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Merchants appreciate this app for its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with Shopify. They value its competitive shipping rates, international shipping support, and features like automatic order fulfillment, tracking, and bulk shipping. The app's ability to create return labels that only charge upon scanning is seen as cost-effective. Merchants commend the responsive customer service and credit the app for enhancing their business operations.

October 16, 2020

I am heartbroken that recently the support I received from Shippo has been so bad. I relocated to Germany and have had so many issues with Deutsche Post which was recommended via SHIPPO. I have sent over 500 packages with Shippo & right before the holidays they I run into a lot of issues. The customs forms don't print with the labels and I have over 50 orders I have to refund because I am in Germany and Shippo failed me. I may have to shut my business down.

Its Untamed Beauty
United States
Over 2 years using the app
Edited January 27, 2018

They have awesome prices, however. My 1 star review is because of the following reasons.


1. When creating multiple packages, it only lets you choose 1 size/shape box for ALL of the shipments your checkmarked. So If one of those in your list was an envelope and the other is a 10x10x6 only select one size and it puts them all as that type of container. So you can only batch print shipping labels that are the same size/shape container.

2. It does NOT add the weight of the box/package to the weight of your product and come up with a total! It's ridiculous because if your product has the weight in Shopify, Shippo only brings over the weight of the product, and not the box plus the product. So technically every shipment is under weighed.

3. You cannot edit or remove easily from the batch printing like you can with shopify.


They are cheaper than Shopify and Shippingeasy.


I keep them installed as a back up in case there is a really outrageous price quote for a box of mine and I generate them individually and manually override weights. Sometimes they are up to 3 dollars cheaper than most other places.

I am hoping for one day that they will really care about this side of the business and make the tool really useful. But when you contact the company they say things like, Well thousands use us and have no problem with this, only you do. And, that is not the direction the company is going, we are wanting to sell our API to USPS, not become the best UI for shipping through us in Shopify. So, that is some of the reason that they don't really care if we don't like their UI. It doesn't matter to them.

P.S. I have had their software installed for 3 years...nothing has changed in that'm looking for another permanent solution. I wish Shopify would come up with cheaper rates and I would just use them. They seem to have understood completely what we need, but their rates sucks. Hope this review was helpful.

Really Good Pets Shop
United States
Over 2 years using the app
Edited January 20, 2018

After having a good period without any real issues and decent priced, easy to use shipping, I now see that they have changed their "policies" and we am NO LONGER able to get commercial plus pricing. Yet, we received ZERO notice and I had to do quite a bit of digging to understand why rates went up $.65 per padded envelope (in essence the new pricing is standard (not commercial plus as advertised when I started using this APP) USPS 2018 pricing which begins Jan 21 with $.05 added on - not any great deal. To say I am dissatisfied is an understatement. Shopify really needs to get these apps to honor their agreements or boot them off the site.

After using the app for 2 weeks, I have encountered a label printing error and the management going back on its word. I was told they have a meet or beat pricing policy. I provided a lower shipping price for a particular box (and there are others). I was then told that it's an informal policy and they couldn't possibly match the price I provided. They also tried to tell me that it was an outdated price. When I insisted it wasn't, I was told that they can't possibly compete with a large, global company's rate and that I should understand as a small business person. I find it really reprehensible that a company doesn't honor its word - particularly since they are the ones who informed me of the meet or beat pricing policy. Moreover, I find it really manipulative that they then try to guilt me into giving them a pass by playing the "small business card." I have now had to involve Shopify and am waiting to hear from Shopify on how this is going to be resolved. If we can't trust the integrity and word of 3rd party app providers as store operators, I don't think they should be offering their services. User be forewarned that this company has absolutely no intention of honoring their so called "meet or beat" policy. They only have such a policy because they never expected they'd actually have to honor it. By the way the statement above, "We have the best discounted rates on USPS, hands down" is clearly false advertising. If this is how I treated my customers, I wouldn't have any.

Carrie Bloedel
United States
About 2 years using the app
Edited March 13, 2018


But really though.... is this a real company or are they just con artists? Let me first start by saying this app worked pretty well for a short period of time. That is... until I started getting "surcharges" that were supposedly passed on to me from USPS. Apparently USPS thinks my packages, they weigh less than 10 oz are actually 13 lbs in some cases.

Naturally they blamed these surcharges on USPS. I've switched carriers and haven't received any at all. I've asked for the proof that these charges are coming from USPS and I've yet to received any. I've asked for proof that my disputes have actually been submitted to USPS and I've yet to receive those either.

These guys are quick to take your money but beyond that it's almost impossible to get any real answers. Customer service is slow to respond and there's no phone number to contact them. Their promise of responding within 4 hours is complete garbage so don't listen to that mess. Short of me flying to San Francisco and knocking on their office door, (Which I think is actually only a basement with two people in it) I'm pretty sure I won't be hearing any real answers anytime soon.



It's now been over a another month and a half since my last review. No updates were given and I had to send an email to them AGAIN to get an update. Asked for proof that these charges were actually coming from USPS and they refused to provide them to me.

United States
About 2 years using the app
June 21, 2018

Such a disappointment.
The App originally worked well. After about a year of using it I ran into some issues. I sent a very clear email to Shippo in regards to the issues I was having requesting help. I received and email back from them stating that they were working on fixing the issues. After about a month of waiting I contacted them again since the issues were still there. They again told me they were still working on the problems. Another month passed and still the app was not working properly and I was wasting a lot of time trying to work around the persistent problems. I contacted them again, this time via the phone. They assured me that they would fix the issues. Here we are, months later and still nothing. I am deleting this app and would never recommend it to anyone of my friends who sell on shopify.
The consistent leading on, that you are working on fixing the issues is a complete lack of integrity. If you can't fix your problems, be honest about it and recommend another company/app that will work better for your customer.

Mia Joy Studio
Almost 2 years using the app
Edited May 24, 2022

They changed their format and it is horrible. Hard to read, hard to find labels, slows down my computer, I could go on, but please hear this! Find another ap. They don't care about you and the customer service is horrible. Also, now their page won't even load. If I could give this ap negative 10 stars, I would. Looking for another shipping company label provider. Update...I'm looking for a new shipping's getting worse than it was before. Warning warning.....look elsewhere..

Bulletproof Pet Products Inc
United States
Almost 2 years using the app
Shippo replied January 13, 2021

Hi there,

Thank you for leaving your honest feedback on the new Shippo changes. We are very sorry you're running into trouble and we're glad we got to speak with you through chat and on the phone today.

We're looking forward to the call we have scheduled tomorrow and we're hopeful we can help walk you through anything you need.

Our number one priority is to make sure our customers are taken care of. We will continue to work with you until we ensure everything about the new orders page is understood and you're good to go.

Shippo Support

Edited July 8, 2022

Would not recommend for larger packages - We have been using shippo for over a year, no significant issues that we couldn't work through with customer support until recently. Our business is growing and packages and quantity is larger. Noticed multiple " fee " charges. Reached out to support and was advised UPS is charging SHIPPO for incorrect dimensions on packages and SHIPPO is charging us. We have proven over 20+ times that the dimensions are correct and fees are unwarranted ! Fees have been refunded & corrected. However this is a weekly issue and requires us to review every invoice and dispute 5+ " fees " with SHIPPO on a weekly basis. The crazy part is we are providing each time that the "fees" are unwarranted. Yes, we get a "credit" back NOT a refund but that takes 1-2 weeks. It has also become a task that requires us to almost hire someone for just to stay on top of disputing unwarranted surcharges. We have tested multiple third party shipping providers to determine if this is an across the board issue with UPS as suggested by SHIPPO. From our findings from the last 6 weeks of testing, SHIPPO is the only third party app charging us "fees" for incorrect dimensions but if I catch it we get our money back... Since this finding we have decided to end our relationship. We are not saying don't use SHIPPO as we are not bashing any company just want to share our experience and remind everyone the importance of reviewing all invoices and looking for "fees" that do make sense. If this was not caught on my end, my business would be out over $100's and counting as the fees are small enough to go unnoticed. Like $5-$10 a week. We are in the process of trying to figure out with SHIPPO what will happen with our credit of about $150ish & then we will continue growing with another company. Hopefully the closing process is smooth & we can walk away from this situation. Update **** We have received a $18.00 " surcharge ". SHIPPO has advised that this is due to UPS having to deliver the package to a different address. The address the customer submitted at the time of purchase is the same as the billing address. Also no indication at the time of purchasing the label that the " address did not exist ". If UPS went to deliver the package and it was turned away due to being the wrong address, won't the package be returned to sender? I have never heard of a UPS driver, driving around looking for " Customer X " and then when he finds her sends me a $18 invoice. I disputed the "fee" with SHIPPO and was advised by Deangelo that UPS said " For any future shipments, the shipper will need to update their shipping records to avoid delays and charges. " This response is not appropriate for the type of business SHIPPO runs. We are a business with 1,000's of customers. The customers purchases from us and provides shipping details, we ship the product to the address provide, if the address does not exist it is returned to sender. This is common practice. I am now told that I will not be getting the $18 back and pending an explanation why the package was not returned to sender. I also now have to reach out to my customer as a business owner and make sure they are taken care of because technically the order WAS NOT delivered to the correct address. This is a mess. It further validates my decision to remove my business and decrease my rating from 2 star to now 1 stars. If UPS is truly charging all of these fees. SHIPPO is not protecting their customers. I recommend investing a fee before charging your customer as it leaves a bad taste and breaks trust.

United States
Over 1 year using the app
Shippo replied July 26, 2022


Thank you for leaving this feedback about Shippo, and we apologize you ran into trouble with surcharges from UPS.

Looking over your correspondence with Deangelo, it does appear that UPS updated us with more information about the address correction they made. Per UPS, they stated that the correct address associated with the suite numbers is 1850 per the United States Postal Service's website, not the 1859 address that was entered.

We do apologize for the surcharge you received, however, UPS is adamant this address correction was needed and is correct.

We understand receiving surcharges after shipping is always a surprise, and we're very sorry this happened on multiple occasions. When this happens we will do everything in our power to fight these charges with UPS (or any carrier). At times, these are successful, and at other times the carrier will deny the dispute if their findings are accurate.

I understand you have been using a different shipping provider and these charges have not occurred there. We would love a chance to talk with you further about these charges and see if anything is being done differently on that site, as well as see how we can win you back as a Shippo customer.

Again, we thank you for your feedback. This helps us align on where we need changes in our product so that it is a better experience for our customers.

Thank you,
Shippo Support

July 11, 2017

Got in a crunch and Shippo failed. Couldn't print packing labels because of an error on their end and there is no phone support. Also couldn't figure out where to change an address after I created the shipping label. Software company who think it's cool not to offer phone support and are actually not cool.

Teak Training
United States
Over 1 year using the app
Edited June 28, 2020

This expensive paid app is better than having to use Shopify itself to print labels. That's about it. There support is horrible and none existence, to say the least, no contact phone numbers of course (why to hide a phone #?)....they are very laid back in responding to issues with Canned messages and more so now with the COVID situation which they blame very conveniently after responding to a query days later which usually ends with; "we are sorry we are very very busy due to the COVID situation" and "by the way, we do not, of course, have a solution for your problems but will let our team know about it". They are not looking at adding other carriers, not looking at an option to help customers being able to filter out "local pickup orders" from Shopify which of course do not need to to be shipped, they do not support customizing packing slips, do not support refund options (which was there before), their system freezes often when doing batch payment processing of 100 orders at a time (there system defaults back to 25 orders..imagine a business doing batch processing 25 orders at a time when you have to ship out a 1,000 orders per day?). Their billing system likes to stop accepting payments randomly even when you have used that credit card for months. When you contact them about it they will just send you Canned message with a link to billing page....wonderful service. I am currently looking at an alternative like Shipping Easy etc....

Red Bay Coffee
United States
Over 1 year using the app
Shippo replied August 10, 2020


Thank you for reaching out and leaving your honest feedback about Shippo. We are very sorry to hear you've not had a great experience with our Support Team. This is never something we want!

While we have been very busy due to an increase in the amount of customer outreach from COVID, we certainly would not want to use this as an excuse to send canned messages and we apologize if our responses came off that way. To improve our response times, we have worked on hiring more team members so we're able to get back to our customers more quickly.

I also apologize if it was difficult to find our live support options. We do offer live chat and phone support M-F beginning at 9 AM PST. We also offer email support M-Sun. You can access all of these options by logging into Shippo and clicking on the "Support" icon on the bottom of the page.

It looks like you spoke on the phone with one of our awesome advocates, Rodrigo, and you have been using Shippo regularly! Thank you so much for giving us another shot!

If there is anything else you need, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Shippo Support

July 17, 2018

Signed up for the app based on reviews. Could not even enter my business shipping information due to a bug or terrible error handling.

United States
Over 1 year using the app