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Popups, Promos & Banners - Pixelpop

Popups, Promos & Banners - Pixelpop

Developed by Pixel Union

Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Collect email newsletter signups (now with MailChimp integration!), promote sales and shipping offers, get more social followers, and tell your customers about new products and collections.
  • Pixelpop's "all-in-one" popup editor lets you create bars, cards, modals, and full-page takeovers, and preview live on mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • Easy-to-use performance tracking helps you manage and optimize your popups to boost signups, clicks, conversions and sales.

Engage Your Visitors and Turn Them into Customers

As an online merchant, you spend a lot of time and money getting people to visit your store. Even after they’ve landed there, it’s a challenge to keep their interest and convert them from browsers into buyers. Pixelpop lets you create beautiful popups and banners that improve visitor engagement and conversions while complementing the aesthetic of your store.

No Code Changes Required

One of the many beautiful things about Pixelpop is that it requires absolutely no knowledge of code. To add a popup to your store, all you need to do is follow the steps in Pixelpop's ridiculously easy-to-use popup editor. We've done all the code work for you!

Full-Screen Popup Editor with Live Preview

Pixelpop’s full-screen editor makes it easy to create popups that perfectly complement the aesthetic of your brand and store. As you customize your popup—choosing a popup type and shape, adding your content, selecting targeting, delay and scheduling options—a live preview lets you see exactly how it will look in your store on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Want to add some custom CSS to your popup? Pixelpop lets you do that, too.

6 Popup Types

  • Email Newsletter Signup (now with MailChimp integration!) - Build mailing lists automatically with email newsletter popups synced to your MailChimp account.
  • Announcement - Got something to tell your visitors about? Free shipping? A limited-time offer? A special milestone for your store? Make an announcement about it.
  • Page Promotion - Whether it’s a new product, collection, gift guide, or something else, Pixelpop makes it easy to direct traffic to the pages you want to promote.
  • Coupon Code - Having a sale? Create a discount code in your Shopify admin and display it to shoppers with a dedicated coupon code popup.
  • Social Follow - Get more followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google Plus with a special popup that includes social buttons.
  • Cookie Disclaimer - If you sell to customers in the EU and want to use cookies on your site, you’re legally required to get their permission. We have a popup for that.

4 Popup Shapes

  • Promo Bar - Sits at the top and/or bottom of your site; great for announcements about shipping offers, coupon codes, cookie disclaimers, policy changes, etc.
  • Card - Sits in a corner and doesn’t obscure the rest of your site; great for showcasing new products and collections, social media accounts, coupon codes, etc.
  • Modal - Centered, needs to be dismissed before shopper can use the site; great for capturing email signups, promoting special offers, new collections, etc.
  • Takeover - Full-screen takeover, needs to be dismissed before shopper can use the site; great for promoting huge, once-per-season offers, flash sales, etc.

See these popups in action at our Pixelpop demo store

MailChimp Integration (New!)

Connect Pixelpop to your MailChimp account and watch your newsletter audience soar. With MailChimp integration enabled, Pixelpop will automatically sync any email signups with your selected mailing list. Sit back, relax, and watch those mailing lists grow.

Watch a 60-second video about MailChimp integration

Multiple Delay Options (New!)

Pixelpop's delay feature lets you time your popups perfectly. Now you can delay showing your popup until a specific number of pages have been viewed, a specific number of seconds have passed, a specific percentage of the page has been scrolled—or all of the above.

Watch a 60-second video about the Delay feature

Handcrafted Popup Themes by Pixel Union

Your popups are guaranteed to look amazing, thanks to a suite of gorgeous popup themes designed by the talented team at Pixel Union. Since 2011, our premium Shopify themes have helped more than 15,000 merchants build better experiences for their customers. We’ve designed these popup themes to do the same thing for your store.

Manage and Track Popups from Your Dashboard

You can easily track clicks and conversions with Pixelpop’s simple, elegant dashboard. Use it to manage your popups and compare their performance over time.

Choose the Pricing Option that’s Right for Your Store

Pixelpop is 100% free to use for up to 500 monthly views. Once you’ve exceeded that, you have three pricing options to choose from: Starter, Growth and Pro. We’ve priced it this way so that pricing scales up as your store’s views (and revenues) increase.

Haven't Launched Your Store Yet? No Problem!

Pixelpop's email signup popup is a great way to gather a bit of momentum while your store is still locked and getting set up. You can do that with our free plan (as long as you don't mind a bit of non-obtrusive branding from us).

Top-Notch Customer Support by Pixel Union

Pixelpop is backed by a team of experienced designers, developers and customer support staff. Since 2009, we’ve earned our reputation as the most trusted name in theme design, and a big part of that is our commitment to customer service, support documentation, and product updates. If you have any questions about Pixelpop, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Popups, Promos & Banners - Pixelpop reviews (52)


Great app that is so easy to set up and use! Very intuitive and looks so sleek as well. All that's necessary right now is to drive traffic to your website and it is all good. Thanks Pixelpop!


This app was easy from the beginning. A breeze to install, setup and implement in various ways on our site!


Wonderful app for displaying announcements and collecting emails. Super easy to use and style to match my store! http://growingupgoddess.com


Easy to setup, simple design flawlessly suits my shop's look and feel, and I appreciate the analytics and wonderful Pixel Union support.


This is a great new app at a reasonable price. The design is beautiful but hopefully they come out with a few more options for customizing the style soon! I should add that the support at Pixel Union is second to none. Outstanding!


Wonderful app that has helped get messages to our customers in a very clean and easy way!


I have only used it for 9 days and I haven't had any reviews, but it was so easy to set up and that was one reason I am writing this review. The ease of setting up the pop up. Thank you


Not happy, only used it for 2 days, charged twice during trial period!! :(


One month in and very happy! Does exactly as advertised - really easy setup and nice little bonus with Mailchimp integration.
Its particularly good for us as we have 3 regional stores;
So with the audience targeting we can do a nice redirect to make sure people are on the right store.
Excited to see how we can utilise this tool more!


I love this app so much it's helped my website www.kushboutique.com so much! in getting many many emails!

From $0.00 / month

Free - $0/month, up to 500 popup views
Starter - $12/month, up to 10,000 popup views
Growth - $24/month, up to 50,000 popup views
Pro - $48/month, up to 300,000 popup views

14 days

Support & Sales

Pixel Union
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