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Product Customizer

Product Customizer

Developed by ShopStorm

Price: $9.99 – $17.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Customize your products with unlimited options.
  • Increase your revenue with per option pricing.
  • Rest easy with free installation and free support.

Try one of the most loved apps on the Shopify App Store. FREE for 14 days!

What is Product Customizer?

Product Customizer is an easy-to-use app with unparalleled service. Add an unlimited number of custom file uploads, dropdowns, text inputs, radio buttons, and checkbox options to provide the options you need to sell personalized and custom products.

Take advantage of option descriptions and placeholders to give instructions or more context to your customers.

Want to increase your revenue? Select our Premium Plan for advanced features including per-option pricing and priority customer service.

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team is happy to assist you with installation (at no charge) and any questions you might have. We guarantee that Product Customizer will make running your store easier and help you get more out of your Shopify products.

With Product Customizer, you will be able to:

  • Combine Shopify variants with Product Customizer options

  • Manage and sync your options across multiple products

  • Use bulk actions and save time managing large volumes of products

  • Search and filter products by type or tag to quickly update options

  • Create option templates and avoid hours spent managing product options

  • Define fields as optional or required to prevent incomplete orders

  • Add descriptions and placeholders to ensure customers complete fields properly

  • Set character limits on your text fields to fit your requirements

  • Set a minimum or maximum number of choices for checkbox groups

  • Use custom option pricing to increase revenue (requires Premium Plan)

Why choose Product Customizer?

Better Performance

Improve the customer experience. Our options display immediately. No delay for your customers.

Higher Reliability

Avoid down time. Product Customizer does not depend on any external systems. Unlike other apps that rely on third-party services, we rely on Shopify only. Product Customizer is built for scalability and performance.

More Power

We offer unlimited pricing options with our Premium Plan and only a single hidden pricing product. Other apps limit your number of pricing options or require multiple hidden products to power your custom prices.

Improved Compatibility

Product Customizer offers support for advanced theme features and is compatible with almost any theme. We'll work with you to integrate AJAX add to cart and product quick view where possible.

Superior Support

We offer best-in-class support and free installation. We'll even schedule Premium Plan installations as soon as you install!

Praise for Product Customizer

★★★★★ Using this app has made our business so much easier. Super easy to use, edit and create custom options. We have a lot of custom options on our website, so this has been a life saver. Thank you for providing such an amazing app.
- Trendy Treehouse

★★★★★ "I loved how easy the instructions were for adding the data in the code of myself were. It was intimidating to look at and other companies charge for making the change for you. It was way simpler than it seemed. I was able to add the necessary variations to my product listings right away and I saw sales the same day that would not have been possible without the changes I made using this app. Highly recommended!"
- McClary Bros.

★★★★★ "If I could give more stars, I would. The support team has been phenomenal, helping me figure out how to meet my shops needs. They went over and beyond to get the customizer to look and work how I want it to. Even making the feature I needed to work, when other apps told me it wasn't possible. The interface for creating options is so easy to use. This comes from someone who quite literally has tried every "options" app available for Shopify. The smoothest interface and best customer support of all. Even when their app did not have a feature I wanted, I felt like they really listened and asked for my ideas in how to make certain features work in the future. Thank you, ShopStorm!" - The Confetti Post

★★★★★ "Product Customizer is wonderful and a great addition to our store. It is so easy use when setting up products and also easy for customers to use on the site. The support is fantastic. I would highly recommend this app." - Real Women Love Sports

★★★★★ "I really love this Product Customizer app, I was using the Bold Apps Product Options app and it was just so time consuming and fiddly to operate. This app is much easier and loads faster on the page, and has not let us down as previous options apps have done...you can save all the options you prefer, which means the favourite options are only a click away, no need to type in countless variables over and over again. The team was also very helpful in making the options suit my theme, and answered all questions I had. Certainly well worth the money and I can't wait to see more additions to this app in the very near future I hope!"
- WizardPatch

★★★★★ "The app is a good supplement for the existing product options and variants offered by the Shopify platform. Its easy to use and allows unlimited amount of customizations. More importantly, the technical support was excellent. Kim was not only prompt and responsive to my request for help in the initial set up, she was also very patient and helpful. This is contrary to the experience I had with other developers."
- Hallmark of Love

See It In Action

Check out our Demo Shop and our Shop Showcase to see Product Customizer in action.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can Product Customizer options influence price?

    A: Yes. Our Premium Plan offers pricing per option.

  • Q: Will customizations show up in the cart?

    A: Yes. Our app uses code snippets to show customizations in the cart. We have documentation or how to install these snippets, or we are happy to take care of the installation on your behalf.

  • Q: Will customizations show up in emails?

    A: Yes. We can do this! Shopify emails can't be edited automatically by our app, but we have documentation ​on how to add options to emails, and we’re happy to make these changes for you. Just ask.

  • Q: Can Product Customizer show live previews of selected options?

    A: No, sorry. Customers can choose options, but they won't see these reflected on product images or a live preview.

  • Q: Can Product Customizer manage inventory or SKUs?

    A: No. Unfortunately, we do not have this capability at the moment.

Want to know more?

Check out our FAQ or send us a note. We'd love to hear from you!


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Product Customizer reviews (625)


Our business concept at waytorenew.com, is only possible because of the "Product Customizer". It's now possible for us to customize each product just how the customer want it. What is also important is, that the "Product Customizer" makes it possible to customize the price on each product depending on the options the customer makes.
Also i want to mention the customer service at Shopstorm - it's really good. They will help you with every single problem you might have, and quite fast.
We at Way To Renew can really recommend this app.


This is an amazing app and even more amazing is Kim´s support. Very happy to be a user of it for a long time and now even happier with the new and very easy interface! I surely recomend it! A must have app if you deal with personalized items! Thanks so much! ;-)


We had tried basically every product options app for Shopify before this one, and found most of them to be buggy in some way. Some of them caused the page load times for our products to be dramatically slower, while others would clog up the admin by creating new inventory items for every new custom configuration, and so on.

When we first installed ShopStorm's Product Customizer, we were initially disappointed by the lack of customizable settings in the app, but we gave it a go anyway due to its superior performance. This was before we realised that their support team is fantastic and seemingly willing to handle any requests for customization you throw at them. After several emails back and forth, the product options on our store look very different to when we first got the app, and they are a fantastic fit for our theme on desktop or mobile. If there's something you don't like about the default settings, just tell them what you'd prefer and they can usually sort it for you in a timely manner. This kind of support is worth every cent you pay for the Plus plan. Once our store is up and running, we look forward to seeing if our business can benefit from implementing other ShopStorm apps.


It works great + awesome support!


This customizer has done exactly what we hoped it would. From the ordering process to order acknowledgment, this is spot on. Very easy to customize and the customer service is amazing.

Highly recommended.


Works great for my personalized products and even more they have AWESOME customer service!!!!


The Best support


The team at ShopStorm is outstanding. Setting up Product Customizer was totally painless, and I have a pretty complex product configuration... no unexpected problems at all. One of the things I was looking for in a product options app was the ability to have certain options priced as a percentage of the total config instead of just a flat option price, and when I asked ShopStorm if this were possible they offered to custom develop it for me! Percentage-based pricing is not something that's available in any of the other product configurator apps, so if that's something you require then Product Customizer is definitely what you need to get that done.

Bottom line is that ShopStorm is fully behind their products, and their support team does a great job making sure their products will do what you need them to do.


Brilliant little plugin that is easy to use. The provided support is rapid and accurate, just like a bussy entrepreneur want it to be.


Very good support by help center, they were very quick in response and useful. Hope they will add further functionalities to the app so they can better fit any customization request.

$9.99 – $17.99 / month

Select Premium Plan for per option pricing.

14 days

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