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158 reviews
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158 reviews
November 4, 2022

A year ago, this was a great app and service. At the time, would've recommended it to anyone. Now? RUN FAR, FAR, FAR AWAY. They previously used a great chat support feature and it was great. They got rid of that and moved to a ticketed system, which wasn't too bad, but they became slightly less responsive. Now, you submit a ticket and you'll be lucky to get a response in weeks. They don't have a customer service number to actually talk to someone (how's that possible?). Asked to meet with someone to discuss numerous issues in September. Meeting was cancelled 20 minutes before the scheduled time and it was never rescheduled. Been trying to get products back from them but they won't (refuse to) respond. They won't respond to inquiries on social media. Shopify needs to remove this app ASAP until this company starts responding to its customers. There are many other fulfillment services to look into and definitely do so before going with this app. Suspect the company will reply stating the client support team will be in touch. Don't be fooled, client support is virtually nonexistent and don't expect a reply from the client support team.

Dr. Jekyll Soap Co.
United States
Time spent using app: Over 1 year
ShipHero replied November 10, 2022

Hello Dr. Jekyll Soap Co.,
We understand your frustrations and regret that you are unhappy with ShipHero. Our Client Support team is aware of your concerns and will reach out. Thank you.

October 12, 2022

Until they get things fixed, avoid unless you want your business to be crippled. ShipHero used to be amazing, but as of the past two months, are extremely understaffed and not delivering on their service level agreement. Their support has been lacking tremendously lately, taking anywhere from 4 days - nearly 2 weeks to respond to inquiries. I have run out of stock because their receiving timelines are now 10+ days. If a customer has an order issue and I need to reach out to support for assistance, I now have to tell the customer I will investigate and get back to them in around a week with an update. I have orders which are not meeting the SLA deadline, and shipping out weeks delayed. I have boxes of 100 units which are missing, and after a month of investigating, still no updates on the status. This is just a fraction of the issues I am currently having. Belen has been wonderful in the past and has offered to look into these inquiries, however, nothing has changed and it has been nearly two months of poor service. Their lack of service is literally destroying my business.

United States
Time spent using app: Over 1 year
ShipHero replied October 21, 2022

Hello onoroller,

Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with us. We appreciate your frustrations and are continuously working to improve our teams. The Client Support team is aware of your concerns and will be in touch.
Thank you.

September 20, 2022

Hired ShipHero to help with pre-orders. It takes a lot to get me to the point of writing a bad review, They've been having "some delays at the warehouse" and my orders have not been shipped out in over two weeks. In addition to that they don't have a live support system, so every thing you ask them has to go through a ticket system which if they respond at all takes about 48 hours on average to receive a response and it involves no resolution but rather "we'll look into this and get back to you." I asked to have my inventory back and they told me they have sent it to different warehouses across the country and it will take up to 30 days to get it back to me! It is September 20th to day and I still have customers that are waiting for their order since AUGUST 26th. On top of that, while holding my inventory hostage they are charging me "storage fees." They also, without my agreement, sent my inventory to different locations so if an order contained something they have in PA and something they have in LV, they sent it from two different locations and charged me twice for the same order that would have cost 1/2 the amount. The staff is incompetent, disorganized, unresponsive, and I have no idea how in the world this company is operating at all. The worst experience I have ever had working with a service based company. Stay far, far away.

United States
Time spent using app: 3 months
ShipHero replied September 20, 2022

Hello Tearribles team,
We appreciate your frustrations and appreciate you sharing them with us. Our Client Support team is aware of your concerns and a manager will be in touch soon. Thank you.

Edited September 28, 2022

UPDATE 9/28: DOWN rating to 2 stars. Service support is pretty much non-existent. Unlike most companies these days, there's not a feature to chat with support, nor phone number. The only way is via a ticket system. I have a multiple tickets that have been open for 9+ days. What's worse is that this is a 3pl company and I can't get accurate inventory numbers on the panel. Looking at what we shipped to the warehouse and what they shipped to our customers , the numbers in inventory don't match what is being displayed on the app. On top of that, I can't get an answer to why the pricing is completely random for the same SKU from order to order. Some are priced 2x the amount (that ticket is 8 days old). REVIEW 9/14
We signed up with ShipHero 3 months ago and due to delays on our side only just launched yesterday . My rep, Silvana was amazing. She walked me through the process from beginning to end and took the time to customize certain parts of ShipHero so we could do split orders with another fulfillment vendor. The app is pretty easy to use. I like the fact there are no shipping zones so you can pick one warehouse that's near your manufacturer and be done. Prices are quite reasonable for storage, pick fees and shipping. I do wish it would support posthero integration for Active Campaign and not just Klaviyo.

United States
Time spent using app: 3 months
ShipHero replied September 15, 2022

Hello NightFood!
Thank you for letting us know how your launch went! We're so happy to have you onboard. And we're glad to know that Silvana has been rockin' it. She is pretty amazing. We wish you much success and look forward to helping you grow! Thanks again!

Edited September 26, 2022

UPDATE: We've been 11 (!) days waiting for billing ticket #47302 (change our shipping polybag, so we are not charged for oversize) and 6 days for ticket #48268 (question about billing cycle) to be handled. Plus, we were overcharged again on September 24th ($23.42 to ship a $12 shipment), 12 days after the "support team will work to correct any billing issues." END OF UPDATE.
I'm sorry to leave this review because we liked SH initially. We have been overcharged for *months*. What you read in other reviews is true. We have paid over $30 shipping for an order that should cost less than $12. You won't know anything unless you go inside each bill and review each charge, wasting your time. One thing is for sure. *Every* single week, we found incorrect charges. They apologize, say they will look into it, and the story continues. This is so frustrating. Knowing a company is stealing your money but moving inventory elsewhere (for which they need 30 days, according to their TOS!) would be detrimental and make you lose a ton of sales. The app is average at best. It does not update from Shopify in real-time. We have products inside the app with the incorrect SKU. We had products which we had removed from our store months ago. But they were still showing in Shiphero. Their "dropshipping" functionally to mark products as such rarely works. Orders will be stuck as "not ready" because there is a product inside with no inventory, even if it is marked as dropshipping (so it should be ignored). The mistakes are frequent. Every single week we need to reach out to support. It might be a fake charge, a lost product, or they forgot to ship a product because they stocked it in the wrong location. You name it. It's a shame. Things were not as bad when we started over a year ago. I cannot recommend this company as of today since they literally overcharge secretly. No live support either. Their *flat* rates are not worth it. You will end up paying way more, not only in bogus charges due to system issues or employees picking the wrong package, increasing the weight (even if you have your custom packaging) but spending your valuable time dealing with this instead of working on growing your business. We have requested a videocall with someone in management several times. Never happened. They just apologize and tell you they'll work on it. I really hope they get it together because, as of now, they are not a good company to work with.

Canvas by Numbers
ShipHero replied September 12, 2022

Hello Canvas by Numbers team,
We appreciate your review and your candor relating to your experience with ShipHero. Our Client Support team will work to correct any billing issues and a member of the team will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you again.