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  • INCREASE REVENUE: Sell your art & designs on many new products in just a few minutes.
  • DECREASE COSTS: Sell as you sleep. Printify processes and tracks orders automatically, always visible inside your Shopify dashboard.
  • SAVE TIME: No setup costs and no subscription fee. Only pay for what you sell. No inventory, no handling, no customer support costs on your side.


Start selling many new products in just few minutes

Printify is #1 fastest and easiest solution to sell digital art on Shopify. You only need few minutes and 1 image.

As soon as the upload is done, Printify generates 500+ unique product variations with your design. All the products are automatically uploaded to your store with detailed product descriptions.

We will print your Image on:

  • Jersey t-shirts

  • V-neck t-shirts

  • Tank Tops

  • Pullovers

  • Zip Hoodies

  • Mugs

  • Phone Cases

  • Posters

  • Wall decals

  • Canvas

* Select whichever product categories you want. E.g., if you are already selling T-Shirts, you can keep your current process for T-Shirts and sell everything else with Printify.

Pricing Examples

Product: Your Price - Our Price for product = Your Profit (Profit Margin)

Jersey T-Shirt: $24.00 - $14.90 = $9.10 (38%)

Hoodie: $44.00 - $28.90 = $15.10 (34%)

Mug 13oz: $13.00 - $7.50 = $5.50 (42%)

Phone Case: $35.00 - $16.99 = $18.01 (52%)

Canvas 8"x10": $23.00 - $11.55 = $11.45 (50%)

Canvas 24"x30": $85.00 - $42.99 = $42.01 (50%)

*See all product and shipping prices here, under "Products & Pricing”.

Save Time

Create products in a snap. Don’t waste hours on each mockup anymore! Shooting product photos, editing & uploading images, writing product descriptions and other mundane tasks? Not your job. Upload your design, tell us what to do, and Printify takes care of the rest.

Never miss a customer. Whenever you receive an order, Printify automatically produces and ships out the product in 2-3 days, uploading the tracking number and order status in your Shopify dashboard. Delivery time depends on customer’s location. See more about shipping here.

Increase Your Profit

Sell more products with no setup investment. If you are already selling your designs on T-shirts and mugs, Printify lets you expand your product range in 30 seconds. Increase your profit by offering your best-selling designs on Phone Cases, Posters, Canvas and other products.

Decrease Your Costs

No inventory.
We keep hundreds of unique SKUs in our stock.

Below is an example of
Jersey T-Shirts:

  • 2 models: Male fitted / Female fitted - 2 variations

  • 20 different colors - 20 variations

  • 5 different sizes each - 5 variations

Our current stock of Jersey T-Shirts: 200 variations (2 x 20 x 5)

At any moment our stock holds thousands of items that we use for fulfilling your orderers. We Print On Demand and ship to your customers.

No production machinery.
You dont need to buy expensive machinery for printing your art on products.

Avoid paying double salaries for overtime.
Ever handled incoming sales during Christmas promotions? Tired workers staying late and getting paid double, part-time employees hired in a rush and making mistakes? Not your problem. With Printify, you get top efficiency and flat pricing even during peak sales.

Top Quality

We do not take quality lightly. Products, materials, printing technology &inks – we only give your clients what we would use ourselves.

What we mean by “top quality products”:

  • T-Shirts, Tops, hoodies & pullovers: Amercian Apparel 100% cotton products. They do not irritate your skin and have the smoothest surface to preserve good quality print, make sure the image does not crack and the colors stay vibrant and sharp for many washes.

  • Mugs: Printed with 300 DPI Canon printers that provide crisp image sharpness. Special sublimation process makes the prints dishwasher safe and the mugs safe to drink from, even for children.

  • Phone Cases: Made of extremely strong plastic (Lexan), our cases are stronger, lighter, more flexible and retain prints best. A nice bonus: the design also protects the phone screen.

  • Posters & Wall decals: Thick 254gsm custom made photo paper is laminated to provide rigidity and protect colors from fading. Never worry about hanging your poster on the sunny wall again.

  • Canvas: highly automated canvas assembly line that enables us to provide very professional high quality canvas at very competitive price.
  • What we mean by “top quality printing”:

    High-end print technology. We use high-end printers for all print works. The image is sharp, the colors are just as you designed, the picture does not fade with washing. We recommend uploading 300 DPI print resolution pictures for the best print quality.

    Made In the USA

    All print works are done in the USA. We are a diverse team, who love arts and represent all the best there is in the US workforce.

    We treat our employees well. Everyone is respected and receives a fair compensation. This means they treat your order with care.

    We do not overwork our people. Work hours are always scheduled with a safety margin. This means people printing your order are attentive and alert.

    Our contracts do not have fine print. We do not bully workers into doing extra work for free. This means people handling your order feel responsible for it.

    All orders are made and shipped out within 2-3 days.

    All Orders Have Tracking

    When we fulfill an order we automatically update the tracking code in your Shopify dashboard. You customer instantly receives an email with order update from your store.

    Sincere Customer Service

    We treat reputation of our merchants as our own. We treat your customers like our own.

    We reply fast. Most order-related questions are answered within 4 hours. 95% of all emails are answered in less than 24 hours.

    We put smiles on customers’ faces. We take on replacement costs for unhappy customers and make sure they love you in the end.

    No feedback is ever left unanswered. Our customer support bonuses are directly linked to customer satisfaction.

    Your Branding

    Orders are shipped in YOUR brand name. Printify is invisible and runs behind the scenes.

    Custom return labels.
    Customize your business name and address on the shipping return label.

    Extra Information

    By installing Printify, you accept our Terms of Service. You can read them here.

    Check out our FAQ for quick answers to common questions.

    Send any other question to customercare@printifyapp.com. We respond within one working day.

Printify reviews (313)


Super easy to use, they pay you via paypal which is very convenient, and you only pay them when you sell something. It's a wonderful app. I hope soon they add all products to be available in shopify!


By far the greatest app. The app beats Printful, Teelaunch and Print Aura.
The mere fact that you can apply your design to all their products in one shot, puts them light years ahead.
With Printful you have create each product manually. It would literally take 1 hour to apply one design to all their products. If not more.
With Printify, you save yourself that time.
But of course the Printify app has many features it must add as well.

I will say one more thing. On Printful, once the product is created, you have to edit the product in Shopify. And when dealing with Art, there's no way to edit art in bulk fashion. That means that you would have to edit each one manually.
On Printify, you can edit items/art in the app in bulk fashion and it updates it in Shopify!

But, I am still new to this company. So let's see about customer support and to which lengths they are willing to work with me.


Easy to navigate


Very easy to use.




So far so good. It is pretty annoying that the app keeps asking for a review though, even after I have reviewed it. This really needs a fix.


Fantastic app for printable clothes and wares! i've tried a dozen different apps to see who has the best system for importing large numbers of listings into shopify with just one image upload fed into multiple products all at once, and PRINTIFY wins hands down. it's not even close. i just deleted all the other product printing apps from my shopify.


is good , very good


Easy to use! Great product!
- AB


Love this app


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