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  • Save up to $6 on every USPS Priority Mail shipping label!
  • Print a shipping label in seconds!
  • Access multiple carriers: USPS, Canada Post, FedEx, UPS, DHL Express & more

Meet Shippo. We help you print shipping labels, track packages, and manage shipments all from one place, saving you time & money on shipping.

  • Import order information with one click and start creating labels in seconds

  • Save up to $6 on every USPS Priority Mail shipping label

  • Compare rates and access 14+ carriers from a single dashboard: USPS, DHL Express, FedEx, UPS, Canada Post & more

★ Perfect whether you're shipping thousands of packages or just a couple of packages a week.

★ Skip the lines and create labels straight from your own computer.

★We have the best discounts on USPS Priority Mail shipping, hands down.

  • Sign up is FREE!

  • No monthly subscription fees

  • Just $0.05 per shipping label

★ Features

  • Automatic tracking

  • Bulk label creation & printing

  • Return Labels

  • Customer email notifications

  • International customs forms

  • Shipping insurance

  • Connect to multiple storefronts

★ Already have an account and discounted shipping rates with your favorite shipping carrier? Great! Plug them into our app and get the benefits of your own prices alongside our discounts!

★ Shopify Plus user? Use our API to create your own custom shipping solution. Check out our documentation and Github to test it out yourself. Questions? Write us at api@goshippo.com

★ Shippo < 3 Shopify Community. With a 97% satisfaction rating, we have one of the most responsive customer support teams around.

Stop wasting time figuring out the best shipping options - leave that to us. Shippo saves you money and time on shipping. Get started now!

Shippo reviews (180)


I have to admit. This App works fantastic. I was going to use Shipstation, but I had issues connecting my UPS account to that. So I decided to try Shippo out, and everything connected perfectly and easily. I think what I love best about this App is that it's not confusing to use, I didn't even have to watch any tutorials, everything is designed simplisticly and extremely easy to use. Its a great App, good job! Good thing I came across this App just in time for Black Friday :) Well done Shippo


Seriously awesome! I have been trying to find a way to create return labels and make the return process easier. THIS is definitely the way. You can include a return label with the order, and it will only charge you if it gets scanner. Better packing slips too! Shopify includes unnecessary information on the packing slip. Shippo makes it clean and simple and anything can be customized. Support responds within literally 5 minutes (even during holidays). Impressive. Thumbs up!


The Shippo app for Shopify is a game changer for our store. Ever since installing it has worked hard to make sure our shipping process is as quick as possible. We've had a slew of suggestions and improvements, all of which were well received and often implemented by Shippo. They are improving daily and it's fun to be benefiting from such an amazing software that is FREE too.


We love, love, LOVE Shippo!

We are about to enter our second Christmas sales cycle and Shippo allows us to handle shipping stress-free. There is so much to love: low shipping rates from multiple shipping carriers, low 5-cent per label fee, intuitive website, seamless integration with Shopfiy, prompt and cheerful customer service, and so much more!

Most recently, we received our first international order this week. Without thinking I first went to USPS.com to learn all about international shipping - and oh what a headache of forms, fees, regulations, and mind-blowing government red tape. Just to send our product overseas.

Then it hit me - "log into Shippo". Doh! I did and image my glee as I went through the normal steps for fulfilling my orders and international shipping was an option! Not only that, but they make sure all the proper forms are filled out, etc. It was so, so easy.

I'm thrilled to know companies like Shippo exist. This is the future of business, and companies like Shippo prove there is still good in humanity.


Even with Shopify's new shipping features - Shippo maintains a loyal customer because it offers a variety in shipping methods, is easy to use, and can add features such as resident address, required signature, tracking, return labels, email notifications and more - all in one full swoop. LOVE shippo.


Works great so far!


Overall, this is a wonderful shipping app. We've been using it since the beginning, and it allows us to streamline communication with our warehouse, and keep track of all tracking information.

There are a few features we would like to see but the team has been quick to improve the application, so I'm sure it will continue to get better over the coming months.


Very clean and user-friendly app. We've tried other shipping apps, but by far this is our favorite. The customer service is also excellent and always very helpful. This is one of our must-have Shopify apps. :)


We Love Shippo! It's user friendly, easy to understand interface has streamlined the shipping aspect of our business as well as has helped keep it very organized. Everything you need is just a click of a button away, and it is set up in an order that guides you along and covers all bases without much thinking required on your part :)


Great app and a helpful support team. I would definitely recommend it.

From $0.00 / month

No monthly or extra fees - just $0.05 per label you create!



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