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SEO Images All-in-One: Compress, Watermark, Rename, Alt

SEO Images All-in-One: Compress, Watermark, Rename, Alt

Developed by Engage

16 reviews
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  • Increase traffic from Google search
  • Improve your site performance
  • Professional live chat support

★ Rank higher in Google Images search results using this app. It's a must have because it's All-in-One!

★ Optimize all your product photos with a single click!

★ Generate search-friendly filenames

★ Increase product page loading speeds by 50%

★ Optimize all your asset and collection images. Score 100%
for compressed images on GTMetrix.

★ Add logo watermarks to all your product images

★ Simple one-click image editing features such as cropping, resizing, color fills, and more.

★ You can resize all your images into a square shape

★ Optimize your product images in bulk, or by each individual product

★ Oberlo users can instantly optimize all their imported product photos with awesome new filenames and compression!

★ Export all your optimized product photos for other platforms!

★ Super easy to use & get fast results!

★ Free to perform unlimited individual optimizations on any product!

★ Amazing customer service - never worry - just ask!

Why you need this app

This app helps with:

  1. Search engine optimization

  2. Enhanced user experience

How much does it cost?

Each single product optimization is free!

Bulk pricing offered starting from $4.99

Unlimited monthly memberships with extra features start at $6.99

Membership is not required.

How it works

  1. Press the "Get" button - it's free to install.

  2. Once installed, choose your filename and alt tag keywords. All your new images will be renamed and retagged with these keywords. Feel free to use the default settings because they produce very good results.

  3. Next, select your image settings, if you want to tranform your images. Choose 'Watermark' if you want to add a logo overlay.

  4. There are a few other possible settings that may interest you (such as adding a border). Choose as many as you like.

  5. Save those settings and then click Optimize All and the app will automatically optimize all your images right away.

  6. You can also choose to optimize one image at a time!

  7. Non-members can restore any product within 3 days. Members have unlimited backup, and can export all their images at any time for free!


Q: Why is it important to update filenames?

A: Updating image filenames with smart keywords is super important for improving your SEO because Google indexes your site based on quality keyword associations it finds everywhere in your site.

Q: Will new images be automatically resized?

A: If you are a member, all new images are automatically optimized when new images are detected, without any additional charge!

Q: Can I restore all my images?

A: Sure, there's a restore button to put all your original images back!

Q: Can I still get my original images back if I uninstalled the app?

A: If you are a member, you can restore your images anytime while the app is installed. Non-members have 3-days.

Q: Can I cancel the resizing process once it started?

A: Yes, you can cancel, pause, resume, and start over the process. You can see the progress bar as it completes the optimizations.

Q: Can I restore individual images?

A: Sure, go into the individual product edit page and click Restore Images from the the "Apps" dropdown menu at the top.

Q: Can I resize individual/selected images only?

A: Sure, go into the individual product edit page and click Optimize Images from the the "Apps" dropdown menu at the top.

Q: Will this app resize images to a specific size? For example such as 650x650?

A: Absolutely, you can choose from a variety of resize, crop, and fill settings. You can make your images appear any way you want.

Q: Will this app optimize the product images within my product descriptions?

A: Yes, it will locate any product images within your descriptions and apply the optimizations. This is a pretty neat feature!

Feedback & Support

Documentation: View Here

Feel free to contact us with any questions. Live Chat: FB Messenger / Email: hello@en.gg

Latest News

October 12, 2017

Version 3.0 released with new exporting feature, unlimited memberships, and super low pricing!

June 19, 2017

Optimize the photos within your product descriptions! Choose to only optimize cover photos. Ability to skip existing Alt Tags. Improved UI!

Feature Requests

We are always happy to hear requests for new features! We can usually build addons within 48-72 hours, so do not hesitate to ask.

SEO Images All-in-One: Compress, Watermark, Rename, Alt reviews

16 reviews
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  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

Super app avec un super support, à l'écoute et efficace! Très satisfait de l'app et de l'accompagnement !!! SUPER
Merci Jason


Amazing experience ! This app make exactly what i've always dreamed. Also the customer support is always here to help you. Thanks !


Very good app and excellent support. The app is very easy to use. I had an issue on my shop and jason have been very helpful and respond very quickly. My shop loads super fast now !! Totally deserve 5 stars !


Great app that saves a lot of time and that will optimize my SEO in just a few seconds of settings !
Chat support very reactive and friendly :)


Very easy to use, reasonable pricing and livechat support!


improved alot my SEO rating and my loading page time, thanks alot!


The hassles of maintaining images in shopify are OVER!
This APP easily replaces several other image processing apps, none of which did everything that needs to be done.
Anything you want to do with images can be done with this app, in ONE pass and appied automatically to new images if you so desire.
It has way to many features to really go into on a review, but you owe it to yourself to check out this app, you will be glad you did.
Apparently this is a new version of the app effective this week, many features and bug fixes resolved.
Support is excellent, and very responsive, competent, and polite.

This app should be the goto app for all your shopify image issues.

Well done


Very cool app. Easy to use, lots of customization with the watermarking and really smart to add the alt text and do watermarks in one simple click. You can also optimize all images with one click and it will run the job in the background so you are free to work on other stuff. Also was very impressed with the support I got. The app owner is very responsive.


At first I wondered why everybody is writing a long review for this app and now I get to know the reason! The customer service is very dedicated to help us as a beginner store owner. Although we had some minor technical issue at first upon installing and setting up this app, he actually managed to overcome our problem precisely! Definitely a good experience with the customer service and most importantly this All in 1 Apps. It is the best recommended apps if you want to get all of your hassle website image setting to be done in a shot.


Easy to implement. There were some difficulties encountered with our huge catalog that includes over 30,000 images, but Jason's support was top notch, responsive and gave us the solution we needed to successfully watermark and optimize our images.


Free single optimizations!
Bulk optimizations start at $4.99
Unlimited membership plans starting at $6.99
Membership not required

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