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Postcode Shipping Extension

Postcode Shipping Extension

Developed by Addition

47 reviews
Price: $10.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Provide customised shipping rates based on global postcode ranges.
  • Calculate shipping by order weight, quantity or flat rates.
  • Setup rate tiers to provide extensive shipping support.

Provide shipping rates to your customers based on postcode ranges with flat rates, or price per weight or quantity.

Both numeric and alphanumeric postcode ranges are supported

The Postcode Post Shipping Extension Includes:

  • Customised shipping rates based on global postcode ranges.

  • Calculate shipping by order weight, quantity or flat rates.

  • Setup rate tiers to provide extensive shipping support.

Carrier Shipping Required

Realtime carrier calculated shipping is required to use this application.

This is available by default on the Advanced plan and Shopify plus.
If your store is on a lesser plan you are able to get it free of charge by switching to annual billing and requesting Carrier Shipping from Shopify Support.

Can I Use This For ... Country?

If that country has a postcode the answer is yes!
If that country doesn't have a postcode, use the wildcard feature and the answer is still yes!

If you have found a country that it doesn't work for, email us and we will make it work.

Money Back Guarantee

If you aren't 100% satisfied with the app we are more than happy to refund you in full.

We believe in good service and happy customers, if you run into issues we are always willing to help. Please contact support if you have questions.

Customisation Request

If you feel the app is missing a useful feature we are always happy to consider changes, get in touch and we talk it through.

Postcode Shipping Extension reviews

47 reviews
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Zann's app solved my shipping issues so that I could charge different rates to different parts of the country. Also when I was stuck, Zann was very quick with the support I needed. VERY thankful for this app and this service. Thanks Zann.


The app that I need. It was able to set up the postcodes that I only cover for deliveries/shippings ang gave me options to do by percentage rate , flat rate, quantity, etc. So easy to install. Just do not forget to purt in your domain in the Url at the section of Getting Started, because i forgot that so it did not merge to my shopify. Thanks to Zann! He can be easily reach through email and willing to work out with you. He is really patient and quick to solve any issues. He also gave me more information about updates of the apps that will be lauch soon. So watch out. On top of it all, its NOT expensive.


What can I say. Absolutely chuffed with this app and more importantly the service from Zann. Can't think of a better way to spend $10 a month. Saving me a fortune and makes my shipping rates really responsive.

Thanks Zann


Zann was wonderful! He called me on a Saturday!! I didn't know you had to fully type the zip code instead of using the first three digits!! I.e 73900-73999. I Had the problem fixed in minutes!


Very simple, easy to use app that works perfectly


There are many things that can ruin your ecommerce journey, but one of the biggest hurdles to overcome is shipping. Everyone has unique requirements and for me, the automated lookup solutions never produce an accurate amount. If you use more than one shipper and don't mind doing a lot of data entry, then Postcode Shipping Extension is the answer. It provides a lot of control over zones, weight and order pricing allowing you to create rules for a multitude of scenarios. This, backed up by above and beyond support, makes this the happiest extension you'll own.


Postcode Shipping Extension is the only app I could find on app store to get Calculated Shipping costs based on postcodes. It is a very simple app that does the work. Zann's customer support is excellent! He responses immediately for support requests.Thank you!


Not only did this app solve my problems due to the inability to control delivery zones at a postcode level within Shopify but Zann is next level in terms of his support. I was having trouble over the weekend with updating my shipping rules due to introducing new products and after emailing Zann he jumped on it straight away and offered to call (ON A SATURDAY!!!) and walked me through what I needed to do. It was a simple fix made possible by his exceptional knowledge of how shopify's shipping rules operate. Highly recommend this app and the support that comes with it!


I was experiencing problems with my shipping rates being calculated incorrectly with another app and approached Zann to see if he could assist. After 2 days of assisting me and loading the New Zealand post codes for me (and fixing a few things I had done incorrectly), it is up and running! Zann really goes out of his way to help. Very happy customer!


Fantastic customer service! Zann wen't above and beyond to fix my postcode shipping problem, We love this app and has been a godsend for our business

$10.00 / month
7 days


A Shopify plan with real-time carrier shipping

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