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  • No setup fees, monthly fees, or cancellation fees. Just cost of shipment plus 5 cents per label.
  • Instant access to commercial shipping rates with USPS or add your own account to compare shipping rates across 20+ domestic and international carriers: USPS, Canada Post, FedEx, UPS, DHL Express & more.
  • Import orders across all your selling channels, automatically sync tracking information back to your store, and send tracking numbers to your customers right from Shippo.

With Shippo, you can ship better by connecting with 20+ carriers around the world. Shippo can help you print shipping labels for your orders in Shopify and across all your major selling channels in one place. In one dashboard, you can bulk print shipping labels, generate return labels, split orders, track shipments, create international documentation, and much more. Shippo helps print millions of labels every month and is used by over 20,000 Shopify merchants.

Features to help your business succeed through shipping:

  • Instant access to USPS commercial rates: Get discounted USPS shipping rates immediately upon sign up. No matter what size you are, access up to commercial plus pricing through Shippo.
  • Automatically import orders across multiple channels: Connect Shippo with your Shopify store and other major storefronts like Etsy, Magento, or Weebly. See all your orders and manage shipments all from one place.
  • Generate return labels for free, only pay if they’re used: Delight your customers by putting return labels right inside the box. Print them for free, only pay if they get used.
  • Sync tracking information back to Shopify and notify customers: Shippo automatically syncs shipment tracking information back to Shopify and helps you email customers with the tracking number once the shipment is fulfilled.
  • Connect and compare 20+ carriers around the world:
    Connect with USPS, FedEx, UPS, Canada Post, DHL Express, Purolator, and many more carriers from around the world to compare rates, services, and print shipping labels.
  • Print shipping labels and packing slips in bulk:
    Simplify your fulfilment process for similar order by creating up to 100 shipping labels and printing them all at once from one file.
  • Shipping-trained email support team:
    Our on-staff email support team is trained on shipping and Shippo, to help with any type of questions you have. Email support is offered Monday - Friday, 6AM to 6PM PST and we aim to respond to every issue within four hours.
  • Create international customs documents in one flow:
    Automate your international workflow by letting Shippo help you generate the appropriate customs documents and commercial invoices.
  • Split orders across multiple shipments: Split one order across multiple shipments so you can partially fulfill orders or ship across different locations.
  • Cloud-based application - no software to install, syncs across all devices: Tap into your orders and shipments through the Shippo dashboard no matter where you are. Everything is synced on the cloud.
  • Automate shipping even more with our API:
    Take control of shipping end-to-end through Shippo’s API. Ask your developer to check out our documentation. Perfect for Shopify Plus users.
  • Hassle-free and cost-friendly shipping insurance:
    Insure valuable products sent with USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL Express, and Canada Post with Shippo and Shipsurance.
  • Pay-as-you-ship - no setup fees, monthly fees, or cancellation fees:
    Only pay when you create live shipping label, free to sign up and test with Shippo! Just 5 cents per label and the cost of the label itself.

Shippo reviews

291 reviews
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  5. 1 star (9 reviews)

Works sometimes but can be spotty, professional discounted rates are not always applied even though I'm logged in.

I Had issues linking my UPS account from day one and customer service reps i talked to were of no help (but I figured out why once I switched to another service, explanation below).

The straw that broke the camel's back was when DHL rates just stopped working yesterday, and I kept getting errors when trying to make UPS labels.; which forced us to enter the order address one by one manually into DHL and UPS websites to purchase labels. Customer service told me that the only option for UPS to work again would be for me to go through and update every single one of my product titles to not include hypens or quotation marks, even though that was never an issue to begin with. I think this is just a lazy rep blaming the issue on the customer instead of actually looking into the problem. In the past few months that I have used Shippo I have talked to several customer service reps and I don't think any of them are fully qualified and trained to help, as bad as that sounds.

I just switched to ShippingEasy, which lives up to it's name. I had a phone call walking me through the set up and shipping process AND I was able to link my UPS account effortlessly because ShippingEasy has everything step by step with screen captures so you can easily follow along.

WHY SHIPPO DIDN'T WORK: My UPS account would not link with Shippo because Shippo kept telling me that the control ID number is optional. However, it is definitely needed for it to synch properly and can ONLY be found by downloading a .pdf of a previous bill. NONE of the customer service reps I spoke to ever mentioned the control ID number and yet ShippingEasy had it RIGHT THERE in their screen capture walk through of the process.

I'd rather pay for an app that does exactly what I want, versus a free one where I keep having issues and end up having to do orders manually.

Steer clear of Shippo and bite the bullet and spend the money for ShippingEasy, it's worth it!!!


A shipping program needs to do two things:

1. Print shipping labels. Shippo does this well and their pre-printed return labels are especially useful.

2. Print packing lists. Shippo _claims_ to do this, but what they print is not an actual packing list.

A true packing list shows the product and quantity ordered as well as the ship to address. Shippo adds item pricing and a total--so it's more akin to a receipt than a packaging list.

That would be okay, BUT the receipt that Shippo prints is not even accurate if your customer uses a promo code. Shippo prints the FULL msrp every time, regardless of the actual price paid by the customer.

This creates the very weird situation that you are sending customer receipts showing that they paid more than they actually paid. No potential issues there, of course!

I spoke with Shippo about this and their response is that I am making a "feature request." Actually, I would just like Shippo to do what it claims to do. For a small company, they seem not to be particularly responsive...


THE BEST shipping program! Makes things so much easier and easy to use with Shopify!


Absolutely awful app. Nothing works, I get an error message for things that I can't even change. Won't let me do anything. Confusing to use. Couldn't be worse, wasted so much time trying to set this up.


Worst app ever. The app keeps returning errors and does not save settings. This is a horrible app. A complete waste of time.


Could. Not. Be. Easier! Plus, they save us a bit on the cost of USPS shipping at our shop https://www.BIYHomebrewSupply.com , which is awesome! Now, what could make it 5 stars? If the FedEx and UPS integrations got a tiered discount like the USPS integration does. That would be most helpful.


We used to love shippo, works well with DHL.

But integration with UPS is quite bad and customers service is not helpful at all.


I love Shippo app! It's extremely easy to use and it has the best rates (and I've checked many different options). Also, Shippo has great integration with Shopify and other apps, and orders appear right away in the system. For our tea subscription boxes it was very important to provide a return label for our customers. And with Shippo you can create a return label, but pay for it only if customer decided to use it, which is very convenient. 
For the international shipping Shippo pulls out all the product information for custom forms, which makes the whole process much faster.
 Can’t be happier!


Too many opportunities for errors with Return Address, and a lack of information on Packing slip etc. Won't use again until they fix these.

Help and Contact were friendly and helped the best they could, so rating updated to 3 stars.


I have been using Shippo for years and love them. Adding this app is a must and will help you save money on shipping cost compared to using the normal Shopify shipping (basic stores). Shopify gives you a shipping discount based on your store level. If you have a basic store, Shippo is cheaper than the basic store shipping prices for USPS.

From $0.00 / month

Just cost of the shipment plus 5 cents per label - no setup fees, monthly fees, or cancellation fees


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