Printify: Print on Demand

Printify: Print on Demand

by Printify

Create and sell items with your design, we manage fulfillment

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Street Hoop Shop

Great app, easy to use, good variety of products from different producers and world-class customer service.

Excellent App to promote your business or Brand, super simple to set up and work on. We highly recommend.

The AeroPanda Team

Moon Void Tarot

I use printify to sell products with my original artwork on them, I love how easy the website is to use and the customer service is fantastic. I would give a 5 star rating, my only gripe, and it's pretty big, is the shipping costs and fees make it very hard to make any profit off my items. The cost of the items is high, and to stay competitive and cost effective I add my markup to the item, but after printify takes their cut and the cost of shipping is added it's hardly worth it. I'm still trying to figure out a way to make it work for me.


Printify is an excellent service with excellent customer service. Beware of MyLocker to do your printing. They could care less what they send out of their place. On average 1 of every 4 or 5 shirts i order need to be replaced for terrible quality, holes in the shirts, and ink splatters all over. They have issues. MyLocker is terrible. Prinitfy is great..


This app & service is all around amazing! So dang user friendly. Great product selection. Many different providers and various options to choose from. Seamless, easy, instant Shopify integration. **Customer support is as good as it gets!! Absolutely TOP NOTCH!!**


Quick and Easy to setup and get started. I was able to set up my store in minutes. Great suppliers and useful features. Would recommend to all dropshippers for speed, quality and convenience.

Catch My Paw

After I received the samples for my tees and hoodies I am certain that Printify is by a mile the best print on demand fulfillment service out there. I traveled around the world for a while so I put off setting up a shop for a long while because I couldn't keep track of inventory and shipping while on the road. But now when I found out that they take care of everything and I mean EVERYTHING, from mockups, printing, packing to shipping there was no excuses not to do it!

Rupayu Garments

I'm happy with Printify. I market to a US audience and having a supplier located in the US is a great bonus to me. The app is easy to use. Customer care is very helpful and responds very quickly. If you are searching for an ideal POD service then Printify is the best deal in the market!

They also have Premium plan which gives 20% discount for all products - that's a dealbreaker because prices are very competitive with this discount.

Aqu-Aqu Store

Printify is awesome! Out of many other POD companies, it has super wide product selection. I have ordered samples for t-shirts, hoodies and embroidered hats from Mylocker. Result is very good quality. So, I'm happy to work on my store design and start selliing...


If you care about quality, your brand and reputation then skip these guys. They're a middle man for POD companies and don't give a fck about you or your customers satisfaction.

Like any small business I'm trying to provide the highest quality product for the lowest margin. Their Bella 8001 was/is cheaper by a few dollars than another pod on Shopify so I moved 2 designs to them. The partner I chose was ArtGun. Not just for the price but they could do an outside back label. I had 4 orders, 2 individual, 1 low volume order from the music artist, and one other individual. The first 3 orders, 2 individual, and the volume order for around 12 shirts all came or shipped to the customer with the outside back label printed as an inside label. I had no idea until the artist got their volume order. First, it took 10 business days to print 12 shirts. Another 3-5 days to actually receive the shirts. Needless to say, they were not accurate about their fulfillment time. Contacted Printify, got a sad story that ArtGun was merging with another company, blah, blah, blah, it won't happen again. Plus since it was a "large" order (12 shirts? 2 designs?!) It was harder to fulfill... Are you for real? It should be easier right? Load the graphic, change shirts in the dtg printers..... So it's scripted offshore support... Ok, apologize to artist, no merchandise at their show... When it arrived they d me, all the back labels we're printed on the inside label area. I saw and took photos of all the shirts in person and took it back for an exchange. Contacted Printify, generic support contacted me with send photos, proof etc. Few days goes by, ok they're is a problem with their pod ArtGun. They've been notified will be fixed and will get back to me when I can get reprints. So I contact the 2 previous individual orders, turns out their shirts are not correct either. Let Printify know, etc etc photos, done. 1 month goes by, Printify points the finger to ArtGun, my customers have shirts that are not correct, the artist merchandise still not correct... I think 6 weeks finally ok, ArtGun fixed their problem we're sending reprints. Check the reprints, Printify reprints the 3 individual orders (I had another individual orders during this waiting period that was printed wrong and had rust and irregular water stains on it). The 2 dark colors are ok. The white shirt still discolored, after they assured me that it was getting extra qc. Then I ask, what about the larger order from the artist and they respond they need proof of the mistake, again! Mind you I sent them the photos from that order as proof of their mistake a month and a half back. They push back with their canned script, now it's October and still the 12 shirts aren't reprinted.

They blame ArtGun, no, it's them, Printify, because they choose to do business with pods that can't even get a back label right. If they do so much volume like they claim, how can I be the only one affected?

This company is dishonest and doesn't care about you, your brand or your customers. I have all emails, photos, and correspondence.

If you have a family reunion, small tee run you wanna do cheap and don't know or care about quality then go ahead and save a buck.

If you are trying to grow a brand, have high quality prints and customer satisfaction, stay away from Printify. They can point fingers to the pod, but they continue to do business with them because of their character. Your partners reflect you. I should have never ever used them. It's one of the worst experiences since I've started to do my open custom shirts.

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