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Merchants appreciate this print-on-demand platform for its user-friendly interface, wide range of customizable products, and seamless integration with ecommerce platforms. They highlight the consistent product quality, transparent pricing, efficient shipping, and reliable order fulfillment. The customer service team is noted for its quick response and problem-solving abilities. The competitive pricing model is also praised, allowing merchants to control their profit margins, making it suitable for both novices and experienced professionals.

March 4, 2024

Having just finished the experience of adding products to my Store from another POD company I must say that it is WAY easier to use the Printify system. (Unfortunately, Printify did not have these products, or I would not have used this other company). There are a few frustrating issues with shipping costs but I'm new to this, so I need to sort it out myself rather than assuming it is a Printify specific issue.

4 months using the app
Printify replied March 5, 2024

Thank you for your honest review!

In case you need any assistance or an advice, feel free to reach out to us at any time! 😊

March 23, 2024

I would recommend printify for others. It does take some time to navigate and learn everything. After a while it is very straight forward. Instagram shop is super easy to streamline. I will continue using this product.

Darker Humor
United States
About 1 month using the app
Printify replied March 27, 2024

Thank you for your review and recommendation, it means the world to us! 💙

March 17, 2024

"I recently started using Printify for my e-commerce business, and I couldn't be happier with the platform! Printify makes it incredibly easy to create and sell custom products, and their integration with Shopify is seamless. I love how straightforward the process is - from uploading designs to selecting products and managing orders, everything is intuitive and user-friendly. Plus, the quality of the products is fantastic, and my customers are always thrilled with their purchases. I highly recommend Printify to anyone looking to start or expand their online store!"

BMB World Of Products
United States
2 months using the app
Printify replied March 18, 2024

Thank you for your heartfelt review, it means the world to us! 😊

Best of the luck in your future business endeavours! 💙

March 18, 2024

I love printify, but there's definitely some stuff that needs to be addressed on the app. First of all page numbers for your items should appear at the top and at the bottom of the page, so you don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom to get to them, and there should be a way to page through easier when you have a lot of pages. More pages along the bottom, or page you can jump to. Especially, if you have a lot of items, this would be a huge time saver. Copying over items from one shop to the other, they lose their format and their spacing, and you have to go back and fix each and every one of them. Using text boxes it's very difficult on the app, because you can't get it to click into the box to edit. It's a little easier on the website, but not by much. I use the app more than I use the website, so I'm very used to how the app works, and you may find that you have a group of people such as The Rockstar group in Facebook that could help give you ideas on what tweaks need to be done in order to make this a better app. I'm pretty sure we don't like to help you help us.

Beanie's Boutique
United States
10 days using the app
Printify replied March 22, 2024

Thank you for your honest review and suggestions. We'll certainly take this in to the account. 💙

Best of the luck in your future business endeavours! 😊

February 15, 2024

I would neither recommend or otherwise, as POD is for those who really want to pursue it, as no app can do this for you.
That said, this 60 year old grandmother, finally got to listing several products, after much procrastination, panic, frustration, and fear of the unknown.
I won't lie, all tech which involves skills unknown to me terrify me, so I won't pretend I find the app easy to Use. This, I believe is a generational issue the Silver Surfers such as myself will need to overcome, if they want a straightforward online business.
After eventually finding a You tube superstar who didn't glibly insist that everything they were about to show me was '' really easy '' ( I freeze and give up at this point, as I have found such fast talking Millenial types anything but easy to follow), I have amazed myself with being 9 steps away from having my own online shop ready for customers ! And it has taken about six weeks from viewing the video, till now, but here I am, still pushing on, at least with some progress
After telling myself to literally calm down, and after repeating instructions from my video super hero several times, I can now navigate select sections with ease and confidence ( on a strictly need to know basis ).
So the ease of use of the app for me, depends on when you were born, one's online exposure, and level of desire to succeed. The latter, with independent or Printify in - house videos should make all the differences. If you want to, then you can. Simples.

Blest Tots Tunez
United Kingdom
26 days using the app
Printify replied February 19, 2024

Thank you for your positive and honest review, it means a lot!

Delighted to hear that you've gotten so far, congratulations. In case any further assistance is necessary, feel free to reach out to us at any time! 🚀😊

March 5, 2024

I would recommend this app because it easy to use once one has learned it.
I wouldn't recommend it because as a Canadian prices seem confusing and it is not easy to figure out what is in Canadian Dollars and what is in USD. Products are also a bit expensive.
Overall it is a good platform and app. There is always room for improvement.

Children of the Eagle
2 months using the app
Printify replied March 8, 2024

Thrilled to hear that you find our platform easy to use!

Thank you for your review and recommendation, it means a lot! 😊

February 20, 2024

I love how I can quickly design a product from my phone or computer. I have been able to keep my store stocked and customers happy.

United States
9 months using the app
Printify replied February 22, 2024

Thank you for your review! Thrilled to hear that you enjoy the provided services. 😊

April 2, 2024

It is great way to use print on demand with a simple and convenient process. However I wish there was better and improved ways to edit designs in the design section, such as a way to search for graphics that you are looking for and or change colours of graphics.

I hope to see better competitive prices as some products are too expensive and leaves us a very low profit margin.

Petify World
11 days using the app
Printify replied April 4, 2024

Thank you for your review and suggestion.

All the best! 🚀😊

April 10, 2024

Love the app and ease of use. Would be nice to have better off model mockups and to be able to use one design and publish to multiple products at once.

Donald Trump Forever
United States
About 2 months using the app
Printify replied April 12, 2024

We appreciate your review and suggestion! 💙

January 25, 2024

The service reps in Chat are always super helpful and resourceful, or promise to get back. Frank Evans and Ian Nate your service is much appreciated. I gave 4 stars because of frustration with a function in my account not working when I received an email to annouce it.

United States
Almost 2 years using the app
Printify replied January 29, 2024

Thank you for your review. Delighted to hear that Frank and Ian were helpful and resourceful.

In case any assistance is necessary in the future, feel free to reach out to us at any time! 🌟