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  • Save up to $6 on every USPS Priority Mail shipping label!
  • Print a shipping label in seconds!
  • Access multiple carriers: USPS, Canada Post, FedEx, UPS, DHL Express & more

Meet Shippo. We help you print shipping labels, track packages, and manage shipments all from one place, saving you time & money on shipping.

  • Import order information with one click and start creating labels in seconds

  • Save up to $6 on every USPS Priority Mail shipping label

  • Compare rates and access 14+ carriers from a single dashboard: USPS, DHL Express, FedEx, UPS, Canada Post & more

★ Perfect whether you're shipping thousands of packages or just a couple of packages a week.

★ Skip the lines and create labels straight from your own computer.

★We have the best discounts on USPS Priority Mail shipping, hands down.

  • Sign up is FREE!

  • No monthly subscription fees

  • Just $0.05 per shipping label

★ Features

  • Automatic tracking

  • Bulk label creation & printing

  • Return Labels

  • Customer email notifications

  • International customs forms

  • Shipping insurance

  • Connect to multiple storefronts

★ Already have an account and discounted shipping rates with your favorite shipping carrier? Great! Plug them into our app and get the benefits of your own prices alongside our discounts!

★ Shopify Plus user? Use our API to create your own custom shipping solution. Check out our documentation and Github to test it out yourself. Questions? Write us at api@goshippo.com

★ Shippo < 3 Shopify Community. With a 97% satisfaction rating, we have one of the most responsive customer support teams around.

Stop wasting time figuring out the best shipping options - leave that to us. Shippo saves you money and time on shipping. Get started now!

Shippo reviews (193)


Shippo makes shipping so simple. Especially if you are shipping in Canada, the Canada Post app sucks and so does the site. Shippo is a savior for Canadian merchants.

The support is also top notch, Amanda was amazing!


Susanna was awesome in answering all of my questions. Very responsive and patient!


It took a little while to get it going and a bit of back& forth with the app developers but we got it working and it's working well with Canada Post. It works with my Canada Post contract account. Worth the persistence, but it wasn't working at first and that pretty frustrating.


Compared to Etsy integrated shipping and paypal shipping labels these guys do not offer Light Packet as an option. I use mostly Light and Small packet for all of my shipping needs so this is a big issue for me. Other than that pretty seemless integration and comparable prices to everywhere else I used for shipping service.
Not having Light packet for Canada Post.... a big, big issue for me.


After using the app for 2 weeks, I have encountered a label printing error and the management going back on its word. I was told they have a meet or beat pricing policy. I provided a lower shipping price for a particular box (and there are others). I was then told that it's an informal policy and they couldn't possibly match the price I provided. They also tried to tell me that it was an outdated price. When I insisted it wasn't, I was told that they can't possibly compete with a large, global company's rate and that I should understand as a small business person. I find it really reprehensible that a company doesn't honor its word - particularly since they are the ones who informed me of the meet or beat pricing policy. Moreover, I find it really manipulative that they then try to guilt me into giving them a pass by playing the "small business card." I have now had to involve Shopify and am waiting to hear from Shopify on how this is going to be resolved. If we can't trust the integrity and word of 3rd party app providers as store operators, I don't think they should be offering their services. User be forewarned that this company has absolutely no intention of honoring their so called "meet or beat" policy. They only have such a policy because they never expected they'd actually have to honor it. By the way the statement above, "We have the best discounted rates on USPS, hands down" is clearly false advertising. If this is how I treated my customers, I wouldn't have any.


Just started using Shippo and was very unfamiliar with it but the customer service has been fantastic. Very informative, prompt responses and they had me set up in no time!


100 Percent The Absolute best shipping app out there. The customer service is out of this world, they often answer within minutes, there is never any down time, the shipping is simple and easy to use and saves a ton of money. This was by far one of our favorite apps that we have ever installed. If you are looking for a way to save money on shipping and also support a wonderful company then this is the one to do it with! A+++++++

Media Rep & Analyst
Bikini Luxe - Designer Bikinis - Luxury Women's Fashion


The best and easiest shipping app we have ever used, easily integrates with Shopify and makes shipping domestic and international quick and simple! we recommend this app 100%


Very helpful! We are enjoying this one - has definitely increased productivity.


We started using Shippo in July and thought it was great. It saved us time and money in handling fulfillment. But the real test came as we hit this year's holiday rush. Shippo saved us more time and more money and made this year's holiday rush our most efficient one yet. THANK YOU SHIPPO!

From $0.00 / month

No monthly or extra fees - just $0.05 per label you create!


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