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Free Popups & Banners - Pixelpop

Free Popups & Banners - Pixelpop

Developed by Pixel Union

127 reviews
Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Build your mailing list with customizable newsletter popups that collect email signups and sync them to your mailing service.
  • Promote sales and special offers, tell visitors about new products and collections, and grow your social following.
  • Use smart popup triggers like exit-intent delays, time and scroll delays, page targeting, device targeting, geo-targeting, and more.

★★★★★ "The best Shopify popup app by far! So much more than just newsletter popups. Works flawlessly across all devices with many trigger options." —Fresshh

★★★★★ "A great app with a beautiful and super easy to use interface and awesome customer support!" —Dead Pretty

★★★★★ "Pixelpop makes all other popup apps seem basic in comparison. Easy and effective thanks to Pixel Union's design-first approach." —Province of Canada

Build Your Mailing List

Easily collect newsletter signups from everyone who visits your store. If you use MailChimp or Conversio, Pixelpop will sync new email signups to the mailing list of your choice. You can also download a CSV and import collected emails into any other mailing service.

Promote Products & Collections

Use Pixelpop to direct traffic to new and featured products and collections. Pixelpop’s “Page Promotion” popup is also great for drawing attention to featured blog posts and other content.

Display Special Offers Like Free Shipping

Want to increase conversions? There’s nothing like free shipping. Pixelpop makes it easy to add a beautiful banner at the top or bottom of your store to advertise your special offers.

Incentivize Shoppers with Exit-Intent Offers

One of Pixelpop’s newest features allows you to delay showing a popup until the customer moves their cursor to leave your site. It’s like a second-chance at converting!

Top-Notch Customer Support by Pixel Union

Pixelpop is developed and supported by Pixel Union, one of the biggest names in Shopify theme design. If you have any questions about Pixelpop, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Shopify’s Most Versatile Popup App

Pixelpop takes seconds to install and makes it incredibly easy to create beautiful, effective popup types designed to boost sales, clicks and conversions.

7 Popup Types

  • Email Signup - Build mailing lists automatically with email newsletter popups synced directly to your MailChimp or Conversio account.
  • Announcement - Got something to tell your visitors about? Free shipping? A limited-time offer? A special milestone for your store? Make an announcement about it.
  • Page Promotion - Whether it’s a new product, collection, gift guide, or something else, Pixelpop makes it easy to direct traffic to the pages you want to promote.
  • Coupon Code - Having a sale? Create a discount code in your Shopify admin and display it to shoppers with a dedicated coupon code popup.
  • Custom Image - Upload a custom image to Pixelpop and link to any URL. This is super handy if you want to add your own text or styling to a popup.
  • Social Follow - Get more followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google Plus with a special popup that includes social buttons.
  • Cookie Disclaimer - If you sell to customers in the EU and want to use cookies on your site, you’re legally required to get their permission. We have a popup for that.

4 Popup Shapes

  • Promo Bar - Sits at the top and/or bottom of your site; great for announcements about shipping offers, coupon codes, cookie disclaimers, policy changes, etc.
  • Card - Sits in a corner and doesn’t obscure the rest of your site; great for showcasing new products and collections, social media accounts, coupon codes, etc.
  • Modal - Centered, needs to be dismissed before shopper can use the site; great for capturing email signups, promoting special offers, new collections, etc.
  • Takeover - Full-screen takeover, needs to be dismissed before shopper can use the site; great for promoting huge, once-per-season offers, flash sales, etc.

Check out a live demo of Pixelpop to see these popup types in action

Increase Your Email Signups & Conversions

★★★★★ "Hands-down the best experience we've had with a Shopify app. It's quick, easy, and it looks good. We've been using for a week and have already seen a significant increase in our email captures as well as conversions." —ExactMats

★★★★★ "Great app! Easy to use and set up. We've seen a huge increase in conversions using Pixelpop's custom popup banner." —Live Beautifully

★★★★★ "Beautiful app. Extremely simple to use and very stable. It gives you amazing control and syncs perfectly with MailChimp." —MerchPirch

★★★★★ "Straight forward and super easy to use! Pixelpop has translated to lots of extra sales for our store!" —Camp Brand Goods

★★★★★ "This is the best popup app I've seen. Beautifully designed, very functional, and great pricing plans that allow you to start small and pay as you grow." —Bridge Market

Full-Screen Editor with Live Preview

Pixelpop’s gorgeous popup editor makes it easy to create popups that complement the aesthetic of your brand and store. As you customize your popup, a live preview lets you see exactly how it will look in your store on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Time Your Popups with Multiple Delays

Exit-intent is just one of the delay options offered by Pixelpop. You can also add delays based on time on site, number of pages viewed, and scroll distance down the page.

Target by Device, Location, Page, Referral Link

Fine-tune your messaging based on visitor device type and location, or run special campaigns that only target customers visiting specific pages or arriving from specific URL/UTM parameters.

Handcrafted Popup Themes by Pixel Union

Pixelpop comes with a selection of beautiful popup themes designed by Pixel Union, one of the biggest names in Shopify theme design.

Add Your Own Custom CSS

Know CSS and want to add a little custom flair to your popups? Sweet. Go ahead!

Manage and Track Popups from Your Dashboard

Easily track clicks and conversions with Pixelpop’s simple, elegant dashboard. Use it to manage your popups and compare their performance over time.

No Code Changes—Takes Seconds to Install

One of the many beautiful things about Pixelpop is that it requires absolutely no knowledge of code. It takes seconds to install in your store and starts working automatically.

Choose the Price that’s Right for Your Store

Pixelpop is 100% free to use for up to 500 monthly popup views. Paid plans offer more views, plus premium features like exit-intent delays, device targeting and custom image popups.

  • Basic (free) - 500 popup views/month

  • Starter ($12/month) - 10,000 popup views/month

  • Growth ($24/month) - 50,000 popup views/month

  • Pro ($48/month) - 300,000 popup views/month

Free Popups & Banners - Pixelpop reviews

127 reviews
  1. 5 stars (89 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (16 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (11 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (3 reviews)
  5. 1 star (8 reviews)

Of all the pop-up apps out there, Pixelpop offers the most aesthetically pleasing templates and has some nice capabilities. It seamlessly integrated with our website and with Mailchimp and has a user-friendly pop-up design process.

Right now geo-targeted popups are only available a country level; we'd love it if pop-ups could be targeted at a state or regional level. Also at this time there is no functionality to limit the number of pop-ups per session/user, which means that a user can receive multiple pop-ups during their session or even on every page they visit. For an app that offers tiered-pricing based on number of pop-ups shown, I would hope they don't count multiple pop-ups for the same user as more than 1 single pop-up since you can't change that. Otherwise, this app does what we need and we look forward to updates and developments!


Great App! Definitely worth trying :)


Easy to install. Great support. Simple to update and experiment with what works for your customer. Definitely worth trialling/using for your store.


Super easy to install and use and looks awesome. All the popup types work really well and above everything else, the support is amazing! When I noticed that my popup views didn't match up with my traffic, they explained why and suggested how I can keep my views from increasing while I'm working on my store (just use the preview button). They also said they're in the process of adding display frequency controls, which should satisfy anyone who's worried about how impressions are counted. Really glad I discovered this app!


Guess I'll wait till they figure out how they tally up the page views. From the looks of a lot of reviews this has to be changed. Might be back though.


Could not recommend Pixel Pop more! The visual appeal of our website is a high priority for us, and making sure that the popups match our branding is important. When we couldn't get the default popup to do this, Emily from the Pixel Pop support team patiently helped us make change after change with CSS until it was exactly what we wanted. Not only do we now have a beautiful popup, but we were so impressed by the incredible customer support - they really went above and beyond for us. Thank you Pixel Pop for such a wonderful experience using your app!


Does the job OK, but as others have mentioned - your free trial views are included into whatever subscription you choose.

I paid for the starter plan at $12 a month for 10,000 popup views, but as I had exceeded this number in the free trial, I received zero further views for $12. This seems like a huge oversight, allowing customers to literally pay for nothing.


I love this! The pop-up feature saves me so much time by offering to sync new contact emails to my mailing list. I'm so thankful for this app!


Love this app. A gorgeous and easy-to-follow interface + great support + beautiful style options + tons of popup flexibility set Pixelpop apart from other options in the app store. Our site's visual design and character is a huge priority for us, and these popups integrated seamlessly. Would highly recommend - a huge value-add for us.


We've seen great success with Pixelpop. I love the flexibility and different types of popups, and how we're able to make them fit with our brand. Super easy to use, with a really great team behind it. Yes to Pixelpop!

From $0.00 / month

Try our Pro plan free for 14 days. After that, you'll be moved to our 100% free Basic plan or you can choose one of our premium plans.

14 days

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