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  • Save up to $6 on every USPS Priority Mail shipping label!
  • Print a shipping label in seconds!
  • Access multiple carriers: USPS, Canada Post, FedEx, UPS, DHL Express & more

Meet Shippo. We help you print shipping labels, track packages, and manage shipments all from one place, saving you time & money on shipping.

  • Import order information with one click and start creating labels in seconds

  • Save up to $6 on every USPS Priority Mail shipping label

  • Compare rates and access 14+ carriers from a single dashboard: USPS, DHL Express, FedEx, UPS, Canada Post & more

★ Perfect whether you're shipping thousands of packages or just a couple of packages a week.

★ Skip the lines and create labels straight from your own computer.

★We have the best discounts on USPS Priority Mail shipping, hands down.

  • Sign up is FREE!

  • No monthly subscription fees

  • Just $0.05 per shipping label

★ Features

  • Automatic tracking

  • Bulk label creation & printing

  • Return Labels

  • Customer email notifications

  • International customs forms

  • Shipping insurance

  • Connect to multiple storefronts

★ Already have an account and discounted shipping rates with your favorite shipping carrier? Great! Plug them into our app and get the benefits of your own prices alongside our discounts!

★ Shopify Plus user? Use our API to create your own custom shipping solution. Check out our documentation and Github to test it out yourself. Questions? Write us at api@goshippo.com

★ Shippo < 3 Shopify Community. With a 97% satisfaction rating, we have one of the most responsive customer support teams around.

Stop wasting time figuring out the best shipping options - leave that to us. Shippo saves you money and time on shipping. Get started now!

Shippo reviews (221)


What can we say about Shippo? We love it. Its super easy to use and setup and we love the little savings we get by using them. There are so many functions you can have Shippo do, such as send shipping emails to your customers. Easy to download and print your label. Makes everything flawless and easy. BAAM!


Just used Shippo for the first time. I had two orders and it was a breeze! If you have multiple packages to send through USPS, Shippo can also create a Manifest that covers all the packages you'll be sending out that day. They can also email your customer that their item has been shipped or pass it back to Shopify to do. This is a first-rate app. Highly recommended!


havent used it with this store, but worked flawlessly on others,


I actually can't imagine running mailordermystery.com without Shippo. It's simplified our shipping workflow, it's super competitively priced, you're not locked into any monthly plans or fees and the customer service is amazing. I'd recommend Shippo as a must have add-on to anyone selling on Shopify.


Great app very easy to use we use it for all our shipping.


I transitioned from Etsy to Shopify and as you know shipping is a breeze with Etsy. I could not make any bulk labels, reship to the same client, or add any additional insurance with Shopify. This become a NIGHTMARE!

I simply called Shopify, they gave me a few apps and I did my research.
Out of all the Apps Shippo had the best rates and the fact that you only have to pay 5 cents per label was everything. No Gimmicks or monthly subscriptions. When you are running a small business you are trying to invest all your money.

I LOVED how simple it was to use. As soon as I went on I felt like a pro. Everything is there for you just click add, print and ship out with the carrier of your choice. I love how the rates are lower than Shopify as well.

There are times when USPS loses my packages. Additional Insurance and to be able to reprint labels for the same client is extremely important. It was a total mess going back to USPS.com. Having to copy and paste, you cannot do first class on the USPS site, and paying full price for postage.

I was losing a lot of money not being able to put insurance, and because I work from home I had to resend my First class packages to priority. It took way too much time trying to create each label and printing everything one by one. Now all this is over, Shippo does exactly what I need. If I can give you 10 Stars I would.

Thank you so much, Shippo! You really saved me time and money.


This app is a must have for anyone who ships. So simple to set up, literally no instructions required from install to printing labels. Effective, efficient, smooth, and affordable as it gets, I'd recommend this app to anyone who wants a simple shipping process with no B.S.


Simple, efficient, easy! I love Shippo. Must have.


I really like this app. There are other shipping apps, but there is too much of a learning curve. Here you just install and go. Dead simple and does what it's supposed to, so it's my goto shipping app right now.


First off, Susanna is always very quick to respond, very polite, and very knowledgeable. I had a question about shipping and though it was not directly a Shippo question, Susanna was able to help me out and point me in the right direction.

I'm new to the whole e-commerce shipping thing so I've had a lot of questions so far. I must say, the customer service with Shippo has been beyond fantastic. I'm a HUGE fan of this company, great people!

From $0.00 / month

No monthly or extra fees - you only pay for postage!


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