Or we can make the video call if it's convenient for you, I hope that through the video call, we can understand your issues and then I will work with the development team to fix all.

You and your satisfaction are so important to us, and we really don't want to miss a potential customer like you.

Your business with PageFly is greatly appreciated and I will be looking forward to hearing back from you.

Best Regards
Kate Nguyen | PageFly | Customer Success Manager

April 26, 2021

Lost all of a page design because I have a few sites for the same item (territorial sites) and had one open with pagefly so i can edit another to be the same. LOST IT ALL. The copy / paste styles feature doesn't work either, which is worse as i spent the last hour manually trying to mimic my other site so the pages matched. If you copy the content and paste it yourself, it doesn't paste in the same style, so you still have to style it. You also have to try a million times to change a font color etc. Deleting the app asap.

Chibebe® NZ
United States
Time spent using app: 9 months
PageFly replied July 7, 2022

When I read your feedback, I understand how you felt at that time.
On behalf of the team, I would like to send you a sincere apology for everything that makes you sad and unsatisfied.

Regarding the issue you mentioned in the review, we really want you to give us a chance to check and fix for you. We also contacted you via Live chat about this issue and expressed our desire to assist you but we haven't heard from you.
But we are always here when you need us.

PageFly | Kate - Customer Success Manager

April 8, 2021

Stay away from this app - we builded every product page with their system and everything worked well - until they made their intern update. From that moment on everything broke down. Our product pages showed other products, the texts were not longer to be seen, the product images and products suggestions were wrong! We reached out to the customer support and were fobbed off with the regular "we will fix it as soon as possible". If you are a shop owner you know what i am talking about: we were loosing customers, our social ads were linked to the wrong products = so we are loosing money for the last 4 days!

Time spent using app: About 1 year
PageFly replied March 14, 2022

I am so sorry for everything that made you unhappy and unsatisfied with our product and service.
I do understand your concern and feeling when the bugs happened and caused issues for your pages.
After we received your review, I and our team together checked all and tried to fix the issues.

Regarding the support service you mentioned in your review, we are having some new operators who are well-trained.

Thank you for giving us more chances to assist you, we will try our best to improve PageFly as well as our support to make you more satisfied.

PageFly | Kate - Customer Success Manager

April 2, 2021

#Nothingworks After the new update nothing works. Thank you..... I use Pagefly for a long time and it was very useful but i dont know why you make this many changes without testing it in a beta.. Everything is buggy.. dont work.... realy frustrating

Hong Kong SAR
Time spent using app: 6 months
PageFly replied March 14, 2022

On behalf of the PageFly team, I would like to apologize for the inconvenience you have had and everything that makes you feel unsatisfied.
Even though our team tested the new version before releasing it but there are many bugs, we are truly sorry about this.

All of us don’t want this issue to happen, we totally understand your feelings and this is also our pain. I would like to thank you for all of your timely feedback.

Our whole team is nonstop trying our best days and nights to fix all the issues and bugs that the app causes. Many of them were fixed.
We will bring you an excellent version as soon as possible.

Please let us know if you need any assistance from us, it’s our pleasure to help you.

PageFly | Kate - Customer Success Manager

Edited April 16, 2021

GO OUT if you have a BIG STORE. This only works for amateurs stores or with LOW TRAFFIC due problems resolution are too slow and there is PLENTY OF BUGS. IF you manage a BIG STORE... YOU'LL BE IN TROUBLES. NEW UPDATE 16th. April................................ The message received by operator speak it selfs........................." I'm still waiting for a response from our development team. As you may already know, the don't work on weekends so we may have to expect some delay in their response. (to do a find a replace text due users cant do it, and operators intermediate either) They have already been notified about your issue, and will reach you back as soon as possible. My sincere apology for the inconvenience. Your patience is much appreciated Update 16th April. Things are getting worst every day. Operators that don´t have the tools to assist customers after the new update realized by this company recently. Support replies fast.. yes BUT in 80% almost in cases we've received a message that they need forward the issue to the dev team and thats means 24h or MORE! We've discovered new incompatibilites with some apps installed that before their updates works perfectly. Now... NOT ANYMORE. For example, we use WISHLIST and there is a proper code in EVERY PAGE of us. Now, after PageFly Last updates code is not working anymore and we're tired to get always the same message: "Please allow me a couple of mins to see if I can reach anyone from our developmeant team to check on this issue"... and after a day still waiting that dev team will be cappable to do a "find a replace" code in theme... delaying obviously and getting harm seriously by this company. Please, just be careful if you have high traffic due in crash case.... you'll not get the help that you really need ON TIME. Operators are like robots forward 80-90% issues and getting waiting even Platinum customers as us. Let´s see what's next. :( Update 14th April. Sorry but can still voting even neutral due there is repeated issues. Also DEVELOPER team only works a few hours a day (free for 5pm! until next day). So.. if you need assistance on important matters, as for example your homepages has lost styles... simpley, you CAN´T and need to wait between 12-72 hours due weekends it does not works. GREAT! :( Now, for example is 2 pm here in Mexico BUT there is no one available until midnight so... = we can´t continue working because there is some stuff that must to be solved by tech team as, for example, try to figure out (really) why styles are losing everytime we made some modifications now on the new editor. MAN! If you want to run a GLOBAL business you have GLOBAL workers working for you anytime. And, even the support is pretty good for all most cases, you can´t be totally stopped due there is something that only is possible to fix for someone that only works from monday to friday a few hours. You have a lot of customers, your costs to increase your developer team will be rewarded with a (real) quality customers services and also helps A LOT to your customers don´t get stopped due there is something that it does not works at should be. (even repeated issues) Anyway... good luck! You're gonna to need it. Another customer affected by the last PageFly updates.............

The Lord Of The Magic
Time spent using app: 10 months
PageFly replied April 8, 2021

Firstly, I would like to apologize for everything that makes you unhappy and make you have a bad experience.
Before releasing this new version, even though we tested it many times in the past, there are some bugs we can't be aware of when it is released. This is a big lesson for us and we promise to fix all the bugs and this situation won’t happen again.
Our team is trying days and nights to fix the bugs you mentioned in your review and we really want to have more chances to serve and assist you. We are always willing to help when you need. Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

PageFly | Kate - Customer Success Manager