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Footwear + Home-Goods Fulfillment With 10,000+ FREE Designs!

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I installed this app and it was a flawless install. The products look good but prices are a bit high and charging a monthly fee is not good.
I find the support to be quite bad. I've been trying to reach them for a few days and get no reply through their chat or email. Still waiting.


PillowProfits is a good company with fast reliable support, easy interface and it shows that they have put a lot of effort to create a fast import service of products with needed information on each item, BUT!

- The production time is ok, not more than that.
- They say that they will try to add regular items together with express items as express if you buy them mixed, don't rely on this...
- If you are within EU, be ready to pay import tax on each item or bulk. Not sure about US.
- 4 weeks for delivery is not optimal, but ok. What is not OK is having a delivery come from China with a tracking number with chinese information. You have no idea where the package is if you don't translate.
- Products are of good quality, but it's not of "real" quality of that makes sense. The boots e.g. feels cheap but looks good, so I do not feel that it's worth the standard retail price.
- Make sure you have a lot of policys protecting you, an annoying customer will be even more annoying with the slow (if any) process for fix.
- Learn standard SEO, you will need to optimize each item seperatly if you're serious.

I will give it 3 stars because it is a good company, but it's far from the best and I believe that they can achieve much more if they wanted to.


Good products, beautiful mockup. The product quality is high and the price of the product is good.


I put the majority of my designs in my store on Pillow Profits products. It sounds silly but I love Pillow Profits. I have an art and photography business and PP has allowed me to express my designs beautifully. I have looked at so many apps and none of them can compete on all features. This company has great pricing with worldwide shipping included, all over print products which look amazing in real life (not just mockups), high quality items with excellent materials, great support and they keep adding even more products. Don't let the shipping time turn you away. They actually ship faster than one of my other apps that is shipping from US to CAN. Plus the products are worth the wait.

Infinity Bliss

This is one of the most exciting apps I've ever used its just so amazing and highly recommend it thanks pillow profits for so much fun yes fun because it is fun to use thanks des walker

Sunny Possum

Thank you for doing a great job! I have recently started my shop in Shopify and using your app. So far i am very pleased with the support and training you provide, as well as the quality of your products.


It was a dream to get into Print on Demand business. This app has given me the confidence to dive into it. Their training is something which you would have otherwise to pay a tidy sum to get. It's detailed and simple that anyone could follow. Hats off to Adam who has done a wonderful job with the explanatory videos.
Just go and get it!!!

Canny Creations

I love the quality and selection of products they have, and I have been using them for my site canny-creations.com. I have also never had a less than great experience with their customer service. It is all top notch. They have many products that other print-on-demand companies do not have, which is a huge asset as well. You get what you pay for, and I am very happy to continue using their app.

Jamaican Paradise Boutique

doesn't have any type of real customization and no cancel button option before charge. So please be aware. (update) if you want to cancel you need to uninstall app. This app isn't for everyone and if you're looking for more in-depth find another app. Also you'll be harassed to change your review if you give them low stars.

Developer reply

April 7, 2019

Please be aware this store has never sold a product with Pillow Profits Fulfillment and left this review less than 30 minutes after installing the app.

The seller panicked and threatened to report us to Shopify for being a "scam" because he couldn't figure out how to uninstall the app and was scared he was going to be charged during the 30 day free trial period.

We allow sellers to test the app during a 30 day FREE trial and you can end your subscription by simply uninstalling the app at any time.

Pillow Profits offers full customization of all products as well as over 20,000 done-for-you FREE designs in our FREE design catalog.

Your Favorite Shoes

These guys have the fastest production times in the industry with the highest quality products. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Pillow Profits ships and delivers on-time and consistently for me and my business.