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SoYoung USA

I got the plan Shopify Basic, that it suppose to have what I need, it says Unlimited Pre Order Products, but when I tried to add the second pre-order product it asked me to upgrade my plan, I waste all my morning setting this up for nothing, thanks guys.

Developer reply

March 21, 2021

Hi there,

We just recently updated our pricing model on the 19th of March.

You might still have the old pricing model when you installed it.
Once you reinstalled, it should be updated and you will be granted access to upgrade your plan (into a paid one) which will be based on your Shopify Store plan.

We are really sorry about this.

Please contact for more info.
They should be able to assist you futhter.

Operations manager


terrible app terrible support. takes days to reply and their response not even relates to the question.


Quite disappointed with this app. I loved it at the start but for the past 3 months it's been sending my customers emails that their order contained a preordered product when it doesn't. So it has created a lot of confusion. I have contacted support 4 times and then I don't receive a response and they close the ticket. I then have to open another ticket and the same issue happened. Unfortunately I will have to look for an alternative application as I am not getting help to solve the issue.

Developer reply

February 25, 2021

Hello there,

This is Robert, Ops manager for Preorder Now app.
We are so sorry about this. We definitely don't want to get you through this.

However, it appears that you were having trouble with receiving all our emails. We've been sending emails ever since you've had this issue to date.

Would you be able to check your spam/bulk folder?

Email us at We respond to every ticket within an hour.


Kalma Brand

Since I installed the app my website didn`t load the images. A day with nearly no sales because of this. My worst experience with any app.

Developer reply

February 19, 2021

Friends from Kalma,

Sean here, PreOrder Now guru... this is definitely not a normal side effect of our app. Sounds like your store's theme didn't play well "put of the box" with our app. Our support team can fix this sort of thing (free of charge) within an hour or two, max.

Im so sorry this happened. We can do a live-chat with you when you add our app again to make double sure this doesn't happen again, if you'll give us another try?

Please let us know - we take pride in making sure every merchant with our app gets exactly what they need. We can help with this!

Sean & the PreOrder Now Team

Merch Mountain

you went from 5 to one star on the simple fact that it has taken me longer to get past this step than any other for this process. Please let me submit something. Anything

Developer reply

December 8, 2020

Sean here with Pre Order Now.

Sounds like you had a difficult time submitting this review? I'm very sorry about that :( This is actually a Shopify hosted and run platform (the app store reviews area), so we have no control over it.

Would you like to try resubmitting the review here? Just click on it and you can update it any time. Let me know if it gives you any trouble this time? If so, I can report that to Shopify...

Thanks SO Much,

Sean, Vlad, and the Pre Order Now Team


Die App ist zwar deinstalliert und gelöscht trotzdem erscheint unten auf der Webseite eine fehlermeldung, dass das snippet nicht angezeigt wird oder ähnliches.
Bitte um Rückmeldung!!

Developer reply

October 1, 2020

Thanks again for your patience. Updating this reply with an additional message - when you emailed us we sent you some simple instructions on how to properly uninstall the app.

Would you like help with that? If so, we will need temporary "collaborator" access to your store and we can do that for you.

Please let me know? Thanks so much!

Sean & The Pre Order Now Team
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I am terribly sorry about the inconvenience - we are looking into this to see if it is something with our app or elsewhere. Our dev team is looking into it and we will be emailing you further within the next 12 or so hours.

Thanks for your patience - in the future, please simply email us to our support email and we will help right away!

Sean & The Pre Order Now Support Team

Stella Valle

Does not work properly at all with our site. Inventory that was in stock was showing preorder. Inventory that was out of stock wasn't. Waste of time

Developer reply

September 30, 2020

Hello! Thanks for this review. We DEFINITELY want to get it right for you 100%, and this type of issue is very rare for our app... sounds like perhaps your settings in the app itself just need to be tweaked? There is a checkbox in the app where you can set your "rules" regarding where and when the preorder shows on all products. It's in the "settings" and you just apply it to "all products".

Our technical team has been emailing you to make sure to get this cleaned up for you, whatever it takes. Can you let us know how things are looking now? I really appreciate it!

Here to help, and very sorry you experienced this.

Sean (Ops Guru) & The Pre Order Now Team


App doesn't load a lot of the time and now it's not telling customers what they're buying is a pre-order. Originally I was told it was a server issue. I just hate having angry customers

Developer reply

September 23, 2020

Hello again!

This is a followup to let you know that we have refunded 2 months of app fees to you for this trouble. You will see that right away back to your Shopify billing.

In the meantime, the problem HAS been fixed, and system has been running 100% smoothly since this time last week. We’ve also added extra server capacity to make sure that NEVER happens again for our app.

Can you confirm that you received this message? I want to make sure you are 100% taken care of…

Thanks again for your understanding and patience with us on this. We want our app to be fully reliable 24/7 and our developers have taken the necessary actions to assure that won’t happen again.

Sean (Ops Guru) & The Pre Order Now Support Team

Previous message -->
UPDATE: As of 9/23/20 around 5pm EST, we believe we have FIXED THE ISSUE causing server slowdowns and the various issues with the app. This has never happened with our app before and we are adding protocols to our servers so that it won't happen again.

THANK YOU for your patience with this very frustrating issue with Pre Order Now. Things should now be fast, accessible, and working at full speed, both now and in the future!

Please test on your end and let us know if you notice any other issues? If not, we'd welcome you to update this review to share your experience from there. Thanks!

-Sean & the Pre Order Now Team
Original Reply: Hello, this is Sean, the Ops Guru with Pre Order Now. We are working HARD AND FAST to resolve this issue. We have a SWAT team working this since last night and they are implementing fixes for our sudden server challenge.

I am VERY sorry that the app is not working properly at the moment when it comes to loading and logging in.

Please give us just a little more time today and we should have this resolved very soon! I will post here again with a full update very soon...

Thanks for your understanding, and stay tuned...

Sean & The Pre Order Now Dev Team

Ninja Shark

It's been close to 1 week soon and we still haven't received a reply and the app is live not working as expected.

There are all sorts of bugs, sometimes the orders are being tagged with the pre-order tags and multi-line notes, sometimes they aren't.

We had to create a separate ticket for each particular issue and they seem that their devs are not working together.

After many days, we had to hire a 3rd party developer and paid already a few hundreds of $ to fix big issues while still waiting for their reply.

When we asked again, they said they send developer/collaborator request to get access. This after another member of their team requested and got access a week ago. So, I assume they haven't even bothered to check they already have access to the store.

Not sure what happened, maybe the worst time of the month for them, but we really really wanted this to work. That's why we invested already a few hundreds of $$ to make it work at the minimum and hope they can fix the remaining.

What is not working:
- the preorder message is still not listed on all product pages (one some yes, on others no) - this has been partially fixed by our dev
- the popup on the cart wasn't randomly displaying and once it was listed, you couldn't close (x/close button not working)
- the pre-order tags are still not applied to all orders with out of stock items
- certain items still do not show the out of stock note at the product level (some yes, some not)
- we still can't edit the content of the email that's being sent if a product is out of stock to the customers (only the subject line)

UPDATE to Sean: Hi Sean, I find that the following statement is 100% false:
'some themes which have been modified quite a bit do conflict with our app, and custom fixes have to be made by our team. But they CAN and ARE made if you let us know what is awry.'

Your devs haven't made any proactive recommendation or change to the website. None

I have provided collaboration access to your team from the beginning, and yesterday someone said they will send a collaboration request and if I can accept it. They haven't even checked that access has been already provided 1 week before. That makes me think your team haven't had the time to look over even once to our situation.
That makes the following statement also false:
'Works out-of-the-box—no complicated theme installation or coding required'
- it doesn't work out of the box and there is custom coding required

Another false statement:
'Enjoy super-fast customer support—even available on weekends!' - nobody bothers to reply after I was told they will look into it and there were no replies during the weekend.

Developer reply

September 14, 2020


This is Sean, the Customer Success Guru with Pre Order Now. I am very sorry to hear about this experience and the frustrations! That is not at all what we are going for here, and our support takes pride in its responsiveness and helpfulness.

I reviewed your 3 conversation email strings with us, and I show that we have responded and been trying to help at each turn... so I'm thinking maybe our responses might be going to your junk mail? We are waiting on a response from the last few messages we sent you, and were not aware that there were outstanding issues since we hadn't heard from you.

I am putting our best support member and our dev team on this to make double-sure that we are taking extra-good care of your requests and issues here... some themes which have been modified quite a bit do conflict with our app, and custom fixes have to be made by our team. But they CAN and ARE made if you let us know what is awry.

So I am emailing you now directly to make sure we are taking extra care of you here... please reply and we can be sure you are good to go...

Sean & The Pre Order Now Support Team

[stoke] Market

As soon as I installed the app, the main menu on the homepage wasn't responding and functioning anymore.

Developer reply

September 10, 2020

I am terribly sorry to hear about this. That is NOT AT ALL normal for our app.

We can help you right away and fix that RIGHT NOW if you will allow us to? We are 100% here to help, day and night...

Sean & The Pre Order Now Team

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